Prague Center Plaza 3 * (Czech Republic / Prague): photo and reviews

With the onset of the autumn season resumedthe popularity of sightseeing tours to Europe. Among budgetary directions, Prague is the leader. This city attracts tourists with numerous sights, a soulful atmosphere, delicious and hearty food and, of course, an unmatched beer. But thrifty travelers often think about a convenient and cheap accommodation. Where to stay in Prague so as to be closer to its main attractions and not to spend money on public transport? You should know that all places of interest to tourists are mainly concentrated in the central part of the city. But in the same place are located and luxury hotels, which not everyone can afford. Although there are exceptions. In Prague, you can settle down in the very center of the city and at a reasonable price, if you choose Prague Center Plaza 3 *. His review will be devoted to this article. Informative basis for it was not so much advertising brochures, as feedback from travelers.Prague Center Plaza 3


According to tourists, this is one of the main "chips"hotel. It was amazing to meet the budget "troika" in one of the central quarters of Prague. All key attractions of the Czech capital are within walking distance. The hotel Prague Center Plaza 3 * is located slightly to the southeast of the center of Prague, at the address: Fügnerovo Namesti 1. You can walk to Wenceslas Square in a leisurely pace in five minutes, and to the main train station - in ten, even with luggage. If you want to see more remote corners of Prague, you can use public transport. Bus and tram stops are only two minutes away. There is also a metro station (Prospect IP Pavlova). And the Congress Center of Prague, Charles University and the National Museum can be reached in minutes. Tourists say that if you want you can not spend money on transportation. You can reach Vysehrad with your two for twenty-five minutes. The reviews also point out the noteworthy fact that nearby you can find a lot of cafes, beer and budget fast food. Nearby there are such budget grocery stores as "Billa" and "Zet Market".Prague Center Plaza 3 Prague

Building and territory

Prague Center Plaza 3 * hotelThe historical six-storey building, built in the style of secession in the second half of the century before last. The setting of the old days creates a special atmosphere. From the windows of the rooms on the upper floors you can see the endless sea of ​​roofs and the Petřín Observation Tower. The hotel also has a patio. Those tourists who arrived in the summer can sit on the open, sun-drenched terrace. A beautiful staircase with carved parapets is complemented by an elevator. The city hotel, which is Prague Center Plaza, does not have any territory, except dedicated parking at the walls of the building. But in the basement there is an excellent spa center (it will be discussed below), a restaurant, a conference room and a luxuriously decorated reception with a lounge area. Reviews assure that in general the hotel produces a very favorable impression. The building was recently renovated.Prague Center Plaza 3 reviews


The hotel has ninety-five rooms foraccommodation of guests. But the only category of rooms in the Prague Center Plaza is 3 * - Standard. Prague is a large enough city to find in it and luxury boutique hotels with royal suites for sky-high prices. And in this hotel travelers stop who are used to saving money, but at the same time do not deprive themselves of comfort. Rooms in the hotel "Prague Center Plaza" differ from each other only in area and, accordingly, capacity. Tourists say that there are single rooms. Most of the guest rooms are for two people. And families can be accommodated in a triple room, which, by the way, has the possibility of installing an extra bed. Which rooms are recommended to choose for accommodation reviews? At the reception desk or when booking, you should ask for a room on the upper, sixth floor. From there a wonderful view opens. And if there is no such possibility, at least ask for a room overlooking the courtyard. Then noises from a busy street will not disturb your sleep.Hotel Prague Center Plaza 3

Room facilities in Prague Center Plaza

3 stars in Europe - this is not "treshka" in Egypt. Therefore, the rooms of the hotel "Prague Center Plaza" have everything you need for a comfortable stay. To begin with, the furniture in the bedrooms is new, and the beds are covered with a soft mattress. If you are accustomed to bulk large pillows of the old sample, they will be delivered to you instead of flat ones (but more useful for cervical vertebrae). The room has a TV with satellite channels, a direct dial telephone, a safe and a minibar. Free Wi-Fi is available in the guest rooms. The reviews emphasize that there is only a shower in the bathrooms. From hygienic supplies - only a liquid soap with a dispenser. But what is inexpressibly pleased budget travelers, so these are tea bags, coffee, sugar and dry cream. It was possible, coming from a walk around the city to brew a hot drink. There is an electric kettle and cups.Prague Center Plaza 3 stars


Hotel Prague Center Plaza 3 * reviewscharacterize as B & B. This abbreviation means that breakfasts are already included in the room rate. Morning meals are served in buffet mode at the hotel restaurant. Tourists leave feedback on the sparing schedule of breakfast. Eat can both those who are forced to flee on business before dawn, and sony, who are used to sleeping before ten. Breakfasts are continental. This is a standard set of meat and cheese sliced, eggs in all kinds (boiled, fried eggs, scrambled eggs) and drinks. The reviews also mention many kinds of delicious pastries. At the reception you can "buy" half board. Dinner or lunch (at your request) will then cost only ten euros per person. There is a possibility to book a full board, but this option in Prague - the city of various restaurants and pubs - very few people used. The reviews only mention that this extra meal includes a three-course menu. For drinks have to pay extra separately. In the hotel restaurant they are fed well and tasty, portions large and their price of ten euros justify. The hotel also has its own coffee shop with a summer terrace and a lobby bar, where you can enjoy wonderful drinks and snacks.

