Phone Sony Ericsson K800I: specifications, photos and reviews

After the phones of the Walkman line (W800i,W810i, W550i and W900i) have gained great popularity, Sony Ericsson has begun production of devices aimed at lovers of a good camera. The main function of the mobile phone Sony Ericsson K800i is its 3.2-megapixel camera complete with autofocus and a real xenon flash, which at one time was considered a record for quality and design.

sony ericsson k800i

But do not put too much emphasis oncamera. In this device there are many other features for the user, from support and video calls to 3G FM radio, a high level of music playback, fun ringtones and a good calendar application.


The case of Sony Ericsson K800i is decorated in clarifiedgray tones. Unlike other similar models that have pink, blue, green or orange color options, this device is only present in one form. Bright colors can be attractive, of course, but for those who do not like unnecessary attention, the muffled tone of the K800i case is more appropriate.

Accurate and modest coloring supplements smallsize and weight of the phone. With dimensions of 105 x 47 x 22 mm and weighing 115 grams, the Sony Ericsson K800i fits perfectly in the small pocket of any clothing.


Like other phones from the manufacturer SonyEricsson, K800i relies on a mini-joystick for navigation. Speaking about the predecessors of this device, in particular about the model K750i, it was worth noting that the joystick was not particularly well developed. Everything has changed this time: now this control is flexible and easy to use. The four control points contained in the joystick are responsible for music playback and other functions in the applications. They can be configured for application shortcuts, while clicking on the middle sends you to the main menu.

k800i sony ericsson battery

The joystick is surrounded by several keys: two SoftMenu keys, a delete, repeat button, two completely tiny keys that control actions in the web browser, and a menu button that calls up another set of shortcuts.

In fact, there are two cameras in this phone. The front is for video calls, and its lens is built into the speaker grille. It is so small that if you are not looking carefully, you will not notice it. However, it works well during video calls, as the available reviews on the Sony Ericsson K800i say.

Adjustment elements

The main attraction of the gadget is3.2-megapixel camera, which is, as you'd expect from a progressive technology for its time, a lens cap. It is a small but significant bonus: when you pick it up, opening the lens on the front screen of 240 x 320 pixels is converted into the viewfinder.

Each good camera phone needs a sidebutton to control. In this device, there is one on the right lower edge, so you can keep the Sony Ericsson Cyber ​​Shot K800i sideways (like a professional camera) when shooting. The other buttons on this side are the controls and the camera's zoom controller.

sony ericsson cyber shot k800i

On the left side of the device is presentPlay / pause button to control music. When you hold the Sony Ericsson K800i and turn it aside to take photos, your left thumb can lean on this button. For this reason, the manufacturer's developers have made this button slightly deeper to prevent it from accidentally pressing.


Below is the closed slot for memory cardsMemory Stick Micro. This replaces the Pro Duo Memory Stick memory card slot that was present on previous Sony Ericsson phones. This made it possible to move to a newer format for cards measuring 15 x 12.5 x 1.2 mm. Despite the fact that these accessories helped to save a little space, very small cards initially seemed to users uncomfortable to use, and for this reason the old format of memory cards exists to the present.

sony ericsson k800i

Sony Ericsson K800i - camera specifications

At the time of exit device resolution of the camera 3.2megapixel was sensational, but it is by no means the only distinctive feature of it. The flash, for example, is also a significant addition, because the cameras of that time could not make good photos in low-light and indoor environments.

In addition, there is a huge 16x-digital zoom,but you have to be careful with digital scaling: the more you zoom in, the more blurry and smeared the image you get. More useful is the autofocus function, which makes the photos with Sony Ericsson K800i much clearer.

sony ericsson k800i specifications

Another convenient setting is BestPic. It allows you to take nine pictures in quick succession when you click the create frame button. You can view all the images and select the one you want to save. This is convenient in situations such as the creation of group shots, where the subject of photography is quite a lot of objects.

Other Features

The phone has a popular few yearsbackward synchronization with your own blog. If you liked any photo, you just choose Blog This. When you do this for the first time, then automatically synchronize with the website and get your own login by SMS. Then you can send a link to all your friends and they will have access to the blog, and you will manage it by the plug-in built into the web browser.

In addition to the camera, the device contains an organizer incomplete with calendar, task manager, notes, alarm and calculator, as well as PC Suite software for managing synchronization of information and connecting to a PC.

how to flash sony ericsson k800i

The possibilities of entertainment are very relevant for thisphone. Users are offered FM radio, and if you do not like pre-installed ringtones, you can upload your own using MusicDJ. Therefore, when talking about how to flash Sony Ericsson K800i, it is worth remembering that today these programs are obsolete.

You also get 4 games: mini-golf, locks (which switches the screen format to a different mode and has a multi-user option via Bluetooth), fishing (whose plot is built on underwater life) and tennis (which perfectly demonstrates the power of the processor and 3D graphics of the phone).

Of course, the K800i boastsreproduction of music of good quality. But, unfortunately, you should use provided earbuds that separate the connector for the handset with the network adapter and the PC connection cable.

The final verdict

As the testing shows, when usinggadget has no problems with voice and video calls. All the time the call can be well heard and see the subscribers, and they can see and hear you. Speech volume is sufficient for most calls.

Playing the music is very good in terms of volume and good at the quality of the sound. Thus, the device is perfect for everyday use as a player.

The image quality of the camera was impressive for a whilerelease of the phone. Of course, in bright sunlight, the colors were rather blurry, but the indoors photos were surprisingly clear even without using a flash.

Present in Sony Ericsson K800i batteryquite powerful, and the battery charge is enough to use the phone without recharging for several days in standby mode. However, if you often use video calls, take photos with flash and send data via Bluetooth, or listen to music all day, you will need to use the charger much more often.

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