Products useful for the heart.

The heart is almost the most importantorgan of our body. Therefore, in order for it to work as long as possible and effectively, and also it was necessary to make healthy efforts. Strengthening and replenishing this motor of our body must become the object and object of daily work. Few know what is good for the heart. But before you deal with this, it is necessary to note which food is harmful to him. Fatty food not only leads to the fact that the blood vessels lose their elasticity. It is necessary to say separately about the modified vegetable fat, which according to many cardiologists from around the world significantly weakens the work of the heart and is one of the main causes of cardiovascular insufficiency.

Cardiovascular health requires regular admissionvitamins, as well as micronutrients such as zinc and selenium. And before you determine the products useful for the heart, you need to remember some recommendations. Firstly, it is necessary to eat a fraction and at the same time it is good to chew food. Secondly, every day you should try to eat up to seven servings of fruits and vegetables. Third, at the time of eating, drink less water. Fourth, try not to load your stomach with a lot of food in the evenings.

On assurances of doctors, a healthy heart at those people,who have a good heredity, abandon bad habits and observe a "hearty" diet. Thus, it is clear that there are products for the heart that ensure its effective work. First of all, they include cereals. A wonderful breakfast is oatmeal. Microelements and fatty acids that are contained in it, can lower the level of cholesterol in your blood. Buckwheat is recommended for people suffering from hypertension, ischemic disease and atherosclerosis, it strengthens blood vessels.

Products useful to the heart are onions and garlic. The substances contained in them, increase blood coagulability. In addition, they also have antimicrobial properties. For normal heart function, Omega-3 acids are also needed. The best source is fatty fish. Experts recommend to include in your weekly diet several dishes from salmon, salmon, mackerel or herring.

Products useful to the heart are berries and nuts. The latter contain Omega-3 acids and fats, which the heart needs for normal work. Preferably eat almonds and walnuts. Berries contain substances that can reduce the risk of oncology and heart disease due to the content in them of substances with anti-inflammatory properties. Be sure to include in your diet strawberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

In order to reduce the level of cholesterol inblood, you can at least once a week to use avocados, adding it to salads and snacks. Experts say that freshly squeezed pomegranate juice is also extremely useful for the heart. Just do not need to buy it in stores, there it is tinted and diluted.

Physicians say that olive oil significantlyreduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. And spinach supplies potassium to the heart muscle, which is necessary for normal mineral-salt metabolism. Fresh fruit should become your daily companions. Use more bananas, apricots, plums, apples, pears and oranges. Do not deny yourself and in figs, dried apricots and dates.

Products useful to the heart, of course, canto help maintain his health, but you also must and often walk in the fresh air. In addition, exercise significantly improves blood circulation. Go swimming, walking or cycling. Be attentive to your health.

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