Redcurrant Sauce for Meat: Recipe

Red currant is quite an interesting berry. Someone, of course, loves her in compotes or raw, but for many it seems too acidic. However, not everyone knows that meat is a great substitute for ketchup or other tomato sauces. Such a dish can be both cooked at a time, for freshly baked meat, and for the future, for the winter period. Currant is not only a tasty base for many dishes, but also a useful source of vitamins. This is especially true in the winter.

Aromatic Sauce: Ingredients

To prepare this red currant sauce for meat, you will need:

  • 2 kilograms of berries;
  • 1 cup of boiled water;
  • granulated sugar - 1 cup;
  • garlic head;
  • 2 tablespoons dried dill;
  • teaspoon salt;
  • 1.5 tsp of ground hot pepper;
  • two teaspoons ground coriander.

Already on the list of ingredients it becomes clear that this dish turns out extremely fragrant. Those who do not want to get hot sauce, can reduce the amount of red pepper, but it is not recommended to refuse it at all in this recipe.It is also necessary to use dry dill, it is not foreseen to replace it with the fresh version. This seasoning should be ground to a powder.

red currant sauce for meat

Aromatny sauce: cooking

Initially, the berries should be boiled in water so that they soften. Then the resulting mass is rubbed through a rather fine sieve. As a result, only juice and a light mash from red currant berries should be passed. This resulting mass for about an hour will have to boil, but over low heat, preferably mixing more often. If possible, the sauce will eventually become jelly-like. If the mass is brought to a boil, then this effect will be reduced to nothing.

At the end of cooking, all the seasonings and garlic are added to the sauce, which should be passed through a press. After that, the mass should still boil for ten minutes. From this number of currant berries, about five hundred grams of product is obtained. Therefore, red currant sauce for meat for the winter is better to roll in small jars to quickly eat it. Dishes must first be sterilized. After the sauce has been arranged in jars, they should be allowed to cool in a dark place. However, then store them better in the refrigerator.

Fresh redcurrant sauce for meat: a recipe

In order to prepare a fresh and bright sauce from this berry, you need:

  • 1 glass of berries;
  • a bunch of mint, you can use both fresh and dried;
  • two tablespoons of granulated sugar;
  • 1 onion, preferably medium size;
  • 5 peas allspice;
  • 5 carnations;
  • tablespoon of butter (replace sunflower is not recommended).

It is worth noting that fresh mint gives a brighter taste, so you can take a smaller amount. Also interesting is the fact that this sauce for meat from frozen red currants will look no worse than fresh berries. Therefore, it is possible to freeze a small amount of this berry for future use in order to pamper your family with a delicious and fresh sauce of fragrant fruits in winter.

red currant meat sauce for winter

Cooking Fresh Berry Sauce

First of all, butter is added to the heated pan, but it is worth pouring some clean and boiled water. Sugar is also sent to this liquid. The mixture should be homogeneous, that is, it is not necessary to remove it from the heat until the sweet ingredient is completely dissolved in the liquid.

Then the berries and spices are also sent to the pan.The mixture can be brought to the formation of bubbles, and then cover with a lid. It should be stewed until the juice appears. At the same time under the pan leave a strong fire.

At the end of the pan add onions to the mixture of berries and spices. It is better to cut it as small as possible, but so that it does not turn into a puree. When the onions become completely transparent, the mixture is slightly salted and left to brew for five to ten minutes. If desired, onions can be replaced by white, as it is more delicate. But it is not recommended to replace it with red.

This red currant sauce for meat can be left as is, and you can additionally knead with a blender. It depends on the taste of the cook. However, many leave the sauce in the first version, since its heterogeneous structure makes it spicy.

red currant sauce for meat recipe

Hot Sauce: Ingredients

Red currant sauce for meat can be made sharper. For this you will need:

  • 400 grams of currants;
  • 100 ml of dry red wine;
  • half a pod of red pepper;
  • 100 grams of sugar;
  • carnation - 1 piece;
  • 1 orange;
  • several leaves of fresh mint;
  • Badian - 1 piece.

This sauce has an interesting taste, sweet, but with a tangible pepper aftertaste. Another "trick" of this recipe is that you can use not only red currant, but also black currant.In the latter case, the sauce will be sweeter.

hot red currant to meat sauce

Cooking hot sauce

To make a spicy sauce for red currant meat, the berries should be thoroughly ground in a blender. From the orange juice is prepared. In this case, the peel is not used, only the fruit pulp is used.

Fresh pepper should be washed, cleaned from seeds and finely chopped. Do not forget about security! Red hot peppers are best cut and clean with gloves, and after the procedure you should thoroughly wash your hands. This will help avoid unpleasant consequences. If the sauce is planned to be as spicy as possible, then the seeds can be left or not completely disposed of.

frozen red currant to meat sauce

Juice and puree should be poured into a saucepan, mix. All spices, except mint and pepper, are also sent there. Thoroughly mixed. The whole mass is extinguished over low heat. After boiling it is stewed for about five minutes. At the end, add pepper and a little salt, and finely chopped mint leaves and pepper are also sent here. The last time the mass is stirred, covered with a lid and allowed to infuse. The resulting sauce is mashed. You can serve it to both meat and poultry.

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