"Rast-Stop": reviews. Rust Stop - anti-corrosion treatment of a car

One of the most important enemies of the automobileThe body is corrosion. It corrodes paintwork, and after "is taken" for the car body itself. As a result, a place that is susceptible to corrosion loses its strength, and eventually begins to pour. To prevent the occurrence of rust, as well as to increase the life of some body parts of the vehicle, the substance "Rast Stop" is used, the reviews of which are predominantly positive.

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Causes of motor corrosion

The causes of corrosion on the car body are:

  • Damage to the vehicle's paint and varnish (scratches, chips, dents).

As you know, automakers for a whileTry to protect the car from corrosion. To do this, use special paints, as well as a primer, which is processed by the car body before painting. Due to the effect of untreated metal with moisture, it begins to rust. Therefore, if there are scratches on the body, they should be eliminated as soon as possible, as rust will spread from the "hotbed" of corrosion to "healthy" body parts.

  • Storage of the car in the open air in conditions of high humidity and low temperatures.

Despite the painting and priming treatment,the car body is vulnerable enough to corrosion. For its appearance, it is "necessary" to store the car in the winter in the open air, and in the summer, under rains. And the result will not take long.

  • Operate the car on roads containing strong reagents and other destroyers.

Road reagents are designed to eliminateice in the winter. However, substances that corrode ice destroy the protection of the bottoms, thresholds and bumpers from corrosion. It is these body parts that are most vulnerable to "sobs".

  • Damage to galvanized car body.

To protect the car from corrosion, someautomakers galvanize the body. This really benefits. However, damage to the zinc layer leads to corrosion and its spread throughout the body of the vehicle.

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In addition to the above reasons, it is worth consideringand the fact that the manufacturer protects the car body for a certain period. At its expiration, no matter how serious the body panels are, the rust will begin to appear and develop on them.

Consequences of corrosion of the car

Consequences of occurrence and development of corrosionis the arrival of the body parts of the car in disrepair. If you do not fight it, then it first destroys the paint layer, and then "takes" for the metal.

As a consequence, iron loses its strength andbegins to literally "pour" on the eyes. This also has a detrimental effect on the integrity of the car's design, as well as on the comfort and safety of driving on such a vehicle.

Preventing corrosion of the body

To prevent corrosion,Avoid damage to the body and the zinc layer. And also from time to time to process the body with special substances and store the vehicle in a dry, well-heated garage.

Anticorrosive agent must be treatedthresholds, niches behind bumpers, as well as the bottom of the car. In addition, areas with damaged paintwork are subjected to treatment: chips, scratches and dents.

The use of anticorruption makes it meaninglessthe purchase of a car whose body was galvanized. The zinc layer wears out over time, and regular treatment of the body parts with anti-rust means ensures that the car does not get "corroded".

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The most vulnerable parts of the car body

The most vulnerable parts of the car bodyare the bottom, thresholds and bumper. This is due to the fact that they are closest to the road, therefore, in most of the time the cars are used, these parts are in high humidity conditions.

In addition, from gravel, pebbles and other foreign materialsobjects that are on the road surface, they can be covered with minor damages. Corrosion appears on the place of chipping under the influence of moisture. It spreads, and soon these body elements will become unusable.

How to repair rust damage?

When the first signs of corrosion on the body appearit is necessary to treat the site with an anti-corrosion solution, and then carry out the treatment of the site with a primer and paint the wounded area. These actions are effective at the initial stage of the appearance of corrosion. If the "start treatment", then without replacing the injured parts of the body can not do.

One of the most popular means to combat corrosion of the body of the car is the anti-rust "Rast Stop". It is precisely this substance that will be discussed in more detail.

Composition of the substance "Rast Stop"

One of the most effective means for combatingwith corrosion is the substance "Rust Stop". High efficiency is achieved due to the unique composition. It is based on special purified oil. It passes technological production procedures, which allow achieving a high degree of purification.

The properties of the oil allow the substance to be sufficientlyit is good to impregnate the surface to be treated. Another advantage of "Rust Stop" - when mixed with water, it forms an emulsion. This allows the substance to bind firmly to the protected iron by settling on the top layer.

Special composition after application does not freeze,and mixed with the molecules of the metal. Due to this moisture, which causes corrosion, is forced out. In order to stop the destruction of the body from rust, corrosion inhibitors are present in the composition of the substance.

The advantages of surface treatment with anticorrosionit is possible to attribute resistance to sharp changes in temperature, as well as to various mechanical and force effects. The coating is not subjected to delamination, as well as the occurrence of cracks. And, as noted earlier, Rast Stop contains special additives that suppress the occurrence and development of corrosion.

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average price

Approximate price for "Rast Stop" in retailtrade is 750 rubles. For this money the motorist acquires a reliable means of protection against corrosion of the car body. The cost of the substance may vary depending on the conditions of the firm that sells it.

