Puppy food

Where do you buy food for your pets in Kiev? The fact is that we have a puppy who is already three months old. His appetite is simply excellent, he eats a lot and everything, and I would like to give him the most useful food.
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Answered on April 1 08:13
I think to buy food now is not a problem, pet products are sold in every market or in a supermarket, not to mention the Internet. If I were you, I would simply balance him with food.
Answered on April 1 08:19
I do not advise you to go completely to dry food, the situation is different. I feed my dog ​​and dry food and natural food, that would not get used to eat one thing. However, with this diet there are some rules, better consult with a veterinarian.
Answered on April 1 08:27
If you choose the right dry food for your puppy, he will completely replace his good nutrition. Since dry feeds differ in properties and are differentiated by breed, I think the pet store consultant will select the best for you.

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