Polydex Nasal Spray for Children - reviews, instructions for use and composition

Not all cases of cold and flu are without complications. Against the background of these diseases, unpleasant complications very often develop, the treatment of which takes place according to a different scheme than with ordinary viral respiratory diseases. The point here is that all the complications after the flu or colds develop as a result of the vital activity of the pathogenic microflora, which very quickly penetrates the mucous membrane of the respiratory organs damaged by microbes. In this case, it is necessary to use special drugs for local treatment. One of these drugs is Polydex for children. Reviews about it will consider in this article.

This is a modern popular drug that relieves inflammation, narrows pores and eliminates pathogens in the nasal passages.In this article we will talk about this drug: its pros and cons, as well as the features of the application.polydex for kids reviews

What it is?

This drug is a local antibacterial drug, the independent purpose of which is undesirable. This spray is able to overcome the pathology that occurs in the nasal cavity. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and vasoconstrictor effects. Due to the fact that the composition of the drug has an antibiotic, the drug acts on most varieties of microorganisms that provoke infections and inflammation in the nasal mucosa.

Reviews about the nose spray for children "Polydex" abound.

Nature of the pharmacological effects

This combination drug is used in otolaryngology for local exposure. The presence of dexamethasone in the composition of the drug determines its anti-inflammatory properties. Phenylephrine provides a vasoconstrictor effect, and antibiotics respectively provide antibacterial therapy. The combination of several antibacterial drugs greatly expands the range of their effects.Experts have long proven that this drug affects the majority of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms that provoke the development of infections and inflammation in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.

Reviews about the spray for children "Polydex" interest many.polydex nose spray for kids reviews

Indications for use

The doctor prescribes this drug for sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis of various origins (including purulent), rhinopharyngitis, adenoiditis.


This drug is released as a spray. In a plastic bottle with a dispenser with a volume of 15 ml there is a colorless liquid.

The composition of the spray is represented by the presence of polymyxin (a substance with antibacterial properties); dexamethasone (helps relieve inflammation, reduce allergic manifestations, strengthens the walls of blood vessels); neomycin (an antibacterial substance that inhibits the synthesis of gram-positive bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus); Phenylephrine (has a vasoconstrictor effect, increases the effects of adrenaline). Additional components are lithium chloride, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, citric acid, macrogol 400, lithium hydroxide, polysorbate and water.

Reviews about "Polydex" for children are mostly positive.

Mode of application

The medicine bottle should be held exactly upright, do not turn it over, the head should be slightly tilted forward so that the medicine gets inside just like a spray, in a spray form, and not just as a trickle of liquid. In order to inject the drug, you must click on the bottle. Only one pressure is recommended for injection. You need to inject the drug in each nasal passage. Adults, as well as adolescents, from the age of 15 should perform one pressing 3 to 5 times a day. Children from 3 to 15 years old need to inject the medicine one pressing 3 times a day. The duration of treatment can be from five to ten days. But, if within ten days of the use of the drug, no improvement has occurred, it is necessary to stop its use and consult a doctor for advice. This tool should not be used for washing the maxillary sinuses.

According to reviews, "Polydex" with adenoids in children quickly helps.polydex in children with adenoids

Side effects

The spray doesn’t have so many adverse reactions, but they still exist. For example, some patients have a feeling of dryness in the nasal passages, itching on the skin, urticaria is possible.The occurrence of systemic side effects occurs only under the condition that the drug was used for a long time and without the supervision of a physician. So, a person may have headache, tachycardia, pallor of the skin, insomnia. In addition, pediatricians should warn parents that Polydex spray can help spread the infection. Combining this drug with attenuated live vaccines may cause generalization of the disease. Therefore, during treatment with this drug, you should cancel the vaccination of the child and move the vaccine to another time.

Are there any contraindications for "Polydex" with phenylephrine for children? There are also reviews on this subject.


Contraindications for the appointment is the presence of individual intolerance to the components of the drug, viral infections, glaucoma, disorders in the kidneys, children under 3 years of age and pregnancy. In hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system and hyperthyroidism, the medicine should be used with extreme caution and only as prescribed by a physician.

Reviews of "Polydex" for children consider below.Polydex nose drops reviews for kids


Local use of the drug eliminates the occurrence of overdose, since the absorption of the substance in this case is extremely low.

According to reviews, instructions for use "Polydeksy" for children is very detailed.


