Rapid treatment of gout at home.

It is now known that gout isinflammatory disease of the tissue joints, which cause acute pain and small swelling. Most often the disease develops as a result of long-term deposition in the human body of crystals of uric acid, and mostly the crystals fall into the joints and surrounding tissues. So, if you still have a diagnosis of gout disease, then you need to immediately take the following measures, which are primarily used as a treatment for gout at home:

Relief of pain during a particularly severe attack.

In order for the pain not to bother you much,try to provide complete peace for the inflamed tissues and joints of the body. And, this rest should be carried out until you do not understand exactly what the pain did not start to subside after the attack. Experts say. What is the average time that must pass from the beginning of the attack, about 24 hours.

Try to slightly lift the painful joints of the tissues.

For this it is necessary with the help of ice or coldwater to remove the inflammation that appears. After this, use special non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve muscle pain. The most important tool. Which is contraindicated for gout, this is aspirin, as when taking it, a drastic change in the level of uric acid may occur, and this will only complicate the symptoms of the disease.

Now you can prevent repeated attacks of gout.

Treatment of gout at home is mainlyis that you follow your own indicators. Especially it concerns weight. Try to control your weight as much as possible, as often excess weight is a real risk factor for gout. Well, if you have long been overweight, then to solve this problem you will help a diet with a particularly low content of fatty acids. In order to properly choose your own diet, you need to see a doctor who will help you fight the manifestations of gout. The most important thing is not to fall into a debilitating diet, and start starving unreasonably. In addition, try to avoid various low-calorie diets and modern dietary teas. Such drugs are mainly pathogenic agents, and only increase the amount of uric acid in the body. And this, in turn, will cause another attack of gout.

Also, treatment of gout at homebased on the restriction of alcohol, in particular beer. Alcohol has the ability to reduce the secretion of uric acid from the kidneys, which will cause a sharp increase in the content of uric acid in the patient's body and severe pain. Also, limit the regular consumption of roasted meat and canned seafood. At their core they have a large amount of purine substance and also contribute to an increase in the uric acid content in the body.

In order to prompt treatment of goutwithout complications, you should talk with your doctor about how and how long it should take this or that drug. Certain methods of treatment, such as treatment of gout with iodine, require careful use of the drug, which can cause unwanted side effects. In particular, tablets that are made to reduce salt and water in the patient's body consist of diuretics and nicotinic acid, the regular use of which, even in small doses, can increase the overall level of uric acid and sudden attacks. So, try to know everything in order and not risk your health if you are not absolutely sure of the effectiveness of this or that remedy, which treats gout at home. It is best to consult your doctor again.

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