Property insurance

Property Insurance in Russiain the last five years began to develop particularly quickly. Voluntary insurance is becoming more and more popular service.Property insurancehelps to protect oneself from the circumstances, ifproperty will happen in case of fire, theft, natural disaster, etc. Timely insurance in this case is able to protect against financial losses.

Individualscan conclude insurance contracts for the protection of apartments, houses, mortgage obligations, as well as contracts of title insurance.

Whenapartment insuranceprotection provides for cases of fires,flooding, theft, robbery and natural disasters. In the event of an insurance situation, the insurance company pays for the cost of the housing insurance policy. You can insure not the whole apartment, but some of its parts, for example, only the finish.

Whenhome insuranceUnder this concept, any buildings in the cities falland rural areas. Just like in the previous case, you can insure any part of the property: landscape design, interior decoration, antiques, etc.

Mortgage Insuranceprovides assistance in the implementation of creditliabilities to the bank in cases of loss of habitual income in case of loss of ability to work, emergence of unforeseen expenses, loss or restriction of ownership of real estate.

Title Insuranceis intended to provide insurance coverage incases of loss of property rights, if the transaction concluded by a private person is recognized as illegal because of events that were unknown to him at the time of the conclusion of the contract. This type of insurance is relevant in the run-up to the purchase of real estate.

Business is always connected with risks. This is typical for large industrial enterprises and for small firms. Unforeseen circumstances can cause significant damage to the company, up to the loss of business. Some of these risks are likely not only to foresee, but also to take measures to minimize them in a timely manner.Insurance of property of enterprises and organizations(legal entities)can protect in cases of loss or damage to own and leased property and in other cases.

Property insurance of large, medium and smallenterprises include insurance of property against fires and other hazards, insurance of losses from disruptions in production, machinery and other equipment from operational breakdowns, construction and assembly risks, cargo, title and agro-industrial insurance.

Objects of insurance are buildings,building, construction, unfinished construction, materials, goods, raw materials, kiosks, tents, shops, stalls, interior decoration and buildings, electronic equipment, electrical appliances, etc. Property insurance provides for cases of unlawful actions of third parties in the arrangement of fires, gulfs, explosions, as well as natural phenomena such as lightning strikes, showers, hail, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

Insurance provides for coverage of possiblerisks and is designed to protect the assets of enterprises and organizations. When concluding insurance contracts, the specifics of the company's activities and factors that may have a negative impact on the security of the property of a legal entity are taken into account. The contract is concluded within the limits of the amount of funds that an enterprise or a company is willing to spend on insurance. You can pay for insurance services by a one-time payment or by installments.

The amount of insurance is confirmed by documents for property or a report of an expert commission.

Before the conclusion of the contract, the insurance company has the rightcheck the information on the property and assess the state of its real value. At the same time, insurers check the availability of property at the specified address, exposure to risks, the value of the purchase, the lifespan and other aspects. The cost of insurance for legal entities is set individually. Usually it ranges from 0.1% to 6% of the value of the insured property.

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