Free service

In the hotel Prague Center Plaza 3 * (Praha) guestscan enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi, without leaving their rooms. And if you did not take a laptop with you, it does not matter either. After all, at the reception desk, in the lounge area there is a computer connected to the Internet. Using it is free for guests. At the reception there is also a safe for storing valuables. If you leave Prague late, and the room needs to be vacated, you can hand over the luggage to a special storage room. At the reception, which, by the way, works around the clock, there are employees who perfectly speak English and, as the reviews say, a little bit in Russian. You can exchange currency in the hotel building. There is also a tour desk and car rental.Prague Center Plaza 3 (Prague): reviews

Paid service

These services include parking. You can park your car in an open parking lot or in the garage of the neighboring hotel "Prague Center Plaza Superior", to which you can walk forty meters. And in Prague Center Plaza 3 * you will be served breakfast in your room for a fee, and in general, they will serve you around the clock, then your will and money. The hotel accepts orders for the organization of seminars and business meetings. To do this, she has a conference room that can accommodate sixty people, and a business center with the necessary equipment. The hotel also provides paid concierge and babysitting services. All rooms have mini-bars. Their contents are paid, and are replenished daily as they are used.Prague Center Plaza 3 (Praha)


Many tourists visited this realm of bathhousebliss and were satisfied. It is located in the basement of the Prague Center Plaza 3 *. In addition to banal spa-procedures, such as a sauna and jacuzzi, in this center you will be offered and something exotic. For example, beer baths. Prague is famous for this foamy drink. But Czechs take beer not only inside, but also bathe in it. Drink for baths choose a special, made on the basis of hops, yeast and malt. It does not contain barley, which can cause allergic reactions. When making baths, you are served unpasteurized beer "Bernard" separately and in unlimited quantities. Spa center of the hotel "Prague Center Plaza" offers its guests a salt cave. Stay in such a room has a particularly healing effect on patients with bronchial asthma. There is also a massage in the spa. Reviews say that after a day of walking on excursions, his visit returns strength. You can order a session of general, sports, honey massage, as well as a procedure where hot stones are used.

Services for children

It is difficult to expect from a three-star cityhotel, which is the Prague Center Plaza 3 * (Prague), the presence of a mini-club or the possibility to put a baby cot in the room. However, the hotel tries to please even the youngest of its guests. To attract travelers with children, the hotel conducts a tempting pricing policy. Thus, all children under the age of six can stay in the hotel for free. If the child is not yet twelve, then for accommodation his parents pay half the cost (a discount is fifty percent for one bed). If a person who has not reached the age of sixteen agrees to sleep on an extra bed (folding chair), then spending the night in a hotel will cost him only ten euros. As for baby food, the reviews assure that you can always find enough food at breakfast to feed your baby. There are yoghurts, rolls, curds, herbal tea.


Working at the reception staff is lit in Russian. Tourists are encouraged not to hesitate, and to contact employees if you have any problems in the room or have questions. All employees of Hotel Prague Center Plaza 3 * are very kind. If there is such a possibility, then they settle early in the morning, not waiting for the declared in the rules of two o'clock in the afternoon. But to release the number should be until eleven in the morning, so as not to pay for the service "late departure." Luggage can be left free of charge in the luggage room at the reception. The hotel rooms do not have air conditioning. They spoil the appearance of the historic building. But in the summer you can ask for a fan at the reception. It, like an iron with an ironing board, you will be given out completely free of charge. The hotel is often used by tourist groups. If they leave early, then for such travelers make an exception and open the restaurant not at seven in the morning, but ahead of schedule.

Prague Center Plaza 3 * (Prague): reviews

Most tourists liked the locationhotels regarding the sights of Prague and city infrastructure. There were also such travelers who made only walks around the capital of the Czech Republic, and used transport only when they went to look at the castles. Hotel Prague Center Plaza 3 * (Prague) is located in the center. And this circumstance has the disadvantage that the rooms, the windows of which look out onto the street, can be too noisy. Reviews recommend asking for an attic room. This is a very nice and cozy room on the top floor. Alternatively, ask for a room with windows overlooking the patio.

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