VGP pipe - what is it? Features, GOST and required dimensions

Not so long ago, the gas and water pipe acted as a mandatory attribute of the construction of almost any object. But even today, when the market is filled with a huge assortment of modern pipes, designed for a variety of purposes, VGPs do not give up their positions. They are used for gas, water and heat systems. These products are almost indispensable for any communication, in more detail you can read below.


pipe vgp what is it

At an affordable cost today you can purchase a VGP pipe, what it is, you can learn from the article. The described products are a group of water and gas pipes made of steel. Today there are non-galvanized and galvanized versions. They can be cylindrical, hollow, with a longitudinal weld. This category has three options for wall thickness, among them:

  • average;
  • thick-walled;
  • thin-walled.

Since the range of products described is quite wide, they can be used by choosing to a specific project.

Key Features

pipe ggp gost

If you are interested in the AIV pipe, you can find out about it by reading the information below. When consumers are interested in the factors for which products have conquered all branches of construction, they begin to become more closely acquainted with AIV. If you are one of them, then you will be able to find out that in many sections the installation of pipes from other materials is impossible. In this case, we are talking about, for example, an open road.

Even pipes made of metal and polyethylene are not suitable for all cases. Some objects have rather strict technical requirements, according to them, the pipeline cannot be laid out of plastic pipes. This is true for gas lines. It does not matter how good the performance properties of these products. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be sure that steel will act as an advanced material for a long time in the gas industry.

Sizes of water and gas products

pipes hgp 3262

If you come across a VGP pipe, you should definitely find out what it is.Perhaps these products will be useful to you when carrying out these or other works. As one of the main parameters serves assortment. The product range can be sorted by three parameters, such as:

  • by lenght;
  • on outer diameter;
  • over wall thickness.

The length of the pipe can be 4 and 12 m. In other words, water and gas pipes are made in the form of dimensional segments, the length of which can be 4 or 12 m. Industry standards, however, allow other sizes. It may be unmeasured length. As for the outer diameter, the range is divided into 17 sizes.

You may be interested in the outer diameter, it varies from 10 to 165 mm. Another criterion allows us to classify products by wall thickness. This parameter cannot be called secondary, since the inner diameters depend on it, and these, in turn, affect the strength and throughput, as well as the rigidity of the products.

If you are interested in the size of the VGP pipe, what it is, you should definitely find out. According to the last of the mentioned parameters, the described products can be divided into:

  • lungs;
  • ordinary;
  • reinforced.

At the first wall thickness can reach 4 mm, while the minimum value is 1.8 mm. Ordinary can have a wall thickness of 2 to 4.5 mm. But for reinforced pipes, the wall thickness is 5.5 mm, while the minimum value is 2.5 mm.

Weight of water and gas pipes

pipe ggp gost 3262

The wall thickness can also influence the weight of the running meter. However, the weight of the pipe is also determined by the section, which is the external diameter. At the same time, it does not matter what material the pipe is made of - galvanized or steel. The weight of a meter can reach a maximum of 21.63 kg, while the wall thickness is equivalent to 5.5 mm with a diameter of 165 mm. The smallest weight per meter is equivalent to 370 g. The diameter in this case is 10 mm, the wall thickness is 1.8 mm.

After you know what the VGP pipe is for, you should also ask about the weight of the products. For example, galvanized pipes weigh more than steel by about 5%. The difference in mass is due to the presence of a 30 micron anti-corrosion coating. All of the above characteristics are stable, because the product mix is ​​made using the same technology.

Manufacturing features

pipe ggp gost 3262 75

Pipe VGP (GOST 3262-75) is made of carbon steel. At the first stage, metal blanks are used that are called strips. They are molded. Then, using electric welding, a seam is formed, after which the pipe can be considered finished.

The seam is subjected to radiographic studies, according to which, it can be argued that this place is an area of ​​increased risk. However, the presence of a weld can not be called a disadvantage. VGP pipes (3262-75) may have a different service life, which is affected by the conditions of its use.

