Prosekatel for connecting profiles: reviews and photos

Every year construction volumes are growing, residential and public buildings are being built more and more. In addition, high demands are made on the finishing of internal surfaces, it must be fulfilled quickly. Both of these tasks are solved using drywall. Designers use drywall to create unusual space and even furniture. Sheets are mounted on a frame of any configuration of metal profiles.

Frame making profiles

According to the purpose, galvanized steel profiles for frame creation are divided into several types:

  • The guide profiles in the cross section of the shape resemble the letter "p" and serve as the basis for the creation of the whole structure. The dimensions of the section are 50x40 mm, 75x40 mm or 100x40 mm, the wall thickness is 0.6 mm.
  • Rack-mounted U-shaped profiles with a special groove in the center. The height of the shelf in this profile is always 50 mm, and the width varies from 50 to 100 mm.
  • Ceiling profiles are the main element of the framework of a single or multi-level ceiling; they have the shape of a channel section with inward-curved edges for fixing clamps and hangers.The cross-sectional dimensions are 28x27 mm or 60x27 mm, the wall thickness is 0.5 - 0.6 mm.

Prosekatel for connecting profiles

For the choice of the design of the cutter, the total thickness of the profiles to be joined and the dimensions of the bracket for placing the tool to the place of the joint are important.

Tools for joining metal profiles

That the design was reliable, its elements are securely fastened together.

For this purpose, use self-tapping screws, which are installed with a screwdriver. This process takes a lot of time and requires serious skills in work.

It is much more convenient to use a prosekatel for connecting profiles. This special tool has a number of advantages:

  • the installation process is carried out quickly, one connection is performed with just two movements in a few seconds, without special skills, only with some physical effort;
  • marking of holes on the profile is not necessary;
  • the holes made do not require any rework, their edges do not have rough edges and burrs;
  • dents on the frame does not remain, do not protrude caps screws, drywall tight to the profile;
  • for work there is no need to bring power supply;
  • No need to purchase hardware to make connections.

Sneaker types

A cutter for connecting profiles can be used not only for making holes in metal profiles, but also for bending, drawing, forming, when cutting corners. Prosekateli different designs have different applications and differ in terms of power.

Manual sifter is mainly used in repair work. A tool of this type with convenient handles that can be held with one hand, with small dimensions and weight, has good power and is used when you need to bend or draw a profile, to join several parts together in a frame of complex construction.

Professional is a powerful enough expensive prosekatel for connecting profiles. Professional cutter is used in the construction of multi-storey buildings or structures.Prosekatel for connection of profiles professional

The most popular tool is made of highly durable materials. This is a reinforced cutter for connecting profiles. Its design allows you to change the cutting parts most susceptible to wear.In addition, the shape of its working part allows the tool to wind relatively high side profile shelves.

Slip Manufacturers

Companies that produce drywall, specialize in metal profiles and tools for installation of structures. Each company produces its own cutters, unlike the products of competitors.

The most popular today is the prosekatel for connecting Knauf profiles (KNAUF). It is simple, and therefore reliable in use, durable, designed for safe and comfortable work, ergonomic, but rather expensive, ideal for frequent use.

Stanley sifters are also easy to use. For them, you can purchase replaceable sets of dies and punches, different in shape and size.

cutter for connecting knauf profiles

The Knipex sifter is a sturdy mechanism made of thick-walled material for not too long work when mounting wall profiles.

The CB Prok pincers are made of structural steel and are distinguished by their simple design and strong mechanical connection, i.e., the tongs are great for long work, but only for the manufacture of partitions.

The EDMULTRAPROFIL prosekatel is made of high-quality structural steel and is equipped with interchangeable punches for materials of different thicknesses, so the tool is of particular interest among professionals. The bracket in the design of the cutter due to the special screws is regulated by the depth of the profile.

How to use a proskatel

In the switch used the principle of the stapler. How to install a slider for connecting profiles, the photo shows quite clearly. When the handles are sharply reduced in one motion, the metal is punctured, and the edges of the hole are bent, the profiles are interconnected. From the inside, a peculiar groove is visible with the bend of the material. Then the pens are divorced and the prosekatel is removed.Prosekatel for connecting photo profiles

Despite the simplicity and small dimensions of the perforation, the connection of the profiles is so reliable that the design withstands heavy loads.

Depending on the purpose of the fasteners, the thickness of the profiles to be joined and, consequently, the different diameters of the holes to be made, the matrix and the punch can be changed in the device.

Like any tool, the slips wear out over time.Most often it is necessary to change dull cutting parts. The rubber grip covers are also stressed, wear out, and can also be replaced. Another component that is under load is the spring that connects the handles. It is best to change in the service department. Repair of the tool is not cheap, so it is worth repairing only an expensive prosekatel, which can serve for a long time.

Expert advice

Experts do not advise to rearrange the matrix and the punch very often, so that the mounting holes in the body of the cutter do not break. In constant work with the installation of profiles, it is better to have several tools of various configurations and with different diameters of fasteners.

Prosekatel for connecting profiles reviews

In order not to have to often repair the prosekatel to connect profiles and complain about the poor quality of the device, it is necessary to comply with its operating conditions:

  • the total wall thickness of the profiles to be joined must not exceed 1.5 mm;
  • when connecting the punch axis should be perpendicular to the profile surface;
  • jerks and shocks when working not only reduce the quality of connections, but also contribute to tool wear;
  • moving parts, especially the punch, must be lubricated with machine oil in order to prolong the service life of the tool.

Such simple rules not only prolong the service life of the cutter, but also guarantee the strength and precise geometric parameters of the construction of the profiles.

Sifter device

Pincers for profile connection consist of several parts:

  • bracket in which the stop is made with a recess;
  • fixed handle, which is firmly attached (welded) to the bracket;
  • movable handle;
  • punch special configuration, which when pressed on the movable handle moves and, resting against the profile, pushes it through (with the edges of the holes bent);
  • axes that provide movement of the working parts of the mechanism;
  • the loop connecting handles during storage of the tool.

pincers for profile connection

Pressure is transferred to the piercer by pressure. To increase the impact force, the design provides for long levers, or with short handles additional transmission mechanisms.

How to make a cutter with your own hands

If one-time work is to be done on mounting structures from metal profiles in small volumes, then you can make a prosekatel with your own hands.

The most important thing is to ensure the safety of work. The tool body must be reinforced, the handles are made of durable structural steel with comfortable rubberized covers, and the punch is made of tool steel.

And so a homemade prosekatel - this is a pincer of a peculiar shape, in the design of which there are holder-pens, cutting parts, a spring and a turning mechanism. At the end of one handle a sleeve is attached, and a hinge and a punch are mounted on the other handle. It passes through the sleeves, cuts through and connects the profiles.

Even for small amounts of work, especially when creating ceiling structures, a very convenient tool is a sneaker for connecting profiles. Reviews of professional installers and home craftsmen are the same in terms of the use of the tool, they differ only in assessing the merits of various models.

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