Physical exercises for erection: description, recommendations and reviews

Many men do not like to use medicinalpreparations. And often there are physical exercises needed for an erection. This is an important part of the physical process during intercourse. An erection prompts for sex, potency directly depends on it.

Why do exercises?

In sexual matters, it is important for men to feelthemselves "on top." And if the erection is weak, then the hands may fall, the inferiority complex may become aggravated. A man becomes insecure, vulnerable and nervous. Therefore, exercises for an erection are needed.exercises for an erection

What can be the exercises?

To increase potency, you can applymedicines, proper nutrition. But exercise is best suited. They can be performed one at a time by selecting the appropriate ones. But a higher result is given by complex exercises to improve the erection. And there are different systems. But in any case, the main thing for a good result is the regularity of the exercises.

Physical exercises

  1. The initial position is on all fours. Then a shallow breath is taken. Then exhale. During it, the buttocks slip smoothly to the heels until they are firm. Hands do not bend. Then they return to the initial position. The exercise is performed three times. Every day the number of repetitions increases.
  2. The starting position is straight. Hands freely descend along the body. A flat breath is made at the bottom of the abdomen. Then there is a short pause and exhalation. At the same time, the anus is compressed. And pauses in four seconds. Then the body relaxes.
  3. The perineum is well stimulated duringsit-ups. The starting position is standing, legs are placed wider than the shoulders on 1 foot. Hands freely hang down along the trunk. A quiet exhalation and a squat are made as low as possible. Then the body tilts forward, hands are turned back. A pause is made in 1 second and exhalation. The body returns to its original position.

exercises to improve erection

Complex of exercises for increasing erection

Exercises for an erection can be complex. In this case, at least two simultaneous runs are performed daily. And they repeat regularly. Complex of exercises:

  • The initial position is lying on the back. Hands are linked behind the head, under the back of the head. Inhalation is made, then exhalation. During it, the right leg rises vertically. And it begins to draw circles in the air. The exercise is repeated ten times on each leg.
  • The initial position is lying on the back. Bend your knees, and your feet are pulled up to the buttocks. At the same time hands should be on your knees. A deep breath is drawn. Then exhale, during which the knees with resistance are spread out with their hands to the sides. The exercise is repeated three times.
  • Initial position - lying on the back with bentknees. Hands and feet should be on the floor. In it, the blade and the feet are fixed, the pelvis is pushed upward. In this position, a pause is made for 1 second, and the body is smoothly moved to its original position. The exercise is repeated at least ten times.

exercises for a good erection

Commonly used exercises

There are separate exercises for erection that can be used to increase potency. for example"A vacuum cleaner". Sitting on a chair you need to lean forward withstraightened shoulders. It seems that the seat is filled with croup. And mentally they try to "suck" it into themselves between the anus and the testicles. Then follows the relaxation, and the exercise repeats again. It is done several times. It starts with the number of up to 10 repetitions, then gradually it increases every day.

An exercise"Hold the stone". Starting position - stand directly with hands onbelt and slightly bent knees. Then they bend even more, but in this case the muscles of the buttocks tense and relax. The exercise is repeated several times. It seems that the muscles hold the clamped stone. Straighten to the starting position.

Exercise to strengthen the erection"Bridge". The starting position is lying on the back. The legs are half bent at the knees, and the feet are placed on the floor. Hands should lie along the body. The back touches the floor evenly. Exercise is to raise and lower the pelvis. Repeated several times. Gradually increases the number of movements.erection exercises

An exerciseSkipping. The starting position is standing. Begins running in one place. But the socks do not come off the floor. Participate in the race only the heels. A man is shifting from one foot to the other. In this case, only the knees move and are exhibited in turn and as quickly as possible. The exercise is carried out dynamically, with maximum speed. Begins with a duration of one minute. Gradually, the exercise time increases daily.

Advantages of the complex of exercises

Thanks to the complex of exercises, excellentthe male reproductive system is stimulated. She is responsible not only for the production of spermatozoa, but also for the erection of the penis. The complex system will be especially useful to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise to improve erection helps to eliminate stagnation in inactive organs, hip joints and coccyx. And provides a normal flow of blood to the genitals.exercises to strengthen the erection

Benefits of Kegel exercises

Exercises Kegel for erection give an effect not foraccount of muscle contraction, but due to blood filling of the penis. Its base is surrounded by muscle fibers. Exercise Kegel and increase the tone of the pelvic muscles cause increased blood circulation in the pelvic region and penis. This improves its filling and helps to increase the erection. Kegel's exercises are simple, useful and absolutely harmless.

Without training, the muscles atrophy. And their rhythmic contraction occurs during orgasm. Atrophy reduces pleasure and a stream of sensations. But training can strengthen the muscles and increase the erection. Kegel exercises have a positive effect on the prostate and the inflammatory processes that occur in it due to improved blood supply.

Separate Kegel exercise

If there is no time, then you can regularly repeatone exercise. First there is pubic-coccygeum (LC) muscle. To do this, during the urination, the stream is suspended and released again. The right muscles are those that strain with this experiment.exercises to enhance erection

Then they contract and relax 15 times 2times a day. With every day the number of reductions increases, until it reaches fifty. Then the exercise becomes more complicated. After each muscle contraction, it is held for 3 seconds. Then he relaxes. Exercise is carried out until it is possible to perform them in a complicated version 2 times a day.

Kegel Exercise System

Exercises for a good erection on the Kegel systemdoing easily. The main thing is to know which muscles (LK) you need to use. To find them, one or two fingers are placed behind the testicles, without pressure on them. It seems that urination occurs and you need to stop the jet by squeezing the internal muscles. The one that will be energized at the same time, and is necessary for exercises.

Easy way of training:

  • During urination, try to slow or stop the urine stream. Instead of pushing out the movement, do the retractor.
  • Exercise should be performed without straining the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks or legs. Breathing can not be delayed. Exercise is considered successful if the flow of urine slows or stops.
  • In the first attempts it can not work. But training should continue.

exercise for an erection

Exercise system:

  • LK muscle slowly tenses during counting to 5 (it should be felt in the body);
  • also slowly relaxes with the same account;
  • the exercise is repeated ten times;
  • performed 3 times a day;
  • at the beginning of training exercises it is easier to lie down and stretch the LC muscle for only 2 seconds;
  • time increases gradually;
  • a few weeks later, the muscle should be tensed for 10 seconds (preferably within 30 seconds);
  • when the pelvic muscles get stronger, the same exercises should be done while standing, sitting and walking;
  • exercises become more complicated, cuts are made during any activity that puts pressure on the abdomen (sneezing, laughing, cough, etc.);
  • the muscle tenses sharply during the erection so that the penis "jumps";
  • if the contraction occurs during sex, then an erection is well maintained.

Men's reviews about exercise

According to men's reviews, the results of the exercisesare not visible in a few days. Time is needed. Kegel's system is very popular, as are some of the other exercises for erection presented in the article. But they have one thing in common - they need regular implementation. Then after 4 weeks, the result will be visible. Although for some men it takes from two to three months.

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