Practical help: how to transfer the scanned document to the Word

Word text editor from Microsoft Officeinstalled on most computer users. This is a convenient and practical program for typing and editing any information. The annoyance is caused only by the fact that with the help of such software, files that differ in format from doc are almost impossible. When necessary, the question arises: how to scanned the document in the "Word"? A number of programs quite simply handle this task. The most popular of them is Fine Reader. In a matter of seconds, she recognizes the texts in different languages ​​according to the image and easily translates them into the doc format.

how to scanned a document into a Word

Program for scanned documents No. 1

The user does not need to have at handscanner. FineReader is a tool by which everyone can easily solve the problem of how to transfer a scanned document to the Word from a flash drive, a digital camera or from a mobile phone. The user simply connects the gadget to the computer and starts the program.

Interface and available tasks

After starting the program, the computer monitor will display a menu that is logically decomposed by commands. FineReader refers to the main tasks:

  • preservation of the document in the "Word";
  • converting images from PDF to doc;
  • just scan and save a snapshot;
  • Create a PDF document with search function;
  • moving photos to Word.

At this stage, the user can configurecolor mode: color or monochrome, and recognition languages. Available for processing are such ones as English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German. Also, the user can use the choice of artificially created languages: Esperanto, Interlingua, IDO.

If the user is faced with such a task asscan a document that carries, for example, a text of a medical nature, then the program will recognize the Latin font after the tick in the required checkbox is ticked. FineReader also sees formal languages. He successfully copes with the recognition of simple chemical formulas. A user who often works with documents in different languages ​​can save time by using the automatic configuration feature.

how to scan a document to your computer

An example of how to convert a scanned document into a Word

Let us consider the simplest problem. There is a document in Russian, scanned and saved on a flash drive. To translate it into the "Word" document, you need:

  1. Run the Abby FineReader program.
  2. Insert the drive into the USB connector on the computer.
  3. Select the menu item "File in Word".
  4. In the window that opens, specify the path to the image that you want to convert.
  5. Double-click the right mouse button on the selected file.

After all these actions, the programbegins an independent work. The FineReader window will be divided into three columns. The first page displays all pages of the document. In the middle column, the user can see which program is currently running. The leftmost column remains empty for the duration of the recognition process.

At the end of the work, the converted documentautomatically opens in the "Word". The user remains to edit the text in those places where FineReader could not recognize the text, and save it on your computer or flash drive.

program for scanned documents


It is clear that the question of how the scanneddocument translated into the "Word", the answer was quite simple. But is everything so always cloudless? Often images are of low resolution. And then FineReader produces an error instead of the finished file in doc format. But there is no reason to be upset. Many reasons that prevent the recognition of the text can be removed with the help of the same FineReader. To do this, the program has a menu of commands "Edit". By selecting it, the user has the option:

  • change the resolution;
  • correct the skew of the scanned image;
  • adjust brightness and contrast;
  • cut, split into pieces and rotate the document and much more.

Scanner, document, FineReader

Word document

Speaking about the functionality of the program forrecognition of the text, I would like to say separately about the possibility of working with various office equipment and gadgets. So, the installation of FineReader on the hard disk device removes the question for the user - how to scan the document on the computer?

The fact is that one driver does not always sufficedevices for the operation of any office equipment. The scanner is no exception. As a rule, a disk with a program is included with it, which provides the work with the device. But the functionality of such software is often limited.

FineReader is compatible with all known scannersmanufacturers. Installing it on your computer, the user can use this program as a software for working with images. Documents can be simply scanned and saved; set the command to leave the captured image immediately in the "Word"; create PDF files. From them, translate texts into a Microsoft Office text editor. As a result, one small program easily copes with such task as scanning a document on a computer, and can replace bulky graphics tools, while ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the whole office.

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Practical help: how to transfer the scanned document to the Word Practical help: how to transfer the scanned document to the Word Practical help: how to transfer the scanned document to the Word Practical help: how to transfer the scanned document to the Word Practical help: how to transfer the scanned document to the Word