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Among the many people there are two completelyopposing views on what constitutes India. At one pole, negative associations: the country of beggars sleeping on the street, the muddy waters of the Ganges, everywhere there is dirt and infection. Another opposite: the dome of the Taj Mahal, languid beauties in the sari, aromas of incense and spices. What is the correct opinion after all? It turns out, both: India and repulsive and enchanting. It does not resemble any country in the world, there is nothing to compare it with. It's not just a special country, it's a special world.

That is why they are so populartours to India. How many times a person has not visited this country, every time it opens up for him again. This snow-capped Himalayas, belonging to different religions temples, seashore with palm groves, all this is just a small number of masks of this diverse country. Experienced tourists say that in this country, never found by Columbus, you should not go with pre-determined plans. Travel to India needs to be done on a whim, based on your subconscious feelings. And yet for beginners it is better to move along beaten paths, making tours to India. Honored glory is enjoyed by routes along the Golden Triangle, which consists of three peaks: the birthplace of the Taj Mahal Agra, the pink city of Jaipur and the capital of the country of Delhi. Probably, this is the most common classical route, which tours are conducted to India.

The capital of India itself is an incredible continuousSight. This elegant city unites today in itself two territories: Old Delhi with its variegated bazaars - the ancient capital of the Great Moguls and the luxurious New Delhi, built relatively recently. It is here, in the new city, the Gate of India. To the gates themselves, reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, it will not be possible to pass, they are fenced, but this place will be the starting point of the journey through amazing India. The border between the old and new parts of the capital is almost impossible to feel, the whole city harmoniously merges into a single historical center. But tourists are more attracted by the ancient city, Shanjahanbad, because it has the largest number of architectural pearls.

A trip to India for many tourists continuesin the ancient city of Agra. It was here 500 years ago, the ruler of India moved with his palace, so unexpectedly this small settlement became the capital not only of the Sultanate, but also of the Mughal empire. But in the last century, by order of the British administration, the capital was again transferred to Delhi. The main attraction of Agra is the Taj Mahal. It is believed that only for the sake of his visit is to make tours to India. To the mausoleum for the whole day, the queue of tourists is stretching, so it is better to visit it early in the morning or at the evening sunset. It is a large architectural ensemble, it includes in addition to the tomb itself, more fountains, and a huge picturesque park. On the benches in the shade of trees you can safely rest, but only if they are not occupied by monkeys.

Everyone who was in India knows about the "pink city". You need to visit Jaipur. The city received its name because of the pink stone, which was used in the decoration of one of the quarters. No visitor of the city misses the route leading to the Palace of Winds. Having visited only one, one can already assume that the program for visiting Jaipur is completely completed. But there is still a beautiful city palace City Palace. High in the mountains towering fortresses and forts. In them, tourists travel on elephants. And do not forget to try the tasty morsel of India - its local dishes. It would be the desire and mysterious India will open the traveler the best that she has.

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