Program for training in the hall for women: three times a week

Today, the proverb is more relevant than ever"They meet on clothes, but see off on the mind", after all, first of all, when we get acquainted with a new person, we make up our opinion about him, relying on appearance, and then we look at what's inside of him. If you want to be successful, both on a personal front and at work, you need to keep yourself in shape all the time.

For a woman to be attractive and pleasantespecially important. The main component of this image of the beautiful half of the population is a smart figure. Therefore, the topic of this article will be the "Program for training in the hall for women."

Familiarization with all stages of losing weight

First, let's discuss what the program for training in the hall for women to lose weight and for pumping and building certain muscle groups are fundamentally different.

If it is important for you to build and strengthenmuscular frame, then the most effective are strength exercises. If your goal is to lose weight, the cardio-load is what you should pay special attention to. However, for the best result, pay attention to both types of exercises.

In this article, the main task that will bedecide the training program we have prepared in the gym for women - remove the belly and sides, and pull up the lower part of the body or reduce the volume of legs.

In addition to the prepared training plan, you will need to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of proper nutrition.

To simply strengthen the muscles, build muscle and dry the diets will be significantly different. This item will also be considered in general terms by us.

It is important to understand that the program for training in the hall for women and for men is different because of differences in the structure of the body. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the organism of the girl before and after the menstrual cycle.

Visiting the gym with exercise equipment is necessary in a specially adapted for this clothes and always take with you the amount of water you need.

program for training in the hall for women

Features of female physiology

In connection with the number in the female body of suchhormones like testosterone and norepinephrine (they are much less for women than for men), the body is prone to accumulation of fatty layer. Also, these hormones are responsible for aggressiveness and the ability to consciously repeat to wear those or other exercises (in this plan, ladies are less hardy).

Despite the speed of accumulation of adipose tissue in the body, girls have the ability to say goodbye much more quickly with extra pounds than the guys.

Women have very well developed muscles of the lower partbody, which makes them very well suited for training. With the upper body, things are worse. The muscles of the press, chest, arms and shoulders are hard enough to pump, but in combination with proper nutrition - it is quite possible.

By the way, because of the smaller number of nervousendings in the lower abdomen, women have less developed neuromuscular connection than men. On the one hand it's good, because in this part of the body the ladies are more tolerant of pain (in particular, pain during menstruation), but because of this the lower press is the most problematic part of most of them.

It is very important for women to choose a schedule of training according to the menstrual cycle.

In the first half of the time after menstruation, the body is more hardy and strong, and also less prone to deposition "in reserve" of carbohydrates, so training at this time is most productive.

Usually two weeks after menstruationovulation occurs. These days the body is the weakest, it is engaged in the accumulation and conservation of energy, so you can be sure that every piece of cake you eat at this time will undoubtedly lead to rounding of your forms. Training during this period is the least effective, experts even recommend reducing the workload.

Let's sum up what a woman should know by choosing exercises for herself.

The training program in the gym for weight loss for women is very different from training for men due to the difference in the structure of the muscles.

The number of calories a man should consume per day is several times higher than the norm that is shown to girls.

The program for training in the hall for women should be built according to her menstrual cycle: the greatest loads in the first two weeks, the intensity of training should go on to decline.

In women's training there should be many approaches and repetitions, between which there is a minimum of rest. The program for training in the gym for women 3 times a week - the best option.

 Program for training in the gym for women beginners

Talk about nutrition

To ensure that the efforts made in the hall are notwere in vain, you just need to control your diet, because no matter how hard you work out, with excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates, your muscles will simply grow under a layer of fat.

So, the basic rules of proper nutrition:

  • There are several times a day (5-7) in small portions.
  • Be sure to consume at least two liters of clean water (tea, coffee, juices, etc. to clean water have nothing to do).
  • Maximally reduce the consumption of so-calledgarbage products (these are products that do not carry any benefit to the body). These include: sugar, mayonnaise, ketchup (and other purchased non-natural sauces), sweet carbonated water, etc.
  • Try to avoid consuming too fatty meat and give preference to boiled, stewed, baked and steamed foods, rather than fried in oil.

program of training in the gym for weight loss for women

  • Do not eat 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  • The intake of the main amount of carbohydrates should be in the first half of the day.

As you can see, the rules are simple and understandable to everyone. We do not advise you to exclude from the diet, sweet, flour and fried. You just have to try not to use very useful products as rarely as possible. Do, for example, once a week yourself a day, when you can eat something tasty. But the main thing - do not overeat.

The approximate order of meals looks like this: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. As a snack is best fit fruit.

The main thing - remember that no program for training in the gym for women (beginners in particular) will not help you if you do not eat right.

What is the difference between a circular training program and a split program

So, we talked about the basic principles of women'straining, understand why the training program for men is not suitable for women, and learned about the basic principles of proper nutrition. Now let's talk about the trainings themselves.

The training program in the gym for weight loss for women for two days (and preferably three) is divided into two types:

A circular program is a training thatmeans every lesson in the hall as the elaboration of all muscle groups at once. This type of training is considered by many to be the most preferable for women. It is, no doubt, ideal for those whose goal is to lose weight and strengthen the muscular frame a little.

Split-training is based on the fact thatthe person working on it, every day works out a certain group (or several groups) of muscles. For example, 1 day - back, arms, 2 day - legs, buttocks and 3 day - chest and press.

Such training is usually chosen by men. However, girls who want to build muscle mass to any area or pay special attention to the most problematic part of the body, also such a program is also suitable.

Below is a program of training in the gym for women (initial) of a circular type.

