Quotes about dreams. Sayings of great people about a dream

Beautiful phrases, expressions and quotes attract accuracy and truthfulness, so many people like to read aphorisms. Especially if they are associated with desires and dreams, because this is what drives every person through life. Quotes about dreams inspire, add strength and motivation to achieve more. Even when it seems that there is no desire to strive for something.

beautiful quotes about a dream

Some people write out and memorize favorite statements about the dream in order to re-read them and discover new reserves of their body in the pursuit of goals. There are a lot of such aphorisms, because most of the poets and writers were also dreamers and shared their thoughts with the readers on this subject. Many quotes about the dream of great people, not only authors, are still inspiring and help not to give up.

Motivational quotes from books

Writers often include in their works statements about the dream, weaving them into the general plot of the story and putting it into the mouths of their heroes.There are a great many such examples, but among the most motivating quotes, we can recall the following:

  1. “There are dreams that immerse a person in a dream, but there are those that do not allow to fall asleep,” wrote Eric Schmitt in his book Ulysses from Baghdad. If the desire is strong, it occupies all thoughts, and even in a dream a person aspires to it.
  2. The well-known oriental writer Paulo Coelho also holds this opinion. He expressed it in one simple phrase: "Never give up your dream."
  3. Honore de Balzac also wrote about this: "To achieve your goal, you need to constantly move forward."

We can also recall many other writers' statements about the dream and the importance of perseverance in its achievement. Accurate and accurate quotes about dreams reflect the essence of the human desire for their desires.

Sayings of great people

Not only writers mention beautiful quotes about dreams in their work, other celebrities - politicians, actors, pop performers and even scientists - also presented the world with several precise and capacious aphorisms. For example, Eleanor Roosevelt - the great woman in history, has always been known for her wisdom and broad outlook.It is to her own famous statement: "The future is always in the possession of those people who do not cease to believe in the beauty of their dreams."

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In his time, the famous British politician Winston Churchill also talked about the magnitude and beauty of the dream: “Never be afraid of the future. Look at him with confidence, be ready, do not be deceived at his expense, but do not be afraid ... If we have a weighty goal, we will always go where we want. ”

statements about the dream

The famous actor who became governor of California at the age of 56, Arnold Schwarzenegger also expressed his opinion on the dream: “Start dreaming and do it right away with big things, always strive for more and never take steps back.”

Quotes about the dream from the movies

Many films of various genres also gave the world beautiful quotes about dreams. And although, when reviewing films, people seldom pay attention to deep phrases, there are still such pictures that catch one’s soul, make one think, give emotions and remain in memory for a long time. Among the most famous can remember:

  1. Philosophical reflection of the hero George Clooney in the movie "I would be in heaven": "Today, most people will come to their home in the evening,Pets and children will be there waiting for them. Family members will be interested in each other, how their day went, and at night they will go to sleep. In the sky, like every night, countless stars will light up. But one star will shine much brighter than the rest. My cherished dream will fly there. ”
  2. In the film “The Hill of One Tree,” an interesting and accurate phrase also sounded, which should find consonance in the heart of every person: “You will become better if you live your dream.”
  3. But the hero of Will Smith in the film “The Pursuit of Happiness” voiced the phrase, which for many should be the beginning of each new day: “Never listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do something or you’ll fail. Even me. Clear? If you have a dream, take care and keep it. People who cannot do something in their lives will assure you that nothing will work out. But if you set yourself a goal - achieve it. And the point. Follow your cherished dream! ”

These and other quotes about dreams make movies spectacular and filled with special meaning.

Historical figures about dreams

In the chronicles of history and notes left over from past centuries, many wise thoughts and thoughts of great people who made history have been preserved. They are also interesting to re-read and adopt:

  1. “People most willingly believe what they passionately want” - Voltaire. And if you believe in something really strong, everything will come true. Faith gives strength, makes you move forward, achieving the desired.
  2. “If this is not possible, it must be done” - Alexander the Great. The commander and ruler often set himself lofty goals, which were not so easy to achieve, but persistence and perseverance helped, gave a feeling of omnipotence.

Great people passed various tests in their lives, gained wisdom and experience. Therefore, their sayings and reflections are always relevant.

Great women about dreams

It is believed that men have always been wiser and wiser in the whole history of mankind. However, in the matter of desires and dreams, women also expressed themselves, leaving a tangible mark in their own words. Among the most famous aphorisms of great women, we can recall the following:

1. Emma Goldman once said, "When we no longer allow ourselves to dream, we die."

2. The incomparable Marilyn Monroe also reflected on the high: “Looking into the night sky, I sometimes thought that thousands of other girls also sit alone and dream of achieving more, becoming a star.But every time at that moment I forbade myself to worry about them. After all, my big dream can not be compared with anyone else. "

quotes about the dream of great people

3. And Madonna, being in a state of emotional outburst, once exclaimed: “Never forget to dream!” A simple phrase, but how much sense there is in it.

Women love and know how to dream. And the great women who have achieved a lot in their lives show by example how important it is to fulfill their goals every day and not to give up.


Believing in your dream is the basic rule for it to come true. Therefore, statements about faith in a dream motivate and charge with a positive, help to achieve their desires. There are a lot of such aphorisms too, and each of them contains a deep meaning:

  1. “If you give up your dream, then what will you have left?” - Jim Carrey. This is a comedian, but he is able to put the right questions.
  2. “When you want something badly, all the forces of the Universe will help make your dream come true” - Paulo Coelho. Many books by this author are imbued with a positive philosophy and make people believe in themselves.
  3. “Your every dream is given to you, and with it the forces necessary for its realization appear.” So said Richard Bach.Therefore, we must always want more, and resources and abilities will appear at the right moment.

statements about faith in a dream

Quotes about desires and dreams remind every person how important it is to believe and strive for their goals. Perseverance and firm confidence that everything will come true, give the meaning of getting out of bed every day.

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