The safety of products depends on what substance is used for transportation, it can be water or gas, each of which has a certain activity in chemical terms. In addition, various factors outside can affect a pipe.

Accuracy groups

steel pipe

The described pipes are manufactured in two groups of accuracy, among them:

  • ordinary accuracy;
  • increased accuracy.

In the first case we are talking about products with non-standardized chemical composition. In this case, the pipes can be used for the installation of heating systems, laying of water supply systems and the formation of gas mains for domestic use. Pipe VGP, GOST of which was mentioned above, can be classified as high accuracy.This concept refers to galvanized steel pipes, which are used for the manufacture of components that make up the global pipeline system.

Norms for pipe VGP

galvanized pipe

Pipe VGP (GOST 3262-75) is used for different pipelines and structures. If state standards 10705-80 and 107 04-91 are taken as a basis, then in the production process steel of the following grades can be used:

  • ZSP.
  • ZPS.
  • 20.
  • 10.

Possible technology in which pipes are subjected to heat treatment or do not pass this stage. As for unmeasured length, it can reach 11 m, but the minimum value is 4 m. In the case of the measured length, the minimum and maximum values ​​are 9 and 11.7 m. The dimensions of the products are determined by their diameter and length. If the pipe has a length in the range from 1.5 to 4 m, then deviations can be 5%.

If the pipe thread is made by knurling, the galvanized pipe of AIV may have a smaller diameter, which has a deviation from the norm within 10% throughout the area where the thread is located. As for the mass, it is calculated at the density of steel, which is equal to 7.85 g / cm3. In this case, non-galvanized products will weigh less than 3% galvanized.

Installation Features

To date, there are two ways of laying pipes of steel for water and gas systems. Installation is carried out using an electrically-welded connection. Laying and installation are carried out using couplings and other devices. Despite the fact that polymer products today are ubiquitous, steel pipe VGP has many positive features, its quality is at a height, as well as performance.

Positive features

Steel pipe VGP has many advantages. Among them should be used in the production of high-grade steel. If we are talking about the so-called black pipes, then they have a reinforced weld. These products have three convenient categories, which were discussed above (reinforced, light and ordinary). This factor allows the consumer to choose the desired version of the product for the design of the highway with these or other characteristics.

Depending on the wishes of the customer, there may be a thread at the end of the pipe, in addition, it may be short or long. Drawing can be carried out on the necessary party and at the necessary parameters.Products are supplied with or without couplings, this feature can also be called a great advantage. Realized pipes pass through a hydro-vortex control at the production stage, so you can be sure that they meet the standards, which means they are considered almost perfect.

They are inexpensive, but have high quality. The guarantee is the standards and standards by which the manufacture of pipes. They are versatile to use. Having picked up pipes of the necessary type, it is possible to carry out installation and repair work of almost any category. Pipes are offered for sale in a wide range, they can be electrowelded, cold-rolled, seamless and hot-rolled. Ease of installation is provided by the presence of components in the form of couplings, flanges, elbows, tees, as well as transitions and other things.

The described pipes are fairly rigid products. They are able to withstand external loads, so they are often compared with a metal bar of the same diameter. Permissible internal pressure can reach 30 atmospheres, which is equal to 31 MPa. But the ultimate pressure is equivalent to 50 atmospheres.If you look at state standards, you will be able to understand that the products are capable of undergoing significant distribution loads, which can lead to an increase in the diameter of the pipe by 7% of the original size. At the same time walls do not receive damage.


Water and gas pipes, as practice shows, withstand strong hydraulic shocks and thermal distortions, the latter of which can be caused by the transported fluid. Galvanized steel pipes resist corrosion. They have a special coating, the thickness of which reaches 30 microns. Despite the fact that this layer increases the weight of the pipe, the life of the product is almost an order of magnitude longer.

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