Bloc's poem "12": summary, creation history and images

The action takes place in St. Petersburg, in the midst of the revolution, in the winter of 1917-1918. Peter nevertheless represents the real city, and the center of the universe, the point of world catastrophes.

Poem Block "12": a summary

The first chapter of the work depicts the frosty, snowy streets of the city, tormented by riots and coups. The people are moving along the paths, looking at the slogans. At unregulated meetings, the poet most likely talks about the country sold. Among the pedestrians there are the following heroes of Blok’s poem “12”: a joyless priest, a rich man, a landowner, frightened old women. Fragmentary cries are heard from border rallies. It is getting dark, the wind is increasing.

block poem 12 summary

Next chapter: a group of 12 people walks into the night. Frost is accompanied by a feeling of absolute independence; man intends to do everything possible in order to defend a new world. Along the way, the soldiers talk about their comrade, Vanka, who has come close to the wealthy girl Katka, scolding him.

In the third chapter a good song is performed, no doubt by people from twelve.The final words are the promise of a big fire in which all fat cats will disappear. Permission to fire nevertheless asks the Lord.

The fourth chapter depicts the aforementioned soldier: he and Katka are driving around St. Petersburg. A cute fighter embraces a girl, chatters something to her, and she, animated, happily laughs.

the story of the creation of the poem 12 block

In the next chapter, Rolyka addresses Katka. He recalls the old days of the courtesan, who ran from officers to privates. The frivolous behavior of the girl affected her beautiful body - scars and wounds from the blows with knives of former lovers. In fairly tough turns, the fighter remembers the depraved girl about the murder of a certain officer, with whom Katka, obviously, had a connection. And at this moment Roly asks: “Pop it!”, “Stray!”, “Sin!”

In the sixth chapter, the coachman, who drives up a soldier and Katka, meets with a group of twelve people. People with weapons pounce on the sleigh, scorch those who are sitting in them, threatening the fighter with tearing up, for pocketing someone else's. By this they mean a girl. The coachman nevertheless takes the soldier away from the shelling; Katka with a hosed head resting on the snow.

the theme of the poem 12 block

A squad of twelve people strides forward just as vigorously as before a fight with a cab. Only the murderer - Petruha - grieves for the girl who was once his lover. Friends blame him, saying that now is not the right time for this. And he really, forgetting about sadness, is located to continue the course. The spirit in the detachment is truly militant.

Petruha’s incoherent reflections, which were very sad about the murdered Katka, are revealed in the eighth chapter; he pleads for the rest of her soul. He intends to dispel his own gloom with new bloodshed.

In the ninth chapter, a romance sounds in honor of the collapse of the former world. Instead of a policeman, a rich man will be chilling on the road, behind him - a lousy dog ​​perfectly suited for this stooped figure.

images in the 12 block poem

The detachment continues its movement through the blizzard night. Petruha remembers God, marveling at the power of the blizzard. The comrades complain about his unconsciousness and again say that he is already soiled with the blood of Katka, which means that one should not expect any support from the Lord.

Thus, a detachment with a red banner strides resolutely forward, set up at any moment to repel the blow of the enemy. His turn becomes indefinite.

In the final chapter after twelve comes a lousy dog, that is, the old world. Soldiers threaten him with bayonets, trying to drive him away. Ahead, in the darkness, they see someone; trying to understand who it is, they take up the shooting. This is what we learn from the brief content of the poem "12" of Blok. The type, however, does not disappear, it persistently steps ahead.

History of creation

Blok's poem "12" is the apogee of his poetry. In general, in Russian literature is also considered a strong work. The work was born a year after the February Revolution. The poem was written very rapidly. Peter of that period was devastated.

The city seemed to subside, an ominous silence for the inhabitants. Surprisingly, an incredible rise in poetry occurred during the time of troubles. The air was imbued with the spirit of freedom, and the feeling of the reality of its only recently unrealizable revolutionary ideas was a source of art.

heroes of the poem 12 block


The author soon finished the poem, and it took him no more than a month to edit. For a poem of a similar size is a great rarity. Therefore, many people find the story of the creation of the poem "12" of Blok very interesting.

The writer praised his poem.In his diary while writing a poem, he noted that he feels great. Then he seemed to have inadvertently compared his ghouls in his head with the ghouls of the incomparable Gogol. Obviously, the invisible power gave the poet a creative boost.


In the poem "12" of Blok the author's point of view is ambiguous. A revolution in a work is a powerful stream of wind, a worldwide fire that destroys all the vestiges of the past.

The images of the old world that the poet uses are quite logical: the priest, the bourgeois who hid his nose in the collar, the old woman will not prevail over the revolution.

Not everybody's ideas seemed necessary and clear. And the connection with the priest in the crowd says that the old principles, old Russian customs are destroyed. There is no past religiosity and reverence for the temple. Lawlessness and sin rule everywhere. This is the summary of Blok’s poem “12”.


The imperialist hurricanes are rampaging, the old world opposes, it does not release people. And in such an atmosphere there are 12 fighters of the Red Army, who are marching into a new world. In fact, the "twelve" - ​​the central word of the work, and a lot of characters can be combined with him.12 hours - it is midnight, 12 months - the year ends. The thought of a “frontier” number is emerging. Thus, the end of the previous day, like the onset of the new, is always the passing of a certain boundary, a step into an unknown future. This is the main theme of Blok's poem "12".

Special features

For a writer, a similar feature was the collapse of the old world. Another digital connection is the twelve apostles.

At the same time, at the end of the poem, Jesus Christ with a crimson flag suddenly directs them, albeit invisibly to them. They do not know sympathy, theft and murder are not alien to them. From all the above, we can conclude that even the brief content of the poem "12" by Blok fully explains the main idea of ​​the work.

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