Polite man - what is he like? Qualities of a polite person

Politeness is a must signeducated person. It manifests itself in the ability to communicate beautiful, literate, and most importantly, a friendly language with people of different ages and professions. What are the main qualities of a polite person?

3 rules for polite people

The development of one's own personality is impossible without observing the generally accepted rules of courtesy and etiquette that everyone should know.

  1. The polite person does not forget to pronounce the wordsgreetings at a meeting. Also he always says goodbye at parting, apologizes if he caused someone inconvenience and thanks for any services rendered to him.
  2. Another sign of courtesy is the skilltreat people with respect, regardless of their social status. Courtesy and benevolence should be manifested not only to the elder by age or rank, but also to colleagues, subordinates, and also to people who failed to realize themselves in life.
  3. A cultured and polite person does not do evilothers. He treats requests with due attention, is always ready to help and does not participate in gossip. He does not forget to smile, because a polite smile is the key to success in many things.

Roughness and incontinence always repelsinterlocutors and becomes a serious obstacle in achieving the desired goals. Those who choose such a format of communication, it is difficult to make friends, to earn respect from others and even to achieve success in their careers.

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How to become a polite person

Beautiful literate speech is an inalienablecompanion of politeness. You need to be able to watch your voice. He should be calm, judicious and not very loud. It is necessary to exclude from his vocabulary obscene swearing, calls, as well as slang expressions. The development of courtesy is facilitated by the study of books on the rules of etiquette and the reading of classical literature. You should never interrupt your interlocutor - it's tactless. Do not forget that both sides have the same right to speak. This is called dialogue.

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Courtesy for all occasions

It is important to be cultured and friendly always and everywhere, whether it's a business meeting or a simple trip to a visit or a shop. Below are examples of polite behavior in various everyday situations.

  • Behavior at the table with meals can do muchsay about the education of man. The main rule in dining etiquette is not to inconvenience others. That is, you should chew with your mouth closed, do not put your elbows on the countertop and avoid cases that do not involve eating. You can not get up and bend over the table to reach for bread or a plate. You should ask the person closest to bringing the desired food.
  • Polite man respects nature. He will not throw the waste after a picnic on the spot where he rested or throw the garbage past the urn in the city. Noble people who want to develop their inner world never leave a mess behind themselves.
  • You can not forget about courtesy and at home in a circleclose. Criticism, imperative tone and rude words can hurt feelings. Knowing this, a polite person will not hurt others, especially loved ones.

Real politeness is formed not only from memorized beautiful phrases. It characterizes the style of life and personifies the moral foundations of man.

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What polite words are in Russian

The Russian language is powerful and multifaceted. Since ancient times great importance has been given to it in various courtesies and polite words. These include greetings: "hello" or "good day." Farewells: "good-bye", "see you soon", "good night". Requests: "please be kind," "excuse me, please," "you will not be so polite." Saying thanks: "thank you", "thank you". Wishes: "be healthy," "success," "a happy journey."

Daily use in his lexicon of these words speaks of good manners and high morality.

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Polite child. How to raise him?

Teaching a child to be polite is necessary from an early age, when he is just beginning to speak. There are several tips to help you do it right.

  • Young children like to play. They do not like to learn boring rules. Therefore, you can instill in them good manners in the form of a game. For example, to arrange a tea party according to all the rules of etiquette involving toys and, of course, parents. You can play polite dialogues, which you should use in the environment of other people's people or come up with other situations.
  • Parents, talking to each other and with their ownchildren, should use polite words. The imperative tone and cries of the baby are unacceptable, even if he does not obey. He must do what is asked of him, for example, to collect toys, but a soft request from his mother or father.
  • If the child shows a clear protest, he is rude,demands to give him something that can not be, it is not necessary to respond to such behavior, let alone encourage it. It is better to put on a mask of indifference and completely ignore the cries until they die down. Do this every time until the baby does not speak politely and calmly.

First of all, the rules of polite people needobserve the parents themselves. They should show their example to their child, which means culture, restraint and respect. Raising a child is impossible without a happy environment in the house.

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How is manliness shown

In the modern world, polite behavior is oftenis regarded by representatives of the opposite sex as flirting. This applies to both women and men. In order not to get into an embarrassing situation due to ignorance of the elementary rules of etiquette, one must be able to distinguish sympathy from the limits of decency.

For example, a man always holds an opendoor in front of a woman and lets her forward. He helps the lady to get out of the car, kisses the handle at a meeting, takes off her hat, gives way to public transport. At the exit from the room, he serves her outerwear or helps remove it at the entrance. Representatives of the stronger sex are required to wear weights instead of women, regardless of the proximity of their relationship.

An intelligent man will never speakcompanion about her age, lack of character or appearance. He will not raise topics that will be offensive or unpleasant to her. And also will not appear at the meeting in an unseemly appearance.

qualities of a polite person

Advantages of polite behavior

Politeness brings up in the person a lot of positive qualities, such as compassion, mercy, accuracy and self-esteem. Each of them plays a big role in personal growth and even destiny.

Before a well-educated person, everyone is plowed updoors, because he knows how to behave in the hands in any circumstances, owns a subtle and sensitive mental organization, and also has a sober and clear mind. He generously gives warmth and joy from communicating with him, which helps him to take a worthy place in society. And this is not a complete list of evidence that it is good to be a polite person.

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