"Polydex" is almost always part of the combined treatment, because it is perfectly combined with other drugs. However, you should be aware that there are drugs with which it is never used, as complications may develop. Combination with "Bromocriptine" increases the risk of high blood pressure. When used jointly with "Guanethidine", the hypertensive effects of certain components of the drug may increase. Combination with MAO inhibitors in hypertensive patients increases the risk of developing a hypertensive crisis. Joint reception "Halothane" and "Cyclopropane" may contribute to the development of ventricular fibrillation. In addition, taking with such means as "Bepridil", "Halofantrine", "Sparfloxacin", "Erythromycin" can have a negative impact on the heart. It should also be used with caution with "acetylsalicylic acid" and with antiarrhythmic agents.It should be said that the spray described is poorly combined with some antibacterial drugs, such as Gentamicin, Streptomycin, Netilmicin, since it is possible to ototoxic effects on the patient's body.

Reviews about nose drops for children "Polydex" are also presented.polydex spray for kids reviews


Doctors often use the drug "Isofra" as a substitute. They are similar in effects, so they can replace each other. Although they have a different composition, but the indications for use are the same: sinusitis, rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis. "Isofra" includes framycetin sulfate - an antibacterial substance belonging to the same group as the antibiotics "Polydex". Independently replace these drugs with each other is not worth it, you should consult with your doctor. It should be recalled that in general, the use of this drug should always be carried out on the recommendation of a doctor, especially a child, otherwise the situation may not improve, but, on the contrary, worsen. This is due to the fact that the determination of the effectiveness of these drugs is possible only at the time of delivery of bacposev; there is no other way to determine the sensitivity of microorganisms to specific drugs.

Reviews of "Polydex" for children

Most patients who use this drug agree that it is optimal in terms of price-quality ratio. It is noted that the effect after applying the spray comes very quickly: after three or four days the greenish nasal discharge stops, the patient breathes well, the headache passes, the swelling decreases, the intensity of pain in the maxillary sinuses decreases. Especially a lot of positive reviews can be heard from people diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. Not so long ago, in such cases, otolaryngologists prescribed an operation - punctures of the maxillary sinuses. Now there are other ways of treatment. To begin with, the doctor prescribes both adults and children a drop of “Polydex”. Reviews confirm this.

If this tool does not have a positive effect, then the patient is sent for surgery. However, judging by the numerous responses of patients with a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis, the case does not reach the operation, and they limited themselves to using this spray. "Po-ledex" for children 2 years old, according to reviews, is used by parents very often.

Of course, getting rid of surgical intervention is a serious pro argument.Of course, such patients feel a sense of gratitude towards the drug manufacturers and the doctors who prescribed the correct treatment.polydex with phenylephrine reviews for children

But still, doctors insist that this drug, which is a strong antibacterial agent, also on a hormonal basis, should not be used as an independent treatment. It points to nasal instructions. According to reviews, "Polydex" for children very quickly copes with all the symptoms, but therapy should be prescribed by a doctor.

The specialist will decide for himself whether there is a need for this drug or not. Doctors also say that, despite the positive dynamics of diseases after using Polydex, it is not worth being limited to this remedy in the treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis. As a rule, in parallel, the doctor prescribes the washing of the nasal passages with special solutions or sea (food) salt diluted in water. This is done to ensure that purulent discharge quickly left the nasal cavity, and the infection was removed from the body. Also, a specialist can prescribe physiotherapy and compliance with a specific diet.The large number of positive reviews about the use of this drug suggests that its effectiveness is extremely high, especially in patients with chronic sinusitis and sinusitis. From the negative reviews, it may be noted remarks about the inconvenience of using the bottle.

According to reviews, instructions for "Polydex" for children are in each pack.


The drug belongs to the list of "B", is stored at a temperature that is no more than +25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

The shelf life of this drug is three years.polydex instructions for babies nose

special instructions

The drug in any case is not subject to ingestion. Once again we remind that the use of medication for more than ten days is undesirable. This situation requires the intervention of a specialist, as there is always a risk that withdrawal syndrome and iatrogenic rhinitis will develop. Prolonged therapy or the use of large doses of the drug can systemically affect the patient's body. The presence in the "Polydex" corticosteroid can act on allergic manifestations, however, local symptoms will not disappear.When using this drug by athletes, they must remember that the drug contains components whose use can give positive results in doping control.

During pregnancy and lactation

At the moment there is no reliable information indicating the effect of this spray on the body of pregnant women. According to the results of some studies, it can be assumed that the drug has an ototoxic effect on the fetus. This can lead to improper formation of the organs of hearing. The drug can be prescribed by a doctor only after a thorough analysis of the situation: in the case when the benefit to the mother exceeds the harm to the fetus. As a rule, doctors try to prescribe another tool in this situation. During breastfeeding, the use of the drug is impossible.

We reviewed reviews of "Polydex". Children in her nose buried very often.

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