Positive symptom Georgievsky - Mussi - is it dangerous?

Symptom Georgievsky - Mussi observed wheninflammatory processes of the biliary tract. Cholecystitis occurs at any age, most often after consuming fatty, fried, marinated food in large quantities.

How to check a symptom?

To cause a symptom of Georgievsky-Mussi,it is necessary to press the index finger between the sternal and clavicular processes of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Press carefully on the right side. Patients with inflammatory processes of the gall bladder begin to feel a sharp sharp pain in the right hypochondrium. Because of what a person feels pain in a remote area? Find the answer to the question will help the human anatomy.

symptom of St. George

The physiological basis of the symptom

All internal organs are controlled by the centralThe nervous system responsible for the operation of each body system. Inflammation entails a violation of the functions of specialized anatomical sites (heart, lungs, bronchi, liver, etc.), which manifests itself in the form of local pain. But the nerves responsible for a specific organ are also involved in the process. The nervous bundle is strictly in the region of the legs of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, in it are intertwined neurons, innervating not only the neck region, but also below the lying organs.

As a result of pressing, theirritation of the nerve plexuses, and then there is a characteristic pain in the site of inflammation. Recent medical studies have substantiated this phenomenon. The fact is that the liver is controlled by the diaphragmatic nerve, which forms the so-called hepatic plexus. The nerve passes near the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which serves as a pathophysiological basis for this feature. That's why the symptom of Mussi-Georgievsky causes intense pain of the gallbladder.

a symptom of the Mussi

When is the symptom still positive?

Symptom Georgievsky - Mussi, ora frenicus-symptom, may be positive on the left. This signals a critical condition of the body and serves as an indication for urgent hospitalization. Symptom Georgievsky - Moussi is duplicated on the left in the case of:

  • rupture or injury of the spleen;
  • perforation of the stomach ulcer;
  • abscesses in the subdiaphragmatic region;
  • massive internal hemorrhages in the retroperitoneal space (with ectopic pregnancy, mechanical action on the tissue, gunshot wound).

These conditions require urgent medical attention.

 Symptoms of Orthner Merphi of St. George Mussie

The first signs of cholecystitis

Initial symptoms of gallbladder inflammationare characteristic pains in the right hypochondrium, which are accompanied by nausea (sometimes vomiting). Also, the body temperature increases to 38 degrees. Bile ducts begin to contract, as a result of which bile ceases to enter the intestine. The skin begins to turn yellow, and the bowel movements lose their characteristic dark color, becoming a melena.

The patient can detect symptoms of Ortner,Murphy, Georgievsky - Mussie. To check the other signs, you need to know that the gallbladder is located in the right hypochondrium on the costal arch on the medium-lichenic lacinium. It is in this place that you need to press your thumb to check Murphy's symptom and make sure there is inflammation. The sign of Ortner is caused by a slight tapping of the palm over the costal arch, where the gallbladder is located.

Symptom Georgievsky - Mussi at a cholecystitishelps even young surgeons differentiate the inflammatory processes in the gallbladder from appendicitis, peritonitis, ectopic pregnancy, perforated gastric ulcer or small intestine, hepatitis, nonspecific colitis.

What happens if you do not help?

An acute period of cholecystitis requires specialenzyme therapy. Without proper treatment, the disease acquires a chronic course with exacerbation phases and remission. The chronicle is much harder to cure, since the pancreas and intestines are involved in the process. Moreover, the food is poorly digested, which means that the body can not get the right amount of vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals.

Most often Georgievsky's symptom - Mussie signals about the severity of the inflammatory process. Complications can be:

  • fistula formation;
  • development of acute pancreatitis;
  • abscess of the gallbladder;
  • infection of blood (sepsis).

Even with a mildly positive symptom, it is recommended that you go to the nearest hospital in the office of the on-call surgeon.

Symptom of St. George's Mussulm or Frenicus Symptom

What to do?

Sometimes seeking medical help canbe impossible, for example, for rural residents. The first thing you can do for a patient is to give him a comfortable position in bed, which facilitates intense pain in the hypochondrium. Then check for other signs of cholecystitis. If they turn out to be positive, a visit to the doctor will be mandatory. After the appearance of the first signs should be excluded from the diet of smoked meat, pickled vegetables, fatty foods, alcohol. This will help not to aggravate the inflammatory process, to exclude the development of complications.

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