Picture of Plastov "The First Snow" - description and composition

Picture of Plastov "The First Snow" conveys the beauty andthe calmness of the winter landscape, it allows the viewer to come up with interesting stories. Looking at the action, which the artist has depicted, I want to at least mentally move to this village, talk with the kids - the protagonists of the picture.


To understand why the picture depicts a village, in what years it happens, it is necessary to learn a little about the author.

picture of the first snow

Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov himself comes fromvillage, he was born in a small town called Prislonich. It happened in the late 19th century - 19.01.1983. The boy was born in a peasant family, so it's no surprise that his further work is dedicated to ordinary Russian people.

The child seemed to be written on the familyartist, because his grandfather - an icon painter. Profile education Arkady Alexandrovich received in the city of Simbirsk. Here he studied at a theological school, and then in a theological seminary.

Singer of a peasant village

After obtaining a specialty, the Plast did not remainin the city, and returned to his small homeland, the favorite village of Prislonikhu. People, nature gave him inspiration, which embodied in amazing pictures. Whichever time of the year the author displayed on his canvases, it is clear that he does it with great love.

Looking at the "summer" canvases, you feel that theyas though impregnated with sunlight, the heat of the hot day is felt. Winter landscapes are also beautiful. They do not have bright colors, but this does not interfere with perception. On the contrary, with the help of pastel tones, the author was able to show the harmony of nature and its majestic calmness, when, for example, the first snow falls. Plastov is interested not only in nature, but also in people living in such a picturesque place. He captured their rest after work, showed how fun celebrated common holidays. It is interesting to watch how the boys bathe horses, the girl pours spring water, the peasant family mows the grass.

description of the picture of the first snow

Art masterpieces of the author allow you to move to the middle of the 20-ies, see how the peasants lived at that time, what they did and how they were dressed.

Who is depicted on the canvas

The picture of Plastov "The First Snow" is devoted tochildren, she depicts a girl of about eight and a boy younger than her year by 2-3. Most likely, this is a brother and sister, as the children ran out of the same house in which they lived. What made them quickly leave the warm room and go out into the street?

The painting "The First Snow" of Plastov gives the answer to thisquestion. After the summer came autumn - slushy, with rain. The sky, the earth were gray, plain. And then, finally, a small miracle happened - the first snow began. He felled thick snow-white flakes and soon covered the ground with a light fluffy veil.

first snow formation

All around quickly changed and began to resembleto a fairy tale. That's a miracle and ran out to see the children. The girl helped to dress up for her little brother, and she managed to put on only her felt boots and put on her downy kerchief. After all, she was impatient to run out into the street and see this miracle with her own eyes.

Description of the painting "The First Snow" by Plastov

The girl looked up and watched how beautifulfall, spinning, snowflakes. She warms her hands under her handkerchief while holding him. If it was not necessary to do this, the girl probably would have lifted her palms up and caught snowflakes in them, similar to light down feathers.

The boy in his life saw less winters than his sister. Therefore, he looks at everything happening with wide eyes, he froze, unable to move and to tear himself away from the bewitching spectacle.

picture of the first snow

But the snow in the meantime transformed everything in its path. He covered the roofs of the houses with a white tent, they dressed up in an instant, began to look festive. Even the shabby roof of the house where the children lived, he decorated in a special way. The picture of Plastov "The First Snow" conveys this, as well as the fact that the structure is no longer new, as the logs from time to time were much darkened. These are understandable. The canvas was written in 1946, just ended the Great Patriotic War. It is not known whether men returned to this family from the front or were left only in memory. If children have a father, grandfather, eventually they will patch up the old house or build a new one. They will fix the fence with which a lone birch is surrounded.

Silence, silence around

The painting "The First Snow" can not boast ofbright colors. It is made in white-gray, sometimes greenish tones. Such pastel colors do not irritate the eyes, but allow the viewer to stay in an atmosphere of tranquility and pacification.

Looking at how slowly and quietly snowflakes fall, everything stops. Children are standing motionless, watching a fascinating natural phenomenon. The old birch has fluffed its branches, which also do not move.

In the background, you can see a person. He went about his business, but also stopped to visually capture how the first snow falls.

Next, you will read about how quickly to write an essay on this picture. Plastov, the first snow probably also rejoiced, worried, these emotions he passed through the faces of children.

composition of the first snow

Composition for schoolchildren by painting

AA Plastov He painted the painting "The First Snow" in 1946. Looking at the canvas, the viewer sees that two children ran out of the house on the porch - the elder sister and the younger brother. They are fascinated and joyfully watching the snowflakes fall and cover the earth with a light white fluff.

To quickly see this beauty, the girl evendid not throw a coat or a sheepskin coat, but only threw a handkerchief. The snow has already covered the roofs of the houses, the ground. Perhaps, children look at the falling snowflakes and dream that very soon they will happily roll down the slide from the hill, build snowmen, throw snowballs, in general, indulge in interesting winter fun.

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