"Provag": instructions for use and reviews

The intimate microflora of women is very sensitive and requires special attention. When it comes to its violations, doctors knowingly know the reasons that could provoke changes and caused complications.

In order to avoid troubles in the field of sexual health, it is necessary to use a drug such as “Provag” in a timely manner. Instructions for use to it will be described in this article.

pharmachologic effect

Provap instructions for use

It is important to understand that the drug "Provag" is able to positively influence the vaginal microflora due to the fact that it contains several strains of lactobacilli.

This not only helps to restore the natural balance, but also allows the female body to become resistant to certain types of pathogens that cause infectious diseases of the sexual sphere.

Due to this feature, the drug "Provag" is able to stop the development of pathogenic bacteria.And this, in turn, allows the prevention of the reproduction of bacteria, not only in the vaginal environment, but also in the environment of the urethra.

The gel allows you to care for the external genital organs. Due to the presence in its composition of additional components, it is able to eliminate the feeling of discomfort, dryness and itching.

This confirms to the drug "Provag" instructions for use.

Release form and composition

Provap capsule instructions for use

The drug is manufactured by the manufacturer in Poland. It is carried out by the pharmaceutical company IBS Biomed S. A..

It can be found in the following forms:

  • Gel.
  • Capsules

The main active ingredient in the capsules are three types of lactobacilli in certain proportions: 50% gasseri, 25% fermentum, 25% plantarum. This points to the drug "Provag" capsules instructions for use.

Additional substances in the composition are:

Capsules go on sale in packs of 10 pieces.

The medical drug "Provag" is also available in gel form. As the main active ingredient in it are used fermented milk bacteria enzymes. As additional components are used:

  • Glycerol.

Provag gel application instructions

  • Propylene glycol.
  • Monosodium glutamate.
  • Phenethyl alcohol.
  • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.
  • Kaprilil glycol.
  • Fragrance.

Gel "Provag" (instructions for use confirms this) is available in tubes of 30 grams.

Indications for use

The drug is indicated for use in special cases:

  • In order to maintain the normal natural microflora of the vagina.
  • In order to restore violations of the microflora that have arisen after the disease or after the use of antibiotics.
  • During the course of therapy with the use of drugs with antibacterial or antifungal effect.
  • In case of recurrence of genital infections.
  • In the period of menstruation.

Provag user manual reviews

  • During menopause.
  • After surgery in the urogenital system.
  • For prevention after the procedure of intimate depilation or after visiting the pool.


The main contraindications that may arise include the presence of an individual negative reaction to one of the components that make up the drug.

Another contraindication is minority.

There is no categorical ban on the use of the drug by women duringpregnancy during breastfeeding, however, you should consult with the attending gynecologist before you start to apply the gel "Provag". Instructions for use also warns about capsules.

Side effects

The main negative reaction to the drug can be expressed in a tingling sensation when using the gel. Other problems, according to consumers, was not observed. Therefore, doctors recommend this drug.

Interaction with other drugs

In the instructions for use "Provaga" there are no restrictions on its use in parallel with other means.

The method of application, as well as the dosage, in this case is absolutely no different from the usual rules of administration for prevention. The only thing that should be followed: do not take this drug at the same time as an antibiotic. That is, you should first drink an antibiotic, and after two hours, take Provag, or vice versa.

Regardless of the purpose for which the drug is used, the dosage will be constant. About overdose currently experts have no data.

"Provag": instructions for use

Provag pill instructions

  1. The pill is recommended as follows: one per day during the meal. In this case, drink the capsule should be plenty of water. The course of treatment with this drug should be no less than 20 days, but no more than 30.
  2. If you use "Provag" in the form of a gel, then the instructions for use are as follows: the drug should be applied once a day, before going to bed. If the discomfort does not stop during the day, then you can use the gel more often - up to three times a day.

Storage and shelf life

The drug "Provag", regardless of the form of its release, should not be stored in rooms where the air temperature is higher than five degrees or less than two. That is, it should be kept in the refrigerator in compliance with the temperature range from two to five degrees Celsius.

If storage conditions are respected, the drug will remain valid for one and a half years from the date of issue.

If the drug is stored at room temperature, the death of lactic acid bacteria will occur within one month.


In Russian pharmacies, the cost of the drug in the form of capsules fluctuates at the level of 470 rubles per package, in the form of a gel - at the level of 322 rubles per tube.

We reviewed the instructions for use of the drug Provag.


About this tool a lot of positive feedback. Women are well tolerated. Rarely causes adverse reactions. Only at the very beginning of the use of the gel can there be discomfort in the vagina. The only negative is a rather high price.

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