Recipe for Caesar salad

Such a popular Caesar salad is almost a hundredyears pleases American and European residents. In our land this wonderful salad came not so long ago, but he already fell in love with many. This article will describe how to make a Caesar salad, which will be able to compete with traditional Olivier. The history of Caesar salad is based on real events, which helped to create a brilliant recipe. While he is given the name of a famous historical character, he has nothing to do with Gaius Julius.

This dish has appeared thanks to Hollywoodfilmmakers. At the moment, the Caesar salad recipe exists in a variety of variations. The main ingredients can be added chicken, ham, herring, tuna, cucumber, nuts, sweet peppers, olives and other products. The list can be continued almost indefinitely, in any case you will get a delicious Caesar salad. Next, one of the options for preparing this dish, which is not of particular complexity, will be offered.

Recipe for Caesar salad

For preparation it is necessary to prepare such a setingredients: watercress - one head, chicken breast - two pieces, white bread - 300 grams, garlic - 5 denticles, yolks - 2 pieces, mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons, dry white wine - 50 milliliters, olive oil - 150 milliliters, little vegetable oil, lemon juice, parmesan cheese - 100 grams, breadcrumbs, as well as spices and salt. First, you need to prepare the chicken, for this, the chicken breast should be cut along, after which it is slightly discouraged. Lubricate the chicken with a special sauce made with mayonnaise, garlic, salt and black pepper. Breast should stand for two hours in the refrigerator. Now it's time to dip the chicken in breadcrumbs and fry it on sunflower oil on both sides. Now the meat should be cooled to room temperature.

Let's continue the recipe for Caesar salad by cookingcroutons. Croutons are crackers. Here you can choose any kind of bread, but remember: do not use stale bread or ready-made croutons, which are usually sold as a snack to beer. The flesh of the bread should be cut into pieces with a side of one centimeter. Prepare olive oil, in it you need to add a slice of chopped garlic and black pepper, give half an hour to brew. On the baking tray you need to lay out the bread, sprinkle with cooked butter and send to the oven for 5 minutes to dry at 200 degrees. Crackers should be made with a crust under which the soft core is hidden.

The recipe for Caesar salad will be incomplete, if nottell us about the preparation of the sauce and the design of the prepared dish. For sauce, mix yolks, wine, mustard, lemon juice and a slice of chopped garlic in a mixer. Now you need to enter 100 milliliters of olive oil, as well as 50 grams of grated cheese. The sauce is ready for this.

It is necessary to grate the walls of the salad bowl with garlic, andthen grab the leaves of the salad. Now you can add half of biscuits, half of cheese, half of chicken, cut into strips. Pour all half of the sauce, mix thoroughly. This is best done with a wooden spatula. At this salad is ready.

This recipe can not be called classical, but itallows to realize boundless culinary fantasies. Here you can experiment not only with the ingredients, but also with the methods of preparation. The classic recipe includes all products used in this recipe, except for chicken. Now the housewives cook it with chicken, shrimps, chicken, mushrooms, mayonnaise and other additives that do not spoil it at all, but, on the contrary, give it new flavor.

Try and you prepare different versions of this dish, surprise your loved ones not only on holidays, but also on ordinary days.

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