Polishing paste for car body

Some neat car owners believe thatenough good care of the machine and its paint and varnish will not be threatened, and it will remain as brilliant for many years as it was on the day of its purchase. Alas, this is not so. The paintwork is damaged even when driving at high speed, not to mention exposure to weather conditions, chemicals on roads and periodic cleaning. Simply put, you can save the shine of the car in only two ways: do not ride it or polish it from time to time. Here is the second method here and will be discussed. And also tell you what the polishing paste is and how to choose it.

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Types of polishing the body

Polishing is very effective, and, probably,the only economically reasonable method of maintaining the paint and varnish coating of the car in an attractive condition. Machines polish on special service stations, as well as private masters using electric polishing wheels. If the car owner decided to apply to their services, then read on, it makes no sense. This article is for those who for some reason, whether lack of funds or the desire to do everything themselves, decided to polish themselves. If the damage to paintwork is quite serious, then you can not do without polishing machines and the corresponding circles. For such tools, liquid polishes are used, with their constant addition at the time of polishing. When the damage is not so significant, for example, small scratches from inaccurate sinks, they can be eliminated manually. And polishing paste will help in this. It is paste, not "milk" or flowing polishes, which are effective only when mechanically polished.

polishing pastes for cars

Polishing pastes for cars

To know how to use, we define, fromwhat they consist of. Polishing paste is an abrasive mixture consisting of a micropowder and a binding substance. All pastes are divided into two groups: fatty and fat-free (or water-soluble). Fatty acids (paraffin, various oils, etc.) are used as a binder in fatty acids. They are not soluble and do not wash off with water and in the process of polishing they cover the paint with an additional protective layer. Water-soluble, as a rule, designed only to bring the abrasive powder to a polishing cloth or a circle. Still pastes are subdivided on force of the abrasive action, that is быват such in which abrasive particles are not present at all.

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Choice of pasta

Which polishing paste is suitable depends on thestate of paint and varnish coating of the body of a motor vehicle. For only a dull varnish, it is necessary to take compositions with a low content of abrasive, and sometimes an unabridged paste. If you need to restore the paint, then you should, on the contrary, choose a "rough" paste. "Delicate" often contain wax or silicone, they are easily and quickly applied, give an excellent shine and protect the paint well. But they are also quickly washed off, and so this polishing should be repeated every two or three washes. The most stable pastes are created on the basis of polymers, like, for example, polishing paste "3M". It serves up to six months after application, however, and its cost is noticeably higher.

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