Pickled honey agaric, recipe

Marinated marmalade, recipe which are usually simple, are an excellent snack. Their taste is well combined with many vegetable and meat dishes. In addition, this kind of mushrooms is very suitable for billets. They are collected from August, while the basket can be filled, bypassing only a few stumps. In honey agarics there are many vitamins B1 and C, so they are not only delicious, but also useful.

There are quite a few recipes for pickling,They can be chosen depending on their own preferences, making the dish more spicy or sour. So, you can adopt the following method, in which mushrooms can later be stored for a long time. Such mushrooms are made for the winter.

For marinade per liter of boiled water will be requiredsalt (take about 2 tablespoons), the same amount of sugar. Here put a teaspoon of acetic acid, cloves, two cloves of garlic. Among other spices, take a bay leaf, black or fragrant pepper to taste. The prepared, cleaned and washed mushrooms are filled with cold water, they are put on fire and cooked until they begin to sink to the bottom. After that, the broth coalesces. In a pan with honey mushrooms all the spices needed to prepare the marinade are laid, the necessary amount of liquid is poured. After the water boils, added acetic acid, mushrooms are cooked for several minutes. Honey mushrooms are spread over small sterilized cans, poured marinade and clogged. After the preform has cooled, it is stored in a cool place.

Recipes can be marinatedhold next. Mushrooms are well washed, they pour cold water, the dish is brought to a boil. The first broth merges (it is usually not used for food). In the honey agar, the second water is poured, a pan with them is put on the fire. After the liquid boils, it is slightly salted, foam is removed (if formed). When the mushrooms begin to sink to the bottom, they are pulled out and unfolded on sterilized jars. Preparing the marinade. For him in a liter of cold water is put 2 tbsp. tablespoons sugar, 4 tbsp. spoons of salt, a few leaves of bay leaf, a pea of ​​sweet pepper and cloves. The broth is boiled, boiled for about three minutes, after which vinegar essence is added (3 teaspoons) and the liquid is removed from the fire. If 9% vinegar is used, then it is taken in the proportion of 100 ml per 900 ml of water.

The mushrooms are filled with marinade, the cans are clogged. It should be noted that pickled honey agarics, the recipe of which is given above, can be stored for a long time at room temperature without losing taste. Spices, placed in the workpiece, can be supplemented at will. So, here add cinnamon, cut onion rings, dill or mustard seeds, etc.

Winter snow agarics are not particularly distinguished by tastequalities, therefore their most actual use in food in pickled or salted form, however, the main advantage of these fungi - they grow from autumn to winter, and in mild climates can persist until March. Therefore, they are so common for preparing a variety of blanks and dishes. Do not recommend eating the legs of this fungus, since they are harsh. They are usually cut off when processing the product.

Tasty winter pickled mushrooms recipe canhold next. A kilogram of mushrooms is boiled in a sufficient amount of water, thrown back to a colander, waiting until the liquid drains, is placed in a deep container (for example, a pan). For a marinade, a tablespoon of salt (better to take a large one), 5 grams of sugar, a bay leaf, chopped garlic (a pair of denticles), a clove, a few peas of pepper are covered in two glasses of water. Everything is boiling up, 6 tablespoons are pouring in here. spoons of 5% vinegar, put mushrooms. Mushrooms are cooked for a while. Then honey mushrooms are laid out in a jar, filled with marinade and clogged. For long-term storage, containers with mushrooms are recommended to be sterilized for 20 minutes.

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