It is important to note that the excessively low price for"Rast Stop" is an indirect sign that it was produced by an artisanal way. A cheap solution not only does not protect the body of the vehicle, but even contribute to a faster spread of corrosion.

Therefore, when buying an anticorrosive agentyou need to carefully study the packaging and purchase goods from trusted vendors. A balloon with anti-rust agent should not have dents or other damage. It is also important not to forget to check the expiration dates. Over time, the oil base of the substance can lose its protective properties. Therefore, treatment with an expired composition is useless.


Many similar substances from corrosion in theirproperties at times inferior to "Rast Stop". The most approximate set of components for reliability is "Tektil". This substance has a paint structure, that is, it is practically "permanently" fixed on the treated surface. To tighten the anti-corrosion agent, it is necessary to dry and clean the surface to be treated.

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As for the "Rast Stop", the substance literally "envelops" the body of the car. It is in constant motion, thereby filling itself with niches in which corrosion can occur.

Other analogues of "Rast Stop", in particular onwax base, quickly flake off the body and protect only the area that was processed. The same means "envelops" the treated area and protects the zone around the treated area. This property of the substance made it the most popular when restoring the body after accidents or partial wear.


Anticorrosive "Rast Stop" is produced in the form of an aerosol ina balloon with a capacity of 400 milliliters, a liquid in a canister of 1 liter and in barrels of 116 liters each. It is not difficult to guess that the aerosol is intended for retail purchases, but the substance supplied in the kegs is intended for wholesale buyers.

If you buy the compound in a canister, then spray ithave to use a compressor. When applying an anticorrosion brush, the consumption of a substance increases, and there is no guarantee that it will fall into all unevenness of the body or the bottom of the car.

Therefore, for personal use it is better to buyaerosol "Rast Stop". It is simply applied, quickly hardens and does not require the use of additional equipment. But if you need to process a large area of ​​the body, then buying an anticorrosive in a canister will be cheaper.

Processing process

For car body surface treatmentit is enough to spray the substance on the surface being treated. In some cases, to more closely adhere the composition to the surface, you can use a brush and "miss" hard-to-reach places, such as the bottom of the car, the interior cavities of the rapids and niches under the bumpers.

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Work on the anti-rust treatment "Rast Stop" should be carried out in a well-ventilated room in which the air temperature should not exceed +35aboutFROM. When spraying the aerosol, protect the respiratory tract, mucous membranes and hands from interaction with the substance. In case of serious damage, immediately consult a doctor by showing him the composition of the substance indicated on the label.

"Rast Stop" for the bottom and thresholds of the car is a good tool that will protect them from deformation for a long time.

Customer Reviews

Numerous reviews on "Rast Stop"indicate that the substance is fully capable of protecting the car not only from the occurrence, but also from the spread of corrosion that has already appeared. Of course, it is not "eternal". Over time, its concentration on the treated surface decreases, and therefore, there is a need to again apply it to the damaged areas.

The reason for the numerous positive responses about "Rast Stop" is also the adequate cost of the substance. In fact, it is an example of the ideal "Value for money" ratio on all sides.

The substance has many reviews from foreignmotorists. For example, in Canada, where this anticorrosion is produced, the climate is in many respects similar to the Russian one. Therefore, the Canadian composition of the substance simply has to be an effective and reliable "assistant" in the fight against corrosion. Due to the fact that manufacturers have tried to derive a formula of the composition, which in fact will protect the car from rust, reviews about "Rast Stop" are only positive.


In summarizing it is worth noting that "RastStop "is a powerful enough and effective means for protection against corrosion. An interesting feature of the substance is that it can be applied to an untreated wet surface without loss of quality of protection.

Also, when the first signs appearCorrosion on the body of the damaged areas should immediately be treated with the substance. This step will prevent the development and further spread of rust. As a result, the car body will last much longer than was claimed by the automaker.

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This anti-corrosion agent is produced inCanada - a state with similar climatic conditions. The harsh climate and insufficiently high quality of roads have a beneficial effect on the development of corrosion. It not only spoils the appearance of the car, but also reduces the passive safety of the vehicle. In order that, in the end, the car did not turn into a "rusty trough", it is necessary to use the anti-corrosive agent "Rast Stop".

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Rast-Stop: reviews. Rust Stop - anti-corrosion treatment of a car Rast-Stop: reviews. Rust Stop - anti-corrosion treatment of a car Rast-Stop: reviews. Rust Stop - anti-corrosion treatment of a car Rast-Stop: reviews. Rust Stop - anti-corrosion treatment of a car Rast-Stop: reviews. Rust Stop - anti-corrosion treatment of a car Rast-Stop: reviews. Rust Stop - anti-corrosion treatment of a car