Plinth floor polyurethane - a modern solution for interior decoration

During repair of premises for givinga finished type often use skirting floor polyurethane. Now it has become widely used and is one of the most sought-after types of finishes. As a rule, a decorative skirting board is necessary in order to disguise the places of joints of a floor covering and walls. This element of decor is presented in different forms, sizes and colors.plinth floor polyurethane

Variety of floor skirting boards

More recently, docking decorative productsmade of concrete and wood, covering them with ordinary oil paint. This surface treatment improved performance and gave a respectable appearance. However, now the choice of materials has significantly expanded. In the specialized stores you can purchase the following options:

  • wooden products both from solid wood and veneered (in use "veneered"), including flexible models, for example from a cork covered with a veneer of various breeds;
  • laminated wood fiber (MDF);
  • aluminum or stainless steel;
  • ceramic;
  • PVC;
  • polyurethane.

Such an assortment can sometimes create difficulties in choosing a particular product, so it is recommended to study the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Let's consider more in detail such kind of furnish, as a plinth floor polyurethane. Below you can find information about the technical characteristics, types, pros and cons of this material.

Polyurethane skirting: general concept

At present, polyurethane has become widely usedapplied in the construction sector. This is easy to explain. First of all, this synthetic material has good chemical properties. Thanks to a special production technology, it is wear-resistant both to mechanical loads and to the action of various aggressive substances (gasoline, acid, etc.).

Also worth paying attention to the installation of thisproducts. Plinth floor polyurethane wide and narrow glued to any surface. This process is quite easy and does not require additional processing of the walls (leveling). The main thing here is to choose the right glue. All work on installing the skirting board takes a short time and is not accompanied by dirt and dust, which is typical of other types of finishes. The most difficult thing to install is to cut corners correctly at the docking areas. Professionals recommend using a special tool - a chair.

The plinth floor polyurethane flexible deserves special attention. With its help, you can easily zadekorirovat joints with a complex geometric shape.plinth floor polyurethane wide

Advantages of polyurethane skirting

  • The long operational period is about 30 years.
  • Does not deform at sharp temperature jumps.
  • Environmentally safe for health.
  • Easy installation.
  • Flexible models are able to quickly change shape.
  • You can cut with a simple clerical knife.
  • Wide range of design solutions.

plinth floor polyurethane price


As a rule, this product does not have cons. The only thing you can pay attention to is the cost. For example, for skirting the joints of the wall-floor in radius spaces or around round columns, a flexible plinth of floor polyurethane is used, the price of which is from 400 rubles per running meter, and this is even higher than for products made from valuable wood.

Scope of application

Polyurethane skirting boards can be used inall premises without exception, residential, industrial, office. A certain temperature regime is not necessary to observe. Due to the fact that these products are moisture-resistant, the scope of their use is significantly extended. This parameter allows you to decorate the joints between the wall and the floor in bathrooms, saunas, baths, swimming pools.plinth floor polyurethane flexible

Fastening of plinth

The most reliable and practical method of attachmentplinth of polyurethane to the plastered wall. In this case, you can use the final filler with the addition of PVA glue. This method guarantees the highest quality installation and is the most common. Its essence is as follows:

  1. Preparation of the instrument: clerical knife, tape measure, level, pencil, stool.
  2. Marking on the wall surface.
  3. Measuring the dimensions and cutting the planks of the required footage.
  4. After these manipulations, the baseboard floor polyurethane is treated with an adhesive mixture, and it is desirable to apply this composition to the wall surface.
  5. With a slight pressure, press the bar all the way down. This is necessary in order to evenly distribute the glue and remove its excess.
  6. Residue solution wipe with a damp cloth.
  7. Leave to dry for about 10-12 hours.

In the corners and docking areas should be more carefulto concern to correct adjustment of laths of the plinth. The main thing here is to stick to a certain technology when cutting it. It is recommended to use the chair, with this tool it is easy to make the right angle, even if the plinth is floor polyurethane wide.

The second method of installation is to fixThe slats are already covered with wall paper. For quality installation, you can use such brands of glue as Dragon, "Moment". Also installation on liquid nails is possible. This type of installation, in contrast to the above described, is somewhat more complicated, since it is impossible to tolerate the slightest error. The glue spots will be very noticeable on the wallpaper, and this, in turn, will spoil the overall impression of the finish of the entire room.

Acquiring skirting floor polyurethane, it is desirable to give preference to a well-known manufacturer. It is recommended to check the corresponding quality certificate for this product.

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Plinth floor polyurethane - a modern solution for interior decoration Plinth floor polyurethane - a modern solution for interior decoration Plinth floor polyurethane - a modern solution for interior decoration Plinth floor polyurethane - a modern solution for interior decoration Plinth floor polyurethane - a modern solution for interior decoration Plinth floor polyurethane - a modern solution for interior decoration