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It's no secret that mobile communication services betweencountries are charged on a different basis, as opposed to conversations within the state. This is normal, since operators provide them not independently, by their own means, but in an arrangement with other service providers. Since all this is limited by the financial relationships between the companies, the cost of calls for subscribers can vary. Therefore, if you try hard - you can find tariff plans that will be more profitable for calls abroad.

One of them is the tariff Planet Zero. Beeline is one of the most popular mobile operators in Russia, it provides it specifically for subscribers who are abroad, wishing to talk with their relatives and friends in Russia. About why this plan is so beneficial and what conditions it provides, read in our article.

Planet Zero Beeline

General tariff conditions

The fact that the tariff plan "Planet Zero" ("Beeline"is its supplier) is beneficial for people who are abroad, the operator indicates on his official website and in any promotional materials that relate to the service. First of all, users can see a bright heading informing that those entering from the RF to the numbers serviced on this plan are absolutely free.

Of course, for communication within the country it looks likewildly; Do operators charge you for calling you? But if we talk about roaming, then this practice is absolutely normal. When the subscriber is in another state and he is called, most often he himself pays for the conversation. You can also recall the heyday of the mobile communication era, when you had to pay for an incoming call even in your region. Therefore, in fact, this feature of Planet Zero Beeline made it quite profitable for the subscriber. However, it is important to mention one limitation - it is about the first 20 minutes of conversation. Further discussions will be charged at a rate of 10 rubles per minute for the first category of countries. About what this means, we tell in more detail.

"Beeline" "Planet Zero" how to connect

Cost of services for subscribers in "popular" countries

Given the different features of the arrangementsmobile operators of other countries and Beeline, Planet Zero (how to connect the tariff, we will describe further) assumes an unequal cost of services in each individual country. Therefore, all regions of the world were divided into several groups.

The first includes Europe, the CIS countries and somepopular destinations for Russian subscribers, such as Egypt, China, the United States or Thailand. For them, there is a tariff - for one day of use you have to pay 60 rubles; In addition, the first 20 minutes of incoming conversation are free, after which the cost of each reaches 10 rubles. As for the outgoing call, it will cost the subscriber 20 rubles per minute. SMS messages from these countries to Russia will cost 7 rubles.

tariff Planet Zero Beeline

Communication prices for other countries

In addition to the above-mentioned group of countries, there isanother one. It unites some of the remaining regions, which are obviously less popular for the domestic user of mobile communication services, so roaming "Beeline" ("Planet Zero") in them will cost more. In particular, the daily fee for the subscriber is 100 rubles, and incoming calls from Russia after the 20th minute rise to 15 rubles. At the same time, the price of every minute of outgoing calls increases to 45 rubles. SMS messages are becoming less expensive - up to 9 rubles.

List of countries that belong to this category,more. This includes, for example, Israel, India, Japan, the countries of Africa and the Middle East. The higher price of services, obviously, is explained by the lower demand of subscribers in these areas. At the same time, Planet Zero tariff Beeline makes it more profitable than some service packages of other operators. So if you love (or are forced to) travel, this package deserves your attention. As you can see, it extends its effect even to exotic states.

"Planet Zero" service "Beeline"

Other countries

Finally, there is a group of countries in whichthe service can not be connected, and the tariff action does not imply any discounts. In view of what it happens, it is difficult to say, because "Beeline" does not give any explanation. Just for some oceanic island and unrecognized states: Cuba, Jamaica, Tunisia and Bahrain, Kosovo and Abkhazia - "Planet Zero" ("Beeline" about it openly points to its website) does not extend its discount. Therefore, the subscriber fee is not withdrawn from the user, but the cost of incoming calls is 30 rubles per minute, outgoing calls - 60 rubles, and the price of one SMS reaches 9 rubles.

How to activate or deactivate a tariff

roaming "Beeline" "Planet Zero"

Suppose that you go to where the plan isprovides a significant discount on communication services, due to what the tariff is quite profitable for you. There is a question about what the subscriber of "Beeline" should do? "Planet Zero" - how to connect this package? What is required from the user first? Therefore, we answer these questions, opening the connection mechanism in parallel.

As always, the operator offers severalways to connect the service. This can happen through the "Personal Cabinet" or during a conversation with the consultant operator (processing an application with his help). However, we draw attention to the most simple and accessible command that can be executed from your mobile. To make it simple - dial * 110 * 331 # and press the call button. In response, you should receive a message stating that you are going to activate the Planet Zero tariff. "Beeline" provides this action to make sure that you agree and are confident in what you are doing.

After that you need to wait a little whilethere will be a service for your room. This usually takes a few minutes. The system should update the information on how to rate calls, SMS and other.

Suppose you have successfully traveled abroad,decided all their questions and want to switch to the usual tariff plan. The question arises: what to do with roaming, how to disconnect? Planet Zero (Beeline) is deactivated in the same way: through the "Personal Cabinet", with the help of the operator or manually, using a short command: * 110 * 330 #. The notification that you have disabled the tariff plan will also be sent in the reply message to your number. There is another way - you can call the number that is provided specifically for refusing the service. It's easy to remember: 0674030. This is a free line for Beeline subscribers. Disable the service "Planet Zero" they can already in a few minutes, as in the situation with its activation. After that, of course, the mechanism for writing off the funds and all the charging will be changed.

how to disable the planet zero beeline

Features of using the plan

Working with the package "Planet Zero", it is necessaryremember some of its features. First, it is suitable only for smartphones. It can not be combined on a tariff for tablets or mobile USB modems. This also explains the fact that the service does not provide data for using the mobile Internet.

Secondly, the tariff is not combined with the plan "My Planet". It is also a roaming plan, so the operator goes by giving a choice to the user which of the tariffs will be set on his number.

Thirdly, "Planet Zero" is a service "Beeline"which does not include other opportunities for the client. As reported on the official website of the operator, all other voice services will be automatically disabled when this plan is activated.

Finally, the last - its validity "Planet Zero" does not limit. This means that the tariff will be active until the subscriber disconnects it.

"Beeline" turn off the service "Planet Zero"

Feedback on the tariff plan

If we talk about how subscribers evaluateservice from Beeline, then on the whole it is possible to note a positive attitude. This is not surprising - in comparison with the conditions of other operators, which relate to communication in roaming, as well as with other plans of Beeline itself, the offer is really interesting. To connect "Planet Zero" necessarily costs to those who are going to visit one of the countries of the "first" category.

Is it worth it to connect?

If you are traveling abroad and want to talkwith their relatives, friends, acquaintances, or just business partners from Russia on a mobile phone, then it is definitely worthwhile to connect this tariff. With it, you can save a lot of money, in comparison with the classical scheme of tariffication of communication in roaming.


Of course, if you do not know how to maintaincommunication with people from Russia while you are abroad, and looking for the most affordable conditions, we can suggest as an alternative to Internet telephony or even instant messengers like Skype and WhatsApp. Working with them will be much cheaper, and even generally free of charge, provided that you and your interlocutor will have access to the Internet.

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