Pike perch: what's worth knowing?

Fishing in the Urals is a fascinating and cognitive activity, which will bring a lot of positive emotions!a trap for a pike

The beauty of the Urals

Oh, how amazingly picturesque and beautiful this land is ...Here, the objects of the natural ecosystem are abundantly represented, including reservoirs, lakes, and reservoirs. Undoubtedly, the best place to relax is just not found! That's why many rush here to just stay in the bosom of nature and fish, for example, fish, as the conditions for such pastime are simply ideal. In the local lakes and reservoirs, there is a huge amount of fish (especially there are many grayling and taimen). In addition to the above species of fish, the Ural water ecosystems are rich in burbot, carassel, carp, yazem, pike, carp.

Catch, fish: according to the pike command, at my wish ...

In particular, many fishermen, going to thefishing in the Urals, take with them a trap for pike. This is a strange tackle for the Russian fisherman, as everyone has heard about traps for the beast, but few people know about traps for fish. According to rumors, a trap for pike was brought from Finland in the middle of the 20th century. Certainly, in order to be able to use such fishing gear, a fisherman must have some experience.

Experienced fishermen, versed in the featuresbehavior of this river predator, they know that the trap on the pike should be installed only in those areas of the Urals where the maximum accumulation of this fish is observed (and where it is not too actively caught by amateurs). Such fishing tackle is used, in particular, on the lake Maloi Miassovo. Those who plan to go fishing in these places and try to "catch" with the help of the above gear, but do not have a clue how to make it, they can go to the store on the way and just buy a trap for pike. It looks rather noticeable (in principle, it resembles a product intended for animals), but acts, thanks to springs and twine. This device pierces the jaw of the fish, after which it becomes an easy prey.

Which lakes in the Urals are most preferable for the fisherman?angling

Such ecosystems include, first of all,Lake Arakul, which "swarms" with such kinds of fish as burbot, whitefish, bream, yellow crucian, ruff, and in its northern part you can fish for pike and roach. Fishing on the Ob in the Urals implies a catch like chius, grayling, taimen, pike, burbot. Also worthy of attention is Lake Argayash, which is located on the territory of the Ilmen Reserve. Here is found bream and ripus. The lake with the unusual name of Big Allaki has a total area of ​​9 thousand square meters and a depth of 5 meters. In this place of the Urals you can catch a whitefish, carp, ripus, but especially a lot in the roach lake. At the intersection of the Argayash and Chebarkul regions, there are the Bolshoye and Malye Miassovo Lakes. They are located in a forest environment, here you can meet and wetlands. Here fishermen come to catch carp, pike perch, linya, yazya, burbot. At the same time, lovers of fishing should take into account that you can fish only on the territory of the Maloi Miassovo Lake, as the water ecosystem of the Big Miass is protected by the state, because it is part of the Ilmensky Reserve.fishing in the Urals

Rest for the soul

Fishing in the Urals will give you many pleasant and unforgettable moments. Here you can forget about all your problems and be alone with nature.

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Pike perch: whats worth knowing Pike perch: whats worth knowing Pike perch: whats worth knowing Pike perch: whats worth knowing Pike perch: whats worth knowing Pike perch: whats worth knowing Pike perch: whats worth knowing Pike perch: whats worth knowing