Circuit Training

It is important to remember that whatever program of trainingin the slimming gym for women (and drying is also required in conjunction with weight loss exercises) you have not had, you need to spend 20 minutes at the beginning of the warm-up and cardio exercises and 20 minutes at the end - stretching the muscles and cardio loads. We will discuss this in more detail later.

So, you are stretched out. Now let's see what a circular training program should look like for a gym for women (primary) for a week.

The first day

Press.The first exercise you will perform will betorsion of the body on the bench. Do the maximum number of repetitions in 4 approaches (professional coaches advise you to do as much as you think you can, plus 5 more times.) These 5 repetitions will be most effective.

Gluteus muscles.Falls forward on both feet 15 times, while holding dumbbells with a minimum weight of 3 kg in the hands. 3 approaches.

Back.Thrust of the vertical block. This exercise needs to do 4 sets of 8-15 reps, concentrating on the muscles of the back.

Press the dumbbells on the bench.This exercise tightens the chest and forms ita beautiful form that, you see, is important for a woman (it is especially important that the training program in the gym for women in 45 included the exercises on the chest). Run 15 times in 2 approaches.

Hand-laying with dumbbells lying on the bench.This exercise will increase and strengthen your breasts. Run 15 times 2 approaches.

Makhi kicked to the sides.Make 25 swords with each leg in 2 sets.

Run 2-4 circles of this program. Remember that in the intervals between the approaches and exercises you can not sit and unwanted to stand in one place, it is better to go for a drink of water or knead and stretch the muscles.

 program of training in the gym for women to clean the belly and sides

Day two - rest.

Day Three

Squats, holding a barbell on his shoulders, perfectly pumped your buttocks and legs. The weight of the bar should be such that you can sit with her at least 15 times, nothing while not injuring yourself (we advise starting with 8-10 kilograms). The first time you need to be insured. Do 2 sets of 15 reps.

Press from the floor.Do 2 approaches 10-15 times. This exercise is useful for the muscles of the chest.

Twisting with a fitball.The meaning of the exercise is that you needlift both the body and legs while holding the fitball in extended arms, pass the ball from the arms to the legs and descend, squeezing it with the soles of the feet. This complex exercise involves the muscles of the upper and lower press, as well as the muscles of the hands and feet. The minimum number of repetitions is 10 times, 2 approaches.

Press the legs on the simulator.This exercise is responsible for the muscles of the hips. Do it 15 times, 2 approaches.

Bending the arm with a dumbbell.Do 2 sets of 15 times each hand. With this item you can podkachat biceps, which will save you from problem areas in your hands.

Stand in the bar 1-1.5 minutes.The strap tightens the muscles of the whole body.
Run 2-4 circles of this program.

Day four - rest.

program of training in the gym for women over 45

Day five

Hyperextension.This exercise trains the gluteus muscle and the back muscles. Perform 15-20 times for 0.5 kg. 2 approaches.

Raising the legs on the bar (in the vise).So you perfectly pump the muscles of the lower andupper press, oblique abdominal muscles and arms. If you are a beginner, then pull up your knees bent at the knees. If the level of training allows you, then raise up to the parallel with the floor straight legs. Such twisting should be done in the following order: forward, left, right. Generate 10-20 repetitions of 2 approaches.

Lifting of hands in an inclination with dumbbells serially.Perform 15-25 times on each hand, 2 approaches. This exercise will strengthen your shoulders.

Ascent to the socks with dumbbellswill work the muscles of calves. Do 3 sets of 40 times.

Deadliftas well as possible suitable for working on the back, buttocks, thighs and forearms. Such a draft should be carried out with dumbbells or a barbell. 15-20 times for 2 approaches.

Mahi dumbbells in the sidespodkachayut middle delta of the hand. 2 approaches for 10-15 times.

2-4 circles.

 training program in the gym for a woman of 40 years

Warm-up, stretching and cardio

Before performing the exercises, you must always give 10 minutes of warm-up and 10 minutes of lessons on the treadmill or on the stationary bike.

You ask: "Why do we need a warm-up if it does not increase muscle mass and does not contribute to weight loss?". The answer is simple: only after making a warm-up, you will prepare your body for heavy exercises, which will significantly improve the quality and safety of the subsequent training.

So, what is the warm-up for?

  • It warms and tones all the muscles of the body.
  • Accelerates the heartbeat to 100 beats / min.
  • Increases the activity of the cardiovascular system, due to which the blood quickly flows to the muscles.
  • Reduces the risk of muscle rupture or stretching during strength training.
  • Accelerates metabolism.
  • Helps to tune in for training.

Now you know what an important rolewarm-up. It can include: jumping rope, rotational exercises for warming up joints, tilting and turning the body, drawing and stretching hands in different directions.

 program of training in the gym for weight loss for women for two days

After you have finished with the warm-up, run 10 minutes on the treadmill.

After completing the basic training program,10 minutes of stretching. It will make the shape of your muscles more neat and feminine, and also reduce pain the next day after training. And, of course, the plastic body of a girl never hurts.

Women after 40 years old

Many people think that the training program ina gym for a woman 40 years and older is very different from training for the younger generation or even inaccessible. This is a misconception. Sport is shown at any age, but in this case it is necessary to observe several rules:

  1. Before you start going to the gym, you need to consult a doctor.
  2. Rest between exercises and approaches should be longer - 1-1.5 minutes.
  3. All the exercises are done neatly and not at a very fast pace.
  4. Give more time to stretching and warming up.

Fulfilling all the rules described in this article, you will achieve incredible results at any age.

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