Programs for remote access. Review of the best tools

For remote control of computersthere are programs that organize remote access. The Internet has not been a barrier to such decisions since recently. End-user support using many tools can be implemented both within the local network and through the World Wide Web. This approach is convenient if you need to help a relative or friend who is poorly versed in the field of IT technology. For system administrators such solutions are indispensable. A review of the best tools is presented in the article.

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Describing programs for remote access, you can notbypass the most popular of them - TeamViewer. It can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website, and then installed or launched without installation. Even a beginner can cope with this. After launching, a window will appear on the screen of the monitor, in which the ID and password assigned to the machine will be indicated. To connect to the PC on the administrative machine, enter the ID in the "Manage computer" field.


Advantages include supporting several modes of operation in TeamViewer: remote access with interception control, chat, file manager, demonstration of the screen of your PC.

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System administrators can easilyconfigure the program for round-the-clock access to the server. The tool supports not only popular "desktop" operating systems, but also mobile (Android and iOS). Additional modules can be connected to the application, expanding its functionality.


The program is free only for non-commercialuse to install it on corporate devices, first have to pay. Sometimes after five minutes of work the operator can be automatically disconnected from the client, the application will analyze the work itself and decide that it is used for commercial purposes. To configure 24-hour access, you will have to buy an additional tool. The utility cost is high.

TeamViewer is perfect for rare and short-term user support, but for administering networks with dozens with hundreds of devices, the application does not suit.


LiteManager is a simple but very powerful utility. Remote access to a Windows computer using it can be performed only after the server part of the application has been installed. On the operator's PC, a Viewer must be installed, which allows you to intercept control of another machine.

teamviewer remote access

To deal with all the tools fromuser, it takes more time than working with TeamViewer, but the server part has one undeniable advantage - the ID of the administered computer does not change. This number can even be set manually, which is very convenient if the support should be carried out on an ongoing basis. Personal non-commercial use of the utility is free.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to most classical modes of operation,which provide programs for remote access (interception of control, file manager, chat, task manager, registry editor), there are also rather unusual - recording the screen in a video file, remote installation of the server part. To establish a 24-hour control, you do not need to purchase additional modules. In the utility there are no restrictions on the running time. Price LiteManager is the lowest among such tools, and if you buy it once, then the license will not need to be renewed.

The disadvantages of the application include the absenceversion for mobile operating systems. In the free version of the program it is impossible to administer more than 30 PCs, and the functionality is slightly reduced in it.


One of the very first tools usedto support users who appeared on the market - Remote Admin. Remote access using this utility can not be organized without an external static IP address. The program is more suitable for system administrators than for ordinary users. The developer's main focus is on connection security.

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The application has two components:server and client. Installation of both the first and the second will seem difficult for inexperienced users and it will be impossible to understand it without reading the manual. The utility is fully paid, but has a test period (30 days).

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the fact that the program has its own built-inown driver, video capture from the remote user's screen occurs as quickly as possible. Built-in Intel AMT technology, allows you to connect to the BIOS and configure it, other programs for remote access do not. Traditionally, several modes of connection with the administered computer are realized: file transfer, chat, interception of control.

The most important drawback is the impossibilityConnect to the server if it does not have an external IP. There is no support for mobile OS. The developer can not use the utility for free. To configure the components, you need a long study of the user manual. When connecting an operator to a remote machine, the Windows graphical scheme switches to a simplified one.

Ammyy admin

This application basically repeats the functionalTeamViewer. There are several modes of operation - interception of control, viewing and demonstration of the screen, chat, transfer of files. Works utility is possible without its initial installation. For commercial use is absolutely free.

admin remote access

Like many other programs for remoteaccess, this allows you to administer devices on both the local network and the Internet. The number of settings is minimal, so the tool is best suited for ordinary users, who occasionally assume the role of a support operator.

For work in large networks Ammyy Admin is suitablebadly. If you use the free version for more than 15 hours in one month, the program can be locked. Commercial use requires the purchase of a license.

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Programs for remote access. Review of the best tools Programs for remote access. Review of the best tools Programs for remote access. Review of the best tools Programs for remote access. Review of the best tools Programs for remote access. Review of the best tools