Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort?

Every modern person who lives in the city,it is necessary to at least sometimes be distracted from the bustle of everyday life, leaving for nature. After all, this is an excellent way of replenishing the energy spent during the working days. For a country holiday, you can choose fishing, trekking, rafting on the river or picnic. However, some people can not without comfortable conditions, and spending the night in a tent, even more tired. It is for them to offer their services to recreation centers in Perm. Here you will get an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and harmony of the Urals nature, taking advantage of all the benefits of civilization.

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Infrastructure of recreation center "Razdolye"

Offers its guests a wonderful recreation centerPermian. "Razdolie" - one of the most popular among nature lovers and comfortable accommodation options. This base is located near the village of Trinity, at a distance of 30 km from Perm. Nearby is the river Sylva. In winter, the base can accommodate up to 400 people, in the summer - up to 200. There are all conditions for family and corporate recreation.

Asphalted paths and residential buildingslocated throughout the recreation center (Perm). "Razdolie" takes care of the comfortable rest of each guest. There are also wooden pavilions, from which a magnificent panorama opens. Provides opportunities for fishing, playing volleyball and paintball. In summer, vacationers can rent a jet ski, a boat, a boat, and in winter - a snowmobile. On the territory of the base there is also a tubing track, where adults and children can have fun, riding on "cheesecake". There are also such entertainments in Razdolye that do not depend on the season and weather conditions. This is billiards, darts, bath. During the day, professional animators are engaged in organizing leisure activities, which is not all the Perm recreation centers can boast of. On the territory of "Razdolia" there is also a secure parking.

Accommodation and meals in Razdolye

"Razdolie" - recreation center (Perm, Trinity), wheretourists, except for the numerous entertainment and magnificent panoramas, are also offered excellent conditions for accommodation and meals. So, for accommodating guests on the territory of the base there are two buildings. In one of them are placed the rooms of "luxury" and "junior", and in the second - "economy". The suites and junior suites are equipped with a bathroom with a toilet, and economy rooms are provided with amenities in the corridor. In addition, tourists can choose to stay a separate house for 15 people, which is very convenient for a large company that wants to settle in one place.

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In the new building there is a restaurant with 200 seats, whereguests can enjoy delicious dishes and drinks. In the building with economy rooms there is a cafe-bar, accommodating up to 50 people and offering all kinds of drinks and hookah. On the territory of "Razdolia" there is also a summer dining room and a barbecue area, which is especially enjoyed by barbecue and barbeque lovers.

Recreation center "Chaika"

In the village of Ilyinsky there is a boarding house"Seagull" (recreation center). Perm has on its territory a lot of tourist centers, however this one is one of the most versatile vacation spots. Here you can calmly contemplate nature, and organize noisy parties, corporate events or weddings. All rooms are comfortable. There is also one that is specially equipped for the newlyweds. At the same time in the residential building of the base can accommodate up to 90 people. On the territory there is a café with two halls working around the clock. There is also a terrace, which can accommodate up to 100 people.

Cooking on a fire or barbecue for loversshish kebab and picnic in the open air with magnificent views - this is another opportunity that the "Seagull" provides. The recreation center (Perm) will allow you to remember the rest in the best colors. From the area with barbecue there is an entrance to the sauna. And it has a swimming pool, a kitchen and a large relaxation room.

Fans of active pastime canplay soccer or paintball. On the territory of the recreation center, animators organize all kinds of events, including sports games, contests, competitions, etc.

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"Zhebrei" - an excellent recreation center at any time of year

At a distance of 30 km from Perm there is a baserecreation "Zhebrei". In winter, all lovers of alpine skiing come here, and in the summer it is pleasant to spend time with adherents swimming in the river and a chic beach.

For a boarding house "Zhebrei", as well as manyother recreation centers of Perm, offers rooms in main buildings or individual houses. In any case, tourists can use home appliances, a bathroom, hot and cold water. And there is an opportunity to steam in a real Russian bath! At the same time, no more than 30 people can live on the base, which is especially liked by lovers of a calm and measured rest.

Recreation center "Rus"

Considering recreation centers Perm, you can not missfrom the sight of "Rus", located 5 km from the city of Tchaikovsky. The boarding house is located in the middle of an ecologically clean pine forest, on the banks of the Kama River. The territory of the hostel is more than 10 hectares. Here you can have a great time both alone and with your family, and with a big company of friends. The recreation center offers excellent opportunities for fishing, there is a sandy beach surrounded by pristine nature. Here is a real paradise for lovers of gathering mushrooms and strawberries.

For their stay, vacationers can chooseone of the following options: a summer cottage, a cottage, an attic, a suite, a junior suite or a guest complex. On the territory of "Rus" there is a cafe, barbecues, a children's playground, Russian baths, as well as sports equipment for all kinds of games. Evenings at the recreation center are rich in bright show programs, foam parties and other recreational activities.

And if you are bored with spending time on the camp site, you can rent a fun boat, a catamaran, a quad bike, a horse and go on a land or water trip.

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Recreation center "Sport"

On the shore of Sylva there is a recreation center "Sport". Perm is just a few kilometers away, which is very convenient if you suddenly need anything in the city. The number of rooms is represented by ten four-bed log houses, each of which is equipped with a bathroom, two separate rooms and a kitchenette. The guests of the recreation center can eat themselves as independently, preparing food for themselves in the kitchen, and centralized in a cafe located in the territory of "Sport". In the case of centralized meals, half or full board can be booked.

Especially happy are the tourists whospent at this tourist camp their summer vacation. After all, in the warm season you can play football in a specially equipped field, swim in the pond, play tennis, ride catamarans and boats, and fish. To services of visitors of bases of rest "Sport" a bath and some banquet halls, suitable for the organization of any action.

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Recreation center "Polytechnic"

In the village of Skobelevki is locatedrecreation center "Polytechnic". Perm is 42 km away. However, vacationers here rarely need to go to the city, because "Polytechnic" offers all conditions for both living and entertainment. The Volga River is just a 10-minute walk from the hostel. To stay guests of the "Polytechnic" offers summer houses, two-story log houses for a different number of people, as well as 2 buildings with standard rooms. All rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, bedside tables and wardrobes. Shower rooms and toilets - on the floor. Log houses are equipped with all the amenities inside and are beautifully furnished, however, as a rule, large companies are installed in them.

Guest house «Teremok»

The guest house "Teremok" deserves attention,located in Ust-Kachke. It is a modern two-storey cottage with a separate and fenced territory. There are excellent conditions for fishing and recreation on the bank of the river, since this village is located at the confluence of the rivers Kachka and Kama. From all sides "Teremok" is surrounded by pine forest.

recreation center polytechnic Perm To stay, the guesthouse offerssingle, double and family rooms. There is also a two-level apartment, which can accommodate 10 people, but it is necessary to book it in advance. On the ground floor of the house there is a living room, a toilet, a kitchen and an entrance hall. There are many opportunities for active pastime.

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Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort Recreation centers Perm - where you can relax in comfort