Poppy of beads: weaving schemes and step-by-step master class

Beadwork is quite an exciting experience. You can weave anything from a bead - a flower, a key chain, a toy, and even a whole bag. A lot of beautiful flowers are made by simple weaves of threads with beads. Poppy bead looks very realistic.poppy beadUsually this flower is made using mosaic weaving. And each petal separately. After all the petals are woven, they must be collected in one flower. The scheme of poppies of beads will be presented below. And also consider the step by step implementation of this flower.

Tools and materials

To make poppy from beads, you will need some materials and tools. First of all, beads are needed - two colors for the petal and one for the leaves. Red and black are most commonly used for petals, but other options can be found, such as purple poppy and even blue. scheme of poppies from beadsWell, for the leaves, of course, green.The only difference is in shades that may be darker or lighter. There is already to your taste. Also the weaving of poppies beads, the schemes of which will be presented below, requires the presence of a fishing line or thread, threaded into a needle for beads. To perform the stems using wire, which is wrapped with mouline thread green. In addition to all the above, do not forget the scissors, glue, wire cutters. In addition, prepare the workplace. Take care of the lighting, as beading still has a certain load on the visual organ. Cover the surface behind which you will work with a soft, light-colored fabric. Best of all, if it is monotonous. On such a fabric, beads are clearly visible, and also it does not crumble in the process of work.

Which beads to choose

There are simply a huge number of producers of beads, but their entire product is divided into only three categories. The first is the beads produced in Taiwan, China and in the open spaces of our Motherland. The quality of it leaves much to be desired. It is rough, fragile and has an uneven edge. But it is the cheapest, which means it is ideal for those who take the beads in their hands for the first time.The second category is Czech beads. Its quality is much higher, and the price still does not reach transcendental heights. Weaving poppy from beads in a mosaic technique is better to perform just this material option. If you use beads of the first category, you will hardly be able to achieve the desired shape of the petal. But, despite all its advantages, Czech beads still have a certain percentage of marriage. However, compared to the previous one, it is very small. And finally, the third category beads - Japanese. These are the highest quality and most durable beads in the world. It is also the most expensive, which certainly affects the cost of products from it. Most often used to create jewelry. In Japanese beads you will not find curved edges and rough surfaces. Even the hole for the needle in it is quite large.

Master class of poppies from beads (main flower)

To create a poppy, use beads of red and black color. We start work by picking up five red and six black beads on a sufficiently long thread (1 meter). This will be the center of the petal. We make weaving from it in one and then in the other direction, reducing the number of black beads in vertical rows from the center to the edges. Although you can perform weaving and bottom-up, as shown in the diagram.master class poppies beadThe main poppy flower consists of five petals. They all have exactly the same shape and size. To the edge of the petal looked beautiful and had smooth curves, braid it additionally with beads in a circle. To make the dressed thread look neat and not open, make a knot, and then pull it through the next five or six beads. Now just trim the excess.

Flower assembly

Poppy of beads, photos of which are presented in this article, consist mainly of two rows.Maki Bead PhotosThe bottom row is represented by three petals stitched together, and the top row consists of two petals, which are connected in two places. When you have collected both rows, insert them one into the other and connect the bottom edges, stitching them carefully behind the bottoms.

How to make the middle of a flower

Medes poppies perform in various ways. Consider the simplest of them. Take a large green bead, pull a wire through it and twist the ends. Now take a very thin wire and cut as many segments as the stamens you have planned to put in your poppy bead. Wearing a light yellow or light green bead on each piece, twist the loose ends of the wire together.Collect the central bead and all the stamens around it in one “bouquet” and insert into the center of the poppy.

Bud Weaving

To imitate the half-opened bud of the poppy, you need to weave the petal and roll it into a tube, securing it with stitches. On the sides of this bud are small green leaves, which are performed by parallel weaving on a wire. For one such piece of paper, take a piece of wire and type on it first one bead, move it to the center, type two beads and pass through them with both edges of the wire. After that, wear three, four, six and four beads. Pass each wire in the manner described above. For the green bud, which has not yet opened, you need to take three leaves. Each of them is woven in a parallel way. Rows are typed in the following sequence: three, four, five, six, seven, five, four, three and two beads. All these three leaves need to be stitched together, forming a bud.

How to make leaves and leg of a flower

Poppy leaves can be woven in several ways. The simplest of them is parallel weaving on a wire.They are created in the same way as small leaves for buds, but only larger. You can, like petals, weave mosaic weaving from the middle of the sheet. Then they can be made more interesting, add an uneven edge. The diagram shows another version of the sheet with a hole in the middle.weaving poppy beads schemeInitially, all mosaic weaving is performed, and then the edges are interconnected. If your flower should have a leg, you can make it out of wire wrapped with muline threads of green color. Winding the wire with threads, at the end, glue the edge of the thread with glue to fix it. In order to fix the buds on the stem, you first need to cut the wire into the segment of the wire that is supposed to be a stalk, put it on a large bead, place it in the middle, and roll the stem of the flower out of the free edges. Then put a bud on the stem, which will be fixed thanks to the bead.

Application options

Poppy of beads has a huge number of application options, primarily in the creation of various jewelry. You can decorate with poppies not only a necklace or bracelet, but even earrings and rings.weaving poppy beadVery beautiful look poppies in her hair.They miraculously decorate all kinds of gum, hairpins and hair bands. You can also make a bouquet of poppies on the stems and put them in a vase or attach flowers to your bag or clothes in the form of a brooch.

We looked at how to weave a wonderful flower of poppies out of beads. If you choose high-quality beads and strictly follow the instructions, you will be amazed at how realistic it looks. With the help of such a flower, you can easily decorate any outfit or accessory and revive your image. And also have a good time, creating it with your own hands.

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