Puncture the cartilage of the ear: procedure, effects

Now the fashion for piercing has subsided a bit, but still people on the street often come across with the original decor of their own faces. And still they do not cause approval from representatives of the older generation.ear cartilage punctureThat is, piercing remains the prerogative of special people. What attracts them and makes them pierce the skin? And what attracts a very painful, but popular puncture of the cartilage of the ear?

From the historical past

People long ago began to look for ways to stand out from the crowd and decorate themselves. The methods were not always democratic and pleasant. It was easy to paint each other, but the ability to endure the pain and to demonstrate its consequences attracted its danger. This concerned even tribal cultures, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. A beautiful ear piercing has always been in fashion, and among the representatives of both sexes. The abundance of jewelry on the person testified to his wealth and social status. In some tribes, such traditions led tounpleasant deformities. In particular, there were tribes where people had their ear lobes stretched under the weight of kilograms of earrings. Other tribes "specialized" on necklaces, and therefore women had their necks stretched. It would seem, how much space on the body remains, if we aim to decorate it with a piercing!ear cartilage puncture photoBut have we really not a bit changed since the days of the primitive community and still strive to decorate ourselves without a special purpose?

"Ear" questions

It turns out that only a person is the owner of the earlobe. This part of the ear is directly related to the functioning of the nervous system and the brain. The ancient sages resorted to radical measures of enlightenment and cut off their lobe, thinking that the meaning of life would be comprehended as soon as possible. The important role of the lobe became decisive in the decision to decorate it. Punctures came into fashion, and then clips appeared. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the pierced ear improves vision, because travelers and sailors wore earrings. The last was undignified to wear earrings not made of precious metals, since this had its own bike: if the body of the sailor was thrown to the shore, the money from the sale of earrings should cover the cost of his funeral.Now the piercing is offered by professionals, but then everything happened in Spartan conditions.after piercing the cartilage of the earHow many do piercing "profit" now?

Quiet and peaceful

The first earrings, many girls get secretly from their parents, and they make their own punctures. The technology seems simple. Heated the needle, sterilized - and forward. The procedure will not cause problems with the lobe, but how to make a puncture of the cartilage of the ear at home? It all depends on whether you make a puncture yourself or have an assistant. In the first case, of course, will be more difficult. In the pharmacy, you need to purchase an intravenous catheter, alcohol, gloves and pain medication. After the puncture of the cartilage of the ear is made, it hurts and tears up its place for about a week. So the time is not pleasant. But what can you not do in the struggle for beauty? During the puncture it is necessary to guide the needle strictly perpendicularly. Then you can pull the needle out of the tube and thread the earring. After piercing the cartilage of the ear, wash the earring and turn it regularly, but you can not remove it. Healing takes up to six months, and the rate of healing directly depends on the frequency of washes.

In the cabin

Ear cartilage puncture is an original alternative to the prosaic lobe puncture. The history of this procedure comes from the American Indians. What does it mean to decorate yourself?ear cartilage puncture reviewsOf course, this is informality, the desire to stand out and show off. There are many options for how to pierce the cartilage of the ear. You can do it on the ridge, through the anti-spinning or in two places at once. Many variations suggest different styles. In the salons use needles, catheters, and less often - special pistols. The ear is treated with alcohol, and the decoration is washed with an antiseptic. The procedure is fast, but unpleasant in sensations. The average cost of the procedure in the cabin reaches 1100 rubles, and the first earring can be presented as a gift.

Is it worth it?

In addition to some pain, puncture of the cartilage of the ear has contraindications. This is an allergic reaction to certain types of metals. It is better to choose medical steel, so as not to miscalculate. If, after a puncture, the cartilage reddened, and edema appeared around the earrings, the appearance of pain syndrome and pus is only a matter of time. There are horrible cases of cartilage fragmentation during the poor quality work of masters. Then there will be a scar.Work only with reputable people, take care of your appearance! After a period of healing, you can change the jewelry, but before that you can not make a replacement. By the way, in the first three days there are bans on visiting baths and pools. Now, many salons qualitatively and accurately make a puncture of the cartilage of the ear. Photos of their work, they offer new customers as a sample. Statistics show that piercing can be beautiful and attractive.


A newcomer to the salon comes timidly and is lost in diversity, but after the first puncture he will most likely return again because he will understand the beauty of this practice, be able to catch the charm of the punctures and will want to delve into the variety of piercing. They usually begin with earlobes.ear cartilage puncture at homeMom buys her first earrings for her daughter for the fifth anniversary, or even earlier. A second of unpleasant sensations, and earrings in the ears. Beautiful, neat, and the little fashionista is happy and happy. Then the idea to make a second puncture in the lobe comes to her mind. Now for this do not use needles. Puncture make a pistol, which in its technology resembles an ordinary stapler with a earring instead of brackets.The second puncture is decorated with more interesting earrings. The number of punctures on one ear is limited only by the imagination and sense of measure of the owner. But sooner or later the idea comes to make a puncture of the cartilage of the ear. Photos of the procedure and the result can be seen in the portfolio of masters of the salon, where the client turns. Also, the procedure is referred to as auricle curl piercing or Helix piercing. Manipulation can be painful, and cartilage heals for a long time, but the result looks very nice and original.

For extreme people

If the piercing connects the two holes, then this is “industrial”. The first puncture is done closer to the head, and the second - on the opposite side of the ear. In the process of healing using a barbell. By the way, such a puncture heals for at least a year. Near the ear there is a plot that is called a tragus. Accordingly, it makes piercing tragus or Tragus. For the procedure, take a hollow straight or curved needle of small diameter. The process requires jeweler precision work, as the internal tissue of the tragus is very delicate. Healing takes from 6 to 12 weeks. If the puncture of the lobe is completely bored, then heavy artillery is used - tunnels.This is a wide hole in the lobe, which resembles that very tunnel. Puncture make a pistol, and after healing, expand with a special stretch and round insert.ear cartilage puncture hurtsNot everyone is such a way to decorate themselves, and the style of the tunnel requires special. Another worrying factor is the appearance of the stretched lobe. This is an extremely unpresentable spectacle.

What do people say?

The beauty industry is always on the fly seizes new trends, so the emergence of new types of piercing is preceded by a new batch of earrings in jewelry stores. Many people indulge themselves after a painful procedure, which is a puncture of the cartilage of the ear. Reviews confirm the fact that often the earrings are made of precious metals, engraved or interspersed with diamonds. Young and ambitious girls insert rings in their ears. But the tunnels are preferred by people in a period of mental crisis. Cuffs, circulars and plagias are popular for the ear lobes. For puncturing cartilage, labrets and microtools with crystal pendants are often taken. Many talk about painful sensations, the appearance of pus and ichor, while the puncture of the cartilage of the ear heals.Photos of quality work look beautiful, but how many behind this kind of tears and pain, only the person who has experienced the piercing knows knows.

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