In the kitchen, the mixer is broken. It makes no sense to repair it, I think to buy a new one, and the sink needs to be replaced, the wife has long been hinting about a new one. Advise where you can buy high-quality plumbing cheap.
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Answered 3 March 09:01
With such water as with us, any mixer can become unusable, but in any case, a high-quality mixer costs more than three thousand. I changed the mixer last time in 2004. So decided to install a more modern version. Here I found interesting models and prices are not high. I think to buy a mixer here.
Answered 3 March 09:18
First you need to choose a sink that will suit you with its quality and appearance. Well, and then you can do and the selection of the mixer under the already selected sink.
Answered 3 March 09:36
My kitchen sink is small, when it was installed by a family, was of two people. Now our family has significantly increased and the volume of dishes that need to be constantly washed has become much more. Therefore, we need to buy a more capacious kitchen sink. For example, here such as here. I think it will be more convenient for me to deal with dishes with a new sink.
Answered on March 4 13:42
In my kitchen sink with two sinks. One is very deep, the other is very shallow, light beige of artificial stone.

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