Biography of Evgenia Blagova

Evgenia Blagova is a singer who has been involved in music since childhood. She always knew that she wanted to perform on stage. Being a purposeful person, Eugene went to his dream. Today she is a soloist with several music projects. Blagova in the 2014th year in the third season of the TV show "Voice" managed to reach the quarterfinals. The whole country admired her voice.

Childhood and family Evgenia Blagova

Evgenia was born in the town of Novouralsk. She is from a family of musicians. Her mother is a violinist, and her father is a trumpeter. From early childhood, the girl engaged in vocal, in addition, she took dance lessons and enthusiastically attended drama school. Gradually, only music remained among her studies.
Evgenia Blagova was born in provincial NovouralskEvgenia Blagova was born in provincial Novouralsk
She remembers herself singing in kindergarten. Her debut song was sung in early childhood - "Oh, frost, frost." To create the desired image, little Zhenya wrapped herself in her mother's shawl and donned felt boots. The girl jokingly in the local newspaper was then called little Ruslanova.Eugene is grateful to her parents for never forcing her to choose a particular profession. She determined her future as a child herself and went towards her goal, towards a dream. Blagova grew up and became a student of GITIS. She is a certified soloist. Mom for a long time opposed the future departure of her daughter from home, so Zhenya went to Moscow only at the age of eighteen.

The first songs of Evgenia Blagova

After graduating from GITIS, an aspiring singer began working under the direction of Alexander Rybnikov in his Creative Workshop.
Also a certified vocalist is a soloist of such a musical ensemble as the orchestra of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia and a soloist of the Vocal Circus project.

Evgenia Blagova at the Voice show

In 2014, the singer decided to show her vocal abilities on one of the most popular TV shows, Golos. She sent her profile to the contest.
Castings were tense. The audition was attended by vocalists from twelve countries of the world, however, Blagova successfully passed the casting and was invited to “blind” auditions.
Evgenia Blagova became a bright participant in the show VoiceEvgenia Blagova became a bright participant in the show Voice
At the first stage of the show, Evgenia performed the composition “Je suis malade” by singer Lara Fabian superbly. As a result of the speech, all the judges turned to the performer, except Leonid Agutin. During the performance, Blagova became so nervous that at the end she fell into a shout. Alexander Gradsky, who listened to her performance standing up, supported the upset contestant. The singer went to the team of Dima Bilan.
According to Eugene, her performance at the "blind" auditions and the result she saw in a dream. Close friends, a young man, a mother and members of the “Vocal Circus” team, with whom Blagova has come, came to support her. The singer considers this “support group” to be her talisman.
The stage of "fights" ended again with the victory of Blagova. At this stage, she met with Dilyara Vagapova. Contestants sang the song "How anxious this way." Bilan voted for Eugenia.
The third stage of the “Voice” were “knockouts”. Eugenia got into the top three with Simone Da Silva and Eugene Kraft. Blagova acted second. She once again showed a great voice.This time the show left Kraft. Blagova surprised everyone in her unusual way. There was a whole structure on her head, where birds and fruