Provence style in clothes. Features of Provence style. Beautiful dresses in Provence style

Provence style in clothes is lightness, sensuality and innocence. Romantic image will emphasize the natural beauty of any woman, whether she is a slim girl, pyshechkoy or lady of respectable age. Provence, which came from provincial France of the last century, today occupies a worthy place in fashion and wardrobe beauties. What is special about this style of dressing and what kind of dresses it can be recreated - let's consider in the article.

Features of Provence style

Provence clothing appeared in the 60s, when hippies dominated fashion. They advocated nature, peace and naturalness, so they liked the provincial French style. So, what is special about provenance in clothes?

Provence style in clothes

First of all, these are multi-layered puffy skirts, soft lines, loose fit and an abundance of textures.But here the main thing is to understand the fine line with boho and country music. Provence has a unique charm and emphasizes femininity. The free cut does not hide the figure, but only delicately beats the smooth curves of the body.

Secondly, the Provence implies naturalness and comfort. No need to torture yourself with slimming clothes and high heels. The style is characterized by scattering styles, airy and light fabrics, in which it is convenient and pleasant to be for a long time.

Thirdly, only natural fabrics are used that allow the skin to breathe, and pastel shades.

Romantic fabrics

As already mentioned, the main criterion for Provence style in clothes is the naturalness of the materials. They are soft, pleasant to the touch and comfortable to wear. It is in these tissues that girls can feel as natural as possible.

The most commonly used cotton, linen, chiffon, viscose and wool. But in some images, jeans are acceptable, although pants from this material are categorically excluded. In the cool season, you can choose any knitwear: it is very appropriate in Provence. Often, outfits are decorated with special lace.It is distinguished by a slight yellowness and a slight roughness.

Colors of clothing

Provence summer dress

The women in the Provencal look are reminiscent of impressionist paintings. They are characterized by natural, dull shades and harmony with the surrounding nature. The basis is pastel, light colors, around which the whole romantic style is built.

In the clothes you can often find blue, pistachio, green, pink, brown, purple, beige, milky colors and ivory tint. Provincial girls walk a lot in the fresh air, so their dresses quickly fade in the sun. Such and should be the above-mentioned colors - slightly faded, with an admixture of gray tones. Clothes seem to be covered with dust, so it looks very natural.

As decorations use calm patterns, geometric shapes or floral ornament. Screaming prints in the Provencal style just can not be found. The same goes for juicy and bright colors.

Accessories for the provincial image

The style of Provence in clothes perfectly beats the appropriate accessories, so you should not forget about them. These can be straw hats decorated with flowers and ribbons, berets or knitted hats. Also appropriate are warm shawls, scarves, mittens, white knee-highs and socks made of lace or cotton.Also in the provincial style in the honor of wooden jewelry, vintage jewelry and accessories, made by hand.

Romantic style in clothes

If we talk about handbags, it is better to give preference to baggy forms and pouches. And they should be exclusively linen, genuine leather and fur are unacceptable in Provence. Bags can be decorated with lace, fringe or embroidery.

But shoes made of genuine leather are permitted and even welcomed. It is allowed to wear a flying dress in an ensemble with coarse boots. Ballet shoes, sandals and suede boots with a flat sole are also perfectly emphasized.

Since dresses give more charm to the image, they should be given special attention.

Dress styles for different figures

Provencal outfits for girls with an hourglass figure can be almost anything. It is only necessary to emphasize the severity of the waist, and not to hide it under a wide trapezium.

Women with pear-shaped shapes are advised to avoid flared skirts in their outfits. For them, trapezoidal dresses with voluminous top and short, but puffy sleeves that visually enlarge the chest will suit.A great alternative would be collected or fluttering wings, lanterns, which are made of openwork.

Dresses in the style of Provence for the "apple" figure can be in the floor or slightly below the knee. In this case, be sure to have wide straps and high waist. This cut visually pulls, slims and focuses on the lush chest. In romantic sundresses, multi-layered skirts, an asymmetrical hemline, frills or lace at the bottom, a bodice in the form of an elastic band or a knitted fabric are welcomed. But you need to choose one thing in order not to overload the outfit - tiers or embossed fabrics.

Provence style dress

Casual look

Most of all, Provencal casual outfits are suitable for the spring and autumn period, when the sun warms, and I want to put on something light. Cotton dresses and linen sundresses with lace elements will be a real salvation. It will be necessary only to decorate hair with a hairpin with wild flowers or to braid a braid with a ribbon.

Linen ballet flats, light sandals or low-heeled shoes made of natural suede or leather will help complement the summer dress in Provence style. Brown boots with a small and thick heel are perfect for an autumn look. In the cold season, you should look at the French rustic style - knitted shoe models.From them comes a special warmth and charm.

Cocktail Provence Outfits

Slender fashionistas definitely should look at the fitted dresses with a fluffy skirt. The length can be any: to the knees, just below or above them. Such style always looks charming and coquettish! Here you can play with shades, floral prints and large images on a pastel background. An interesting solution will be a translucent cocktail attire with embroidery, which will flirty beautifully show your beautiful knees. The back can be open or closed. With this dress you get a dreamy and innocent look.

Provence style features

Lush girls should not be ashamed of their forms and wear long and dark robes. Dresses in the style of Provence for full with small drawings look very exciting. Also sundresses of a gray-blue, turquoise, gentle mint and milky shade will approach.

Evening provincial models

Provencal dresses for special occasions should not be very catchy, but insanely attractive. Eminent fashion designers offer outfits of the “fish” silhouette to the floor or slightly fitted “trapezium”, which barely covers the knees.The most beautiful shades for evening dresses are lavender, pale lilac, gray-blue and dirty-pink. Simple drawing is allowed, but it is important to maintain a maximum of softness and naturalness. It is better to choose fabrics flowing: chiffon, satin, natural silk or lace.

Perfectly complement the dress in the style of Provence airy shawl, openwork belt or a cute hat, which is decorated with lace or fresh flowers. The result is a very aristocratic image of a “provincial little girl” from France. As accessories, you should choose vintage earrings, a volume necklace or a necklace made of pearls, a vintage brooch and an openwork handbag.

On the heavy styling and makeup in the Provencal style, strict taboos are imposed. Therefore, you need to put aside intricate jewelry, bright lipstick, gloss and neon shadows. Make-up should be neutral: natural neat eyebrows, thin arrows on the eyes and soft lips. Hairstyle should be as simple as possible, but quality.

beautiful dresses in Provence style

Wedding Olive Fashion

Romantic style is the best suited for the elaboration of a wedding image. For the bride, the most beautiful dresses in Provence style are with a non-pronounced A-silhouette and slightly fitted. From the fabrics it is better to choose chiffon, and the color - milkThe length of the skirt can be in the floor, below the knees or with moderate asymmetry (shorter in front). The decoration of the wedding dress is dominated by lace, but it is appropriate to include a small embroidery. In this image, the bride will look extraordinary, affectionate and soft.

Romance in men's clothes

Traditionally, Provence is considered an age-old female direction. But today, this style has reached the men's wardrobe. Usually romantic notes are added only to wedding or festive costumes. They are dominated by natural fabrics and soft color palette. Also, men can appreciate the charm of Provence style in clothes for summer exits, both everyday and evening. Suits in neutral and pastel colors are quite strict, but very comfortable and even wearable in tropical heat. The elements of the Provencal style are added by designers to many men's casual collections, but they have not yet decided to make clean options.

dresses in Provence style for full

Baby olive outfits

Comfortable and stylish clothes for children - this is just the Provencal style. Natural fabrics do not irritate the delicate skin and let the air through, and pastel colors do not allow overheating in the sun during active games.

Boys can be offered a vest, cropped pants and a cap in gray, sand and brown tones. This combination looks cozy and stylish at the same time. For girls, you should choose convenient options for clothes, depending on age. For example, for babies it is better to take a short baby dress. Provence, with its inherent multi-layered and long, is worth deferring for older age. Romantic headbands and ribbons in hair look very nice on girls.

So, Provencal outfits are always a feeling of comfort, comfort and harmony. Such clothes are absolutely everything, you only need to pick up a couple of accessories and comfortable shoes.

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