Raúl González, Spanish footballer: biography, rating, statistics, football player profile

Raul Gonzalez was born on June 27, 1977. This is one of the most famous Spanish players, who currently stands for a club like "New York Cosmos." For 16 years he played for Real Madrid, and it was during these years that he became popular. His biography is interesting and rich, so it's worth talking about it in more detail.

Raul Gonzalez


Raul Gonzalez grew up in Madrid's neighborhood, andnamely - in Marconi da San Cristobal de los Angeles. This is the long name of his native settlement. The boy's father was an ardent fan of FC Atletico Madrid. Looking ahead, I would like to say that Raul performed the unspoken dream of his parent and from 1990 to 1992 he played for this team as a player of the youth team. These two years he was one of the best inmates of the academy "Atletico". With his playing and skills, the boy hit all the coaches. At first glance it was clear - this is truly a promising football player, who in the future will show a lot.

Raul himself wanted to be an excellent professional inplan of football, dreamed of becoming a recognized attacker. And it was not necessary to wait for recognition for a long time. Raul Gonzalez, whose age at that time was 15 years, was in the field of view of the scouts of Madrid's "Real". They immediately identified his abilities and talent. Representatives of the most famous Spanish club made an offer to a young striker, and he, without a long time thinking, moved to Real Madrid, where he began to play for the youth team.

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Start a professional career

In 1994, Raúl González concluded his firstThe professional contract with Madrid "Real". But in the main part of his "run" not immediately. The coach considered it right to wait some time for the young man to gain experience in the team, where adults play. It was important to him the playing practice of a football player. So during the year Raul had to play for the second and third teams. There he played eight matches and scored as many as 16 goals! Twice as many as the games themselves! Looking at such successes, the coach decided to transfer the young man to the first team and began to use his abilities and undoubted talent. And this player has always been and remained the key attacker - whatever leader comes to the club. The dream of a little boy came true. He really became a legendary scorer. And everyone recognized this.

Style of play

Raúl González, like any other player, hashis own individual style, which he adheres to by owning the ball. His basic position can be any. There are three options: he is either inseparable, or "drawn forward", or "under the attacker." Quite interesting positions for the player, is not it? But, despite this, he ranks second in the ranking of the best scorers in the history of the Spanish national team. And Gonzalez prefers acting in podygrytes because it is more convenient for him to cope with the ball. In addition, in this way, he gives more space and space to his partners in the attack.

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About the hammered balls

On March 8, 2008, football player Raul Gonzalez scoredtwo hundredth goal in La Liga. This was his personal achievement, concerning the higher Spanish division and the playing career in general. Having scored a goal against the opponents (which were the players of "Sevilla"), he took second place among the best Spanish scorers (this achievement was mentioned above). So he equaled with Alfredo Di Stefano - a real football legend. And a little later, on February 15, 2009, another feat was committed by Raul Gonzalez. The goals that he scored earlier were weighty, but this became really important for him. Because rolling the ball into the goal of "Sporting", he won the status of the best scorer in the history of Madrid "Real". Thus, he even went around Alfred De Stefano. And no wonder. After all, on his account - 323 goals in official matches. And if we take into account the comradely ones, then 361.

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Going to the "Schalke"

In 2010, Raoul was forced to leave hisnative club of Madrid. In connection with the age, of course. He could not already give out the level of the game, which he was able to before. Because he decided to leave the team. Footballer notes that the years he spent in the "Real", were remarkable, assures that he will remain true to the "madridist" for life. "The captain's armband in this club is a great honor. But I was looking for something else. You could have stayed, but then I would not enjoy football, "are the words Raoul said before leaving.

So in 2010 he decided to move to Germany andplay for Schalke 04. Raúl González spent two years there. How many goals did he make for this German club? Less, of course, than for Madrid. On the field the man went out 66 times and scored 28 goals in them. But his goals, he not only helped a new team. Raul scored in the Bundesliga, and European championships, which made him a fan of fans of "Schalke".

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"Al-Sadd" and "New York Cosmos"

In 2012, Raul signed a contract with the Qatariclub "Al-Sadd", taking there the seventh number. Most often it could be seen on the position of the midfielder. Moreover, as part of this team, he quickly took his place and even was appointed vice-captain.

In 2013, on August 22, Raul played in hisfarewell match for the Madrid "Real". The first half of the match, that is the first half, he was a player of the Spanish team. And even scored one goal - on 23 minute. And in the second half, "turned" into a player, "Al-Sadd." As a result, won "Real Madrid with a crushing score 5: 0.

Now many people are surprised to hear whereplays Raúl González. To date, he is a football player of FC "New York Cosmos". For the American team, he played 26 games and issued 7 goals. And just recently, in October of the same year, 2015, Raul said that he had decided to end his career, and in November. That is, if you believe the claimed, Gonzalez "hangs the boots on the nail" after a couple of weeks.

But to play for the team he stopped long ago - 9 yearsago. Gonzalez entered the field as part of the national Spanish team 102 times and issued 44 goals. Raul was considered the main scorer of the national team, and his departure made many sad. But the player decided that it would be better.

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About personal life and achievements

The wife of Raul Gonzalez is a former model thatthe name is Mamen Sans. The couple has five children. Four boys (two of whom are twins) and daughter Maria, born in 2009. In addition to football, Raoul has a hobby - reading books and listening to Spanish music. He also breathes unevenly to hunting and bullfighting, but prefers only to observe from the side.

This footballer achieved a lot. Became six-time champion of Spain, four-time Super Cup winner and three-time - the Cup of the country. In addition, he also won the Champions League three times. Twice he received the Intercontinental Cup and once - the UEFA trophy. The Super Cup and the German Cup came to him, he is the champion of Qatar. But there are also personal rewards. There are a lot more of them, and they can not be counted. After all, they are numbered in dozens! He is the five-time football player of the year in Spain, the best striker of the European season (three times so admitted), is a member of the symbolic teams, has a "Bronze Boot" and the trophy "Legend", the "Pichichi", is on the list of FIFA-100, was awarded trophy Alfredo Di Stefano, received the "AU" award as the best athlete of the year ... All his achievements are really impossible to enumerate.

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