Poem "Forest in the autumn" - Tvardovsky wrote a small masterpiece

The remarkable Russian poet A.T. Tvardovsky attacked many good works. Coming from a simple people, he managed, in his work, like Sergei Esenin, to convey the beauty of Russian nature in its unique simplicity and expressiveness.

In his poem "The Forest in the Autumn" Tvardovsky with the help of the simplest techniques makes his readers think about the higher meanings of being on earth. Consider this poem in more detail.

History of writing a work

"Forest in the autumn" Tvardovsky wrote in the distant 1933year. Created this work was once after the author's autumn walk. Today this poem is considered to be among the children's works of the poet.

forest in autumn tvardovsky

Literary scholars believe that, being the author of "foradults "(Twardovsky's poem contains very serious poems about the history of the great war on fascism, the exploit of the Soviet people, the tragic events of collectivization, etc.), the poet paid attention to children. He created a whole series of short poems about nature, which today with pleasure are read and taught by heart the smallest fans of his talent. In addition, this year Tvardovsky, along with other representatives of the world of literature, worked on the creation of a textbook for pupils of primary classes. In the same years he created several more poems, which were then included in this textbook and were illustrated by talented artists.

S. Marshak, having become acquainted with this poem by Tvardovsky, noted in him the author's ability to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

Tvardovsky, "Forest in the autumn": a brief summary of the plot of the poem

What does the author tell us about? In his poem "Les Autumn" Tvardovsky turns to a very simple story. He literally draws it with words, as children draw their simple drawings with paints and brushes. The poem uses several basic pictures. Let's consider them in more detail:

  1. A glance at the sky: the author says that blue gleams appeared between the tips of the trees.
  2. A glance at the ground: the poet draws attention to the fact that on the ground there is a bright yellow foliage.
  3. Silence, which is emphasized by the absence of a bird's hubbub, because all the birds flew to the south, to warm countries.
  4. The world of animals: a squirrel, flickering its tail, jumping from tree to tree.
  5. The world of plants: spruce with its green, unfading needles stands out against the background of trees with fallen leaves.
  6. The world of living creatures on earth: the mushrooms are gradually coming down, and now the last buffalo is sadly correcting its fallen hat.

In the poem "Forest in the Autumn" Tvardovskyuses only 12 lines, it only has 6 storylines, described by us above. But so simple and clear about the fall can only be a great artist of the word.Twardovsky forest in the autumn analysis

Tvardovsky, "Les Autumn": an analysis of a poetic work

From the point of view of philological analysis, thisthe work can be regarded as an example of Russian verse art. The author skillfully uses all the artistic paths, there is an embodiment in his poem, when the world of nature is animated, there are epithets and comparisons. But the poem is written in such a simple language that all these techniques are invisible to the unenlightened reader, he only sees the beauty of his native nature.

At the same time the author (wishing it or not) goes backalmost to comprehend the meaning of human existence on earth. Indeed, why was each of us given birth at birth? Not for the sake of seeing this pristine beauty of the divine world and try not to violate it. No wonder the poem describes only the world of nature, there is no man in it, but there is only an artist who admires beauty and describes it with goodwill.

Philosophical motifs of Tvardovsky's lyrics in the poem "Les Autumn"

In the poem "Forest in the Autumn" Tvardovskyrises to the deepest sense of the comprehension of the universe. He paints a picture of the universal harmony of natural existence. In the first four lines of his poem there is an appeal to heaven and earth. This expresses the two most ancient archetypes - God the Father, who is sitting in the heavens, and Mother Earth, which lies beneath him. Mother and Father are the parents of everything. These two archetypes are present throughout human culture, refracting through Russian culture.tvardovsky forest in the autumn summary

Then follows the author's story about howreacts to the onset of autumn all living things. The world of nature is subject to the authority of a comprehensive law of natural forces: birds rush to fly to warm places, animals are stocked for the winter, plants are preparing to meet the first winter cold. But everything in this world of nature is beautiful and reasonable, every season is unique.

The world of nature was not created by the hands of people, so people can admire it, but you can not make efforts to destroy it.

The meaning of the poem in the work of Tvardovsky

A lot of things Tvardovsky wanted to tell his little readers.

Very often "Forest in autumn" is the firstthe work of the author, with which the pupils are introduced in elementary school. Then come more serious poems, in which it is not so easy to understand and adults. And this poem is simple and clear to everyone. But the best way to remember it is children, because the poem is most closely approximated to the child's perception of the world.

And yet this work teaches a child of love. After all, it is permeated with love for the universe, for our thoughtful simple and beautiful Motherland, for nature, its smallest and most primitive creatures, to everything living on earth.

verse forest in the autumn of the Tward

Therefore, if your child comes home and says,Tvardovsky wrote specifically for young children, so he is so small and teach him not for long, gladly open the book of the works of your favorite poet and read it with your child .

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