Rearview camera with parking assistant: how to choose

The most difficult for a novice driver is considered the element of parking. At the same time, a person doesn’t have enough review to correctly perform a maneuver without risk. To help in this matter, drivers come such funds: a camera, parking sensors, a rear-view mirror. They can be used both individually and together. It is considered to be better for the driver to use all means at the same time. In this way you can get much more information that will be needed to complete the maneuver.

With regard to the camera, many things are clear, however, parking sensors are more complex devices. Additionally, it is called parking radar. His responsibilities include accurate determination of the distance from the car to the obstacles. In this case, the process itself is carried out using special sensors.

Which parking system to choose?

The best is parking sensors or rear view camera? Nowadays, there is a lot of controversy over this issue of choosing a parking system. Initially, the driver has at his disposal only a rearview mirror.However, in fact, there is an opportunity to review. In this case, you can stay on the PDC, or supplement it with a rear-view camera. As a result, such a parking system will be called video parking.

If you choose only one device, it should be understood that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In defense of parking sensors, it must be said that, compared with a rear-view camera, it costs much less. Additionally, it reports accurate distance information. At the same time there is no element of visual deception. In defense of the rear view camera, it can be said that it is simpler and more comfortable to use. However, it is able to give the driver to see what the above-mentioned device (parktronic) will not show.

how to choose parking sensors and rearview camera

Important characteristics of video cameras

Speaking about the characteristics that the rear-view camera with a parking assistant, first of all it is necessary to mention the display settings. In this case, the manufacturer must specify the exact resolution of the device. This indicator is measured in pixels. Also indicates the frame format and color.

Additionally, the input voltage of the equipment plays an important role.In this video can be used in various forms. Of the characteristics of the monitor, the last indicator is the temperature range, and it is measured, of course, in degrees. Next in the video cameras are the characteristics of power supplies. First of all, this refers to the operating voltage and current.

Among other things, in the documentation for the device you can find the indicators of the displayed and processed distance. Last, the characteristics of the device’s camera itself are taken into account. In this case we are talking about color, type of matrix, as well as the minimum illumination. Another important parameter is the viewing angle, which is measured in degrees. As with the monitor, the temperature range is indicated. Finally, we can note the indicator of security, which is indicated by a specific marking.

parking sensors or rear view camera

Choose a high-quality model of video cameras

How to choose parking sensors and rear view camera? Answering this question, first of all you need to pay attention to the monitor device. The display resolution in the model should be at least 480 by 240 pixels. In this case, the frame format is welcome 4: 3.You should also pay attention to the color system model. Recently, NTSC types seem more preferable.

In this case, the input voltage of the monitor should be at a level of 12 V with a constant current. In turn, the input signal must be perceived combined type. In this case, the temperature range attention can not pay. As a rule, video cameras can be used both in frosts and in hot seasons.

parking sensors with rear view camera is the best tool

Control units

Control units should be selected separately. Their operating voltage should be at least 10 V. At the same time, the operating current minimum is allowed at 0.6 A. All this makes it possible to quickly obtain data. The processed distance of the control unit is on average 2.5 meters. In this case, the loudness of the sound signal should be perceived up to 50 dB.

The last estimate of the power consumption, which has a rear view camera with parking assistant. On average, this parameter ranges at 6 watts. In this case, the car battery will not be quickly discharged, which, of course, is good for the driver.

Model "Inkar"

Parktronic with rear view camera of this brand is quite comfortable to use. At the same time, it has a high-quality display.The format of frames he has provided by the manufacturer at 4: 3. In turn, the input voltage of the device fluctuates around 12 V, and the input signal is of the combined type.

The operating current of the video camera is 0.5 A. Additionally, it should be noted that the indicator of the displayed distance is a maximum of 2.5 meters, and the volume of the audio signal is perceived by the device up to 45 dBa. It will cost an average parking sensors with a rearview camera to the buyer for about 7 thousand rubles.

parking sensors rearview camera

The advantages of video cameras "Longhorn"

The main advantage of this brand's video cameras, of course, are the quality matrix of the new generation. At the same time they are installed in all models. Of the drawbacks it should be noted only the high cost of devices. They will cost an average buyer about 10 thousand rubles.

The minimum illumination of the device is 0.2 lux. At the same time, the maximum viewing angle of a rear-view camera with a Parktronic "Longhorn" has 180 degrees. Among other things, mention should be made of the excellent security of the device, but it is absolutely not afraid of moisture.

parking sensors with rear view camera

Review of video cameras "Steele"

From the company "Steele" Parktronic with a rearview camera - the best means for parking. In general, this company is quite popular. In this model of this brand can be found in different countries of Europe. Their video cameras are distinguished by their compact size.

Additionally, they have installed very high quality sensors. All this gives the driver comfort while driving. In turn, the cameras are quite functional and they have a wide viewing angle. Among other things, mention should be made of the small consumption of electricity by devices. For an hour of work an average of 6 watts is spent.

Thus, the battery in the car is not quickly discharged. Regarding the pricing policy, here the company provides completely different models. At the same time there are not expensive options for video cameras, which undoubtedly pleases consumers. As a result, as the owners note, the devices of the above-mentioned brand are of rather high quality and are a serious competitor to existing manufacturers.

rearview camera with parking assistant

Advantages of video Flyback "

Many models of this company are sold at an affordable price. At the same time there are also disadvantages in them.First of all, a small viewing angle should be distinguished, and compared with other models, they have a small screen resolution. As a result, a rearview camera with parking sensors shows a fuzzy image.

As a result - you can not correctly assess the situation and make a mistake during parking. In general, models of this brand are a budget option, and for novice drivers will not be very comfortable.

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