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Hello. I’m finishing the 9th grade I have long had to decide where to go next. But I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t even think about it. 15-16 years old. We are still small. I personally thought about the profession only in the first class. And then I forgot about everything. I stopped learning. Well, you understand what I mean) and khalyavila. And as for the head it took, it was too late. I know that when it’s not too late, the main thing is to want it. But without the help of tutors, etc. it is very difficult. I’m not defending myself, I know that I’m a fool. I didn’t want to decide where to go. I myself understand that I’m learning badly and that’s why I don’t know where to go. I don’t know where to go. The Internet doesn’t help. That you instilled in me examples where I can do. It is the profession that will take me and which colleges ..... (I WILL BE VERY GRATEFUL)
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Answered 13 april 2015 12:15
Hello! It is good that you yourself understand what is to blame. If you want to change, continue to study well, bear in mind that it will not be easy, but if you want and you will, then you will succeed. You can do this: 1. Ask to stay for the second year - in the summer and during the new school year you will learn everything you need, you will pass the exams successfully or you will go to the 11th grade, after a good training you will already go where you want. 2. So without thinking you can’t advise, I do not know your level of education. There should be brochures for applicants (look at kiosks, bookstores), and on the Internet you can search for primary and secondary vocational educational institutions in your city. There, based on what kind of knowledge you have and what your soul is for, you can choose a few that you like and go to the selection committee of each - and you will decide where to go.

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