Putty walls do it yourself

Anyone who has ever encountered redecoration of a room is well acquainted with how ugly the wallpaper or painted walls look if they are not aligned. And, on the contrary, as the smooth and deduced surfaces perfectly look. It is for this and necessary putty walls. You can immediately say that such work requires attention, diligence and hard work from the performer.

putty walls

Alignment of the walls putty under the wallpaper. Basic moments

In this case, the putty of the walls is performed to smooth the surface and hide defects, and there is no need to achieve a perfect result.putty for painting wallsPre-treat the surface with a primer to ensure good adhesion between the putty and the wall. Next we need two spatulas: large (60-80 cm) and small (10-15 cm). Use a small spatula to apply a small amount of the solution to a large one. Then we apply a large amount of mortar to the surface of the wall at an angle of 20-30 degrees, and spread it diagonally so that the plane can be aligned both vertically and horizontally at the same time. Such work should start from the left corner, move to the right, i.e.kinda act overlap. Due to this approach, it is possible to avoid the appearance of extra bumps and visible transitions. In this way we fill the entire wall. Thoroughly align, removing traces of a spatula, it is not necessary, because even professionals cannot do this. When the entire wall is sealed, let it dry for at least 12 hours, and then remove all irregularities with sandpaper P80-P120. Next, the wall should be cleaned of dust and dirt, which were formed by mechanical alignment. We ground the surface and again we putty the wall. In general, it is recommended to apply putty in 3-4 layers. After applying the finishing layer, you should also go over the surface with emery paper, clean it and apply a primer. And then you can start sticking wallpaper.

Puttying walls for painting. Process features

leveling walls with puttyIf you paint the surface, the putty of the walls is done in the same way as it was done for wallpaper. But in this case more attention should be paid to alignment, since most paints and varnishes will not be able to hide minor defects of the walls. But do not be afraid of this procedure, becauseat any time you can add putty in the desired location or remove the excess with sandpaper. If an already painted wall is being processed, then you should not completely tear off the old paint. In this case, you should remove the paint, detached from the wall, and seal up all the gaps with the mixture, process it with emery paper. Then simply primed the surface of the wall, giving it time to dry, and then you can start painting.

Putty walls. We derive a flat corner

In order to bring a flat angle, you can use a special angular profile (plastering or painting). It is glued to the wall, and then just putty. There is another option to create an even angle - this is applying a large amount of putty, which, after drying, is carefully treated with emery paper until the desired result is obtained.

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