Rating of cartoons. The best cartoons for children

In our time, many films are released each year,cartoons and programs for children. But not all of them are of high quality and can teach the child something good. And find the best cartoons in this variety is very difficult. To help you, we offer our selection of good and good paintings.

Rating of cartoons

So, let's get started! Let's start our rating of animated cartoons with modern full-length and multi-series paintings. We will pay attention to both foreign and domestic producers. Below, the animated cartoons will be targeted at children from the early school age. A selection for babies is presented at the end of the article.

"History of toys"

rating of cartoons

Today under this franchise 3feature films. The last, published in 2010, is Toy Story: A Great Escape. Nevertheless, the greatest success, of course, was the first part, which appeared in the distant 1995. In due time this cartoon has won numerous awards, among which is "Annie". And in this there is nothing surprising, if only because for its creation took two of the largest animated companies - "Disney" and Pixar.

The plot is based on the adventures of living toys, among which stands the cowboy Woody, living in a room of a boy named Andy Davis.

"History of toys: a big escape "is a continuation of the previous parts and tells about the adventures of all the same heroes. The cartoon received critical acclaim and great success with the audience. He was awarded two big awards - "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".

"Toy Story" - a naive and cute cartoon, telling about friendship, loyalty and loyalty.


the best cartoons

The rating of cartoons continues to be quite sensationala series of full-lengths. To date, came out 3 parts. The picture tells about the adventures of animals sent from the zoo of New York to the wild after their failed escape. The main characters are Marty's zebra, Alex's lion, giraffe Melman and hippopotamus Gloria. The cartoon is full of humorous scenes and jokes. The creator of "Madagascar" - DreamWorks Animation.

In 2014, there was another film from this series -"Penguins of Madagascar." But this time in the center of attention were the minor characters of the previous parts - penguins. Their history begins with childhood, when they still lived in Antarctica.

"Madagascar" - a fun adventure cartoon with charming characters. There is no large didactic orientation in it, it is rather just entertainment for the child.

"Cold heart"

Soviet cartoons

"Cold Heart" - a cartoon produced by "Disney". He was favorably met with criticism and had a huge success with the audience. He received many awards, among them "Oscar", "Golden Globe", "Annie".

Cartoon tells about two sisters-princess. The eldest, Elsa, had a magic power since her childhood. Somehow she accidentally wounded her younger sister Anna. From that moment the girl began to be afraid of her abilities. Years have passed. Sister have matured. Approaching the coronation of Elsa, but on the eve of the feast of her ability to get out of control.

Among the merits of the cartoon is not onlyfascinating script, beautiful graphics and music, but also a rich semantic load. The full-length story tells about friendship, betrayal, true love and sacrifice.

"Rapunzel: A Tangled Story"

By all accounts, the best cartoons are the cartoons created by the Disney studio. And this is confirmed with every picture produced by the company.

So, published in 2010 the story of Rapunzelhad a huge success with the young spectators. True, contrary to the canons, the princess, imprisoned in the tower, waited not for the prince, but for the thief, the heroic role of the savior in general went to the white horse, but all this turned into an exciting adventure.

Cartoon tells about what leads to greed and selfishness, which embodied in the wicked stepmother of the main character.

"Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf"

new cartoons

Interesting and new cartoons releasedRussian animation studio "Mill". Like, for example, this one. The first part of the series, released in 2011, was a huge success for critics and viewers, she became the leader of Russian film distribution in 2012. At the moment, the cartoon has two less successful sequels.

The story was based on Russian folk tales. The protagonist is Ivan, who, by chance, turns out to be the bridegroom of the royal daughter. True, before the wedding, he still has a lot of feats to make, in which he will be helped by the Gray Wolf and the Scientist Cat.

In general, this is an excellent adventure cartoon with Russian humor and familiar from childhood heroes.

Cartoons about heroes

Perhaps the most famous new cartoons,among domestic full-lengths. To date, the cycle includes 7 paintings. They are told about the adventures of the three most famous heroes in Russia: Alyosha Popovich, Dobryni Nikitich and Ilya Muromets.

The first cartoon was released in 2004 and was very well received by spectators and critics. With each new picture, box office fees are growing, which speaks of the increasing popularity of the franchise.

Creators to fame worked not only onplot of cartoons and images of the main characters, but paid much attention to secondary. So, some of them are even more popular than the heroes themselves.

The release of Part 7 is scheduled for January 2017. The new cartoon will be called "Three Heroes and the Sea King". The cartoon is for children from 6 years old.


Toy Story Big Escape

Another domestic project. Unlike the above animated cartoons, "Smeshariki" is a cartoon serial. Leaves since 2004. Translated into many languages, broadcast in 40 countries, including in the US and China. The rating of cartoons about the adventures of ball-shaped characters does not fall from the moment of release.

The main series of the cartoon is 450, among them there are also just entertaining, but come across quite serious, even philosophical ones. Therefore, the animated series is watched by both children and adults.

Also within the franchise came 2 full-length films: "Beginning" and "Legend of the Golden Dragon".

Soviet cartoons

Despite the abundance of new cartoons, it is not necessaryforget about those that were created in the Soviet years. Despite the fact that they may seem less colorful, many children like them very much. In addition, in these cartoons there are no jokes and scenes, unintended for children, than often sin modern tapes.

cartoons for the youngest

So, let's list the best Soviet cartoons:

  • "Housewives Kuzya" - animated cycle, based on books by T. Alexandrova. The whole series consists of 4 films.
  • "Kid and Carlson" - Soviet adaptation of A. Lindgren's books.
  • "The mystery of the third planet" is a sci-fi full-length cartoon. Is the adaptation of the book "The Adventures of Alice" K. Bulychev.
  • "Mowgli" is a full-fledged animated series based on the work of R. Kipling.
  • "Hedgehog in the fog" - a masterpiece of Russian animation, recognized by foreign critics. The author is Yuri Norshtein.
  • "There Was a Dog" - a childhood cartoon by Eduard Nazarov.
  • "Cat Leopold" - animated series about the opposition of an intelligent cat and two snooty mice.
  • "Last year's snow fell" - the cartoon of Alexander Tatar. Was shot using plasticine animation.
  • "The plasticine crow" is another remarkable tape of Tatarsky.
  • "Cheburashka" - a cycle of cartoons by Roman Kachansky about the friendship of the crocodile Genes with Cheburashka.
  • "Well, wait!" - a very popular animated series, which appeared on the screens from 1969 to 2005.

Cartoons for the little ones

cold heart cartoon

Now we list the films that are recommended to watch very young children:

  • "Train Tishka" - a story about small trains that are just beginning to explore the world.
  • "Classic child" - is intended for children from 6 months, developing. Begins to acquaint the child with classical music and painting.
  • "Baby Einstein" - designed for babies from 3 months.
  • "Lessons of my aunt Owl" is a series of educational cartoons. Includes: ABC, arithmetic, English, history of geography, natural history, etc.
  • "Luntik" - animated series, which can be watched by children from one and a half years.
  • "Nuki and Friends" - for children from 9 months. Describes the adventures of a cub Nuki and his friends.
  • "Fixiki" - you can watch from year to year.
  • "Masha and the Bear" is a Russian animated series about the adventures of restless Masha and a well-bred and calm Bear.

Thus, for a child of any age there is an interesting and, importantly, cognitive cartoon. We hope that our rating of animated cartoons has helped you to orient yourself.

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