Phenibut. Instructions

Fenibut instruction refers to drugs,capable of eliminating anxiety, tension, fear. The medication also improves sleep, reduces severity and shortens the duration of the nystagmus, prolongs the latent period. Taking the drug can effectively reduce asthenia and vasovegetative symptoms, in particular, headache, irritability, a sense of heaviness in the head, emotional lability. With the use of the "Fenibut" means, mental working capacity is significantly increased, memory, attention, accuracy and speed of reactions improve. The drug enhances the interest and motivation of the activity.

Phenibut. Instructions. Indications

The drug is prescribed for anxiety-neurotic and asthenic manifestations, fear, anxiety, psychopathy, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Phenibut for children is indicated for stuttering and tics, for urinary retention in myelodysplasia (congenital underdevelopment of the spinal cord), enuresis.

The drug is prescribed for the prevention of anxiousstates before surgical intervention and conducting painful diagnostic studies, with Meniere's disease, insomnia or nightmares in elderly patients.

Fenibut instruction allows to receiveprimary open-angle glaucoma in combination with other agents, as an auxiliary drug in the treatment of alcoholism (to alleviate the withdrawal syndrome somatovegetative and psychopathological disorders).

The drug is also indicated in cases of dizziness against the background of a disorder of the function of the vestibular analyzer of different origin, as prevention of motion sickness.

Phenibut. Instructions. Dosing

The drug is recommended before meals, use it inside. Adults appoint three times a day for 250-500 mg.

Patients under eight years of age - 50-100 mg, from eight years to fourteen - 250 mg.

A single amount of the drug should not exceed 750 mg for adults, 500 mg for older patients, 300 mg for children from eight years and up to fourteen, and up to eight years for 150 mg.

Dosage for various diseases is selected individually by a specialist.

Duration of treatment - from four to six weeks.

Contraindicated in pregnancy, hypersensitivity, breastfeeding.

Taking Fenibut can cause irritation, itching, anxiety, agitation, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, nausea.

Clinical practice shows that the drug is well tolerated by both adults and children.

With special care appoint a drug for lesions in the gastrointestinal tract of an erosive-ulcerative nature, liver failure.

Long-term use of the drug involves monitoring the performance of the liver and peripheral blood.

In cases of motion sickness of a pronounced character, Phenibut is ineffective.

During the course of the therapeutic course, it is recommended to refrain from dangerous activities that require increased attention and reaction speed.

It should be noted that sometimes you can buy the drug "Fenibut" without a prescription. In this case, before the application, a specialist consultation is necessary.

When used in children, it is necessary to exercisecaution. The action of the medication often depends on the individual characteristics of the child. So, some children improve concentration of attention, irritability is eliminated, sleep is normalized. In other cases, parents note increased excitement, aggression, capriciousness. If any undesirable symptoms occur, the child should consult a specialist. In this case, it may be necessary to cancel the drug, replacing it with another, more suitable.

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