Popular pizzeria of Omsk

For many years now in restaurants and cafes in Russiaoften cook a dish like pizza. This traditional Italian food is very popular today and is in great demand in catering establishments. The article will tell about cafes and restaurants of one of the cities of Russia, where different versions of this dish are offered.

Pizzerias of Omsk: rating. The most popular establishments

Cafes and restaurants, which prepare dishesItalian cuisine, including mainly flour products, bakery and pasta, are located in different parts of the city. Among the most famous pizzerias in Omsk you can list:

  1. Cafe "Time is."
  2. Chain of restaurants "Peppers" and "Cantanello".
  3. Pizzeria "Palermo".
  4. Restaurant Mama Mia.
  5. Pizzeria Il Patio.
  6. Restaurant of Italian cuisine "Sbarro".
  7. Cafe "Russian Pizza".
  8. Pizzeria «Master Pizza».

In many of these institutions there is a largea choice not only of dishes of Italian cuisine, but also Japanese food (sushi and rolls), as well as a wide range of various desserts. Pizza is cooked according to traditional recipes, baked in an oven. As fillings use meat, fish and seafood, poultry, vegetables, ham, smoked products, greens and different sorts of cheese. In some restaurants there are original variants of food (a closed pizza, a dish prepared according to the author's recipe). Clients of almost every pizzeria in Omsk can order fresh and hot Italian food to the office or to the house.

Cantanello: Characteristics

Pizzeria "Cantanello" in Omsk is aa network of establishments located in various locations of the city: Lenin Street, 70 years of October, Mayakovsky, D. Bedny, R. Rozhdestvensky, and also on Green Boulevard. In addition, there are two branches on Mira Avenue and Karl Marx Prospekt. This is very convenient, since those who wish can visit exactly the institution that is located next to their house or office.pizzeria Omsk The choice of dishes is represented by a variety of salads andsnacks (warm and cold), soups, pies and desserts, as well as traditional Italian and Japanese food. On the hot you can order pasta with various additions and gravies, meat steaks, fish, poultry or ribs on the grill, steamed vegetables and potato dishes. Pizza and bread in this institution are baked according to the traditional Italian recipe. Juices, carbonated water, various types of coffee, milkshakes and alcoholic beverages are offered as beverages. Order in the restaurant will cost no less than five hundred rubles, business lunch will cost a little cheaper (about 200 rubles).


If you look in detail at the most popular pizzeria in Omsk, this place can hardly be ignored. It is located in the center of the city, on the street Partizanskoy.pizzeria cantanello omsk In the menu of this restaurant are not onlyvarious kinds of pizza and pasta dishes, but also ravioli, which can be called the Italian variation of dumplings. They are prepared with different fillings (most often they add mushrooms, ham, cheese, meat, greens). Pizza "Peppers" in Omsk also offers a large selection of salads, hot and cold Japanese dishes, sweets, as well as business lunches. The order of food will cost the customers of the institution about seven hundred rubles.

Opinions about restaurants

Considering the pizzeria of Omsk, I would like to give an example of a few reviews about famous and popular institutions.pizzeria peppers omsk As for the restaurant "Cantanello", visitors,in general, are satisfied with the taste of cooked dishes, but are not too satisfied with the level of service. Although, according to some customers, the prices in the restaurant correspond to the quality of food, the service is much worse than we would like. Waiters often forget to come to the tables in time, replace dishes and cutlery. Another drawback of the restaurant - there is often noisy and crowded. As for the establishment called "Peppers", its customers liked the cozy and beautiful interior, tasty food and good drinks. But some restaurant guests complain about long cooking, too high prices and poor delivery service.

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