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Power inside us

A person who has grown to understand that something needs to be changed in his life begins to delve into himself, analyze his life, his experience and is actively studying the literature on this topic, the experience of other people, he has seminars and trainings. All this is commendable and interesting.

Are there many people among us capable of believing that we ourselves form our own reality and that it depends on us? But how much your reality corresponds to an objective reality? Most seekers are looking for power, considering themselves not strong enough. Someone is looking for knowledge, not realizing that there is no end to theoretical knowledge. They are looking for teachers, new secrets, instead of just practicing what they have already learned.

To believe in ourselves, to believe that we ourselves form our reality, first we need to learn to see reality as it really is, and not what we expect it to see in accordance with our desires, dreams, needs.

Each of us has his own, habitual image of perception of the surrounding world and his own way of interacting with people, with situations. Are you sure that your subjective way of perception of reality corresponds to objective reality, and what are you going to change to improve your life? Have you come to understand that you need to change your usual way of perceiving the world, or, otherwise, your habits. For a start, it would be good to have an idea of ​​how you perceive the world around us. What distorts your perception of the world?

A person can live actively, but not consciously. His activity is manifested through actions, verbosity, emotionality and an endless stream of uncontrollable thoughts, when one thought is replaced by another. Many people live their lives in their heads, creating ideas and ideas that are far from reality about the world around them. Many actions are performed without awareness from the person himself. And then the life of a person becomes a chain of interconnected habits. A person not only acts automatically - walking, driving a car, but also thinks, shows feelings and interacts with people and the world automatically.This way of life turns into a habit.

A person is distinguished by the ability to think, evaluate, compare, dream, plan. This skill leads to the fact that he begins to analyze, evaluate, compare, control the world around us, people, and this becomes a habit. Such a person lives in his thoughts and loses a sense of reality. Constant control and struggle for the compliance of the surrounding world with your own ideas, ideas, hopes and expectations lead a person to a loss of strength and energy, become the cause of anxiety, anxiety, stress and distorts the perception of reality.

A person tries to avoid everything that causes him pain, suffering, discomfort, inconvenience, he forms his own fears, doubts, anxiety, and if these feelings seize him, then he himself creates and attracts the corresponding situations that cause and reinforce what he avoids. The desire to avoid everything that causes trouble, becomes a habit, forms insecurity, anxiety and distorts the perception of reality.

Activity is necessary and useful if there is awareness, and not automatism in actions, thoughts, feelings.Awareness allows you to restore the connection between the body and consciousness, to restore communication with the senses, which allows you to feel the world without distortion, and not just think about the world, living in your head. A body devoid of attention from the mind suffers, it hurts and collapses. Conversely, the body is filled with awareness, is restored. The contact of consciousness and sense organs is restored. A person forms a new, intuitive perception of reality without distortion by memories of the past or reflections on the future. Aware of tension, discomfort, pain in the body, a person learns not to avoid, but to accept and investigate what scares him.

By developing awareness, a person learns to accept the world as it is, rather than adjusting it to fit your ideas. Do not fight with the world, and open to him. A person does not even suspect what prospects and opportunities open up to him through the development of awareness, through his ability to correctly choose the support for the development of awareness. Development of awareness, we pay great attention to our practical training. Awareness is the ability that gives a person Power, the development of which depends in many respects only on the person himself and giving him freedom and confidence.This is a new habit, which, unlike the old habit, allows you to perceive the world around us without distortion and build your life on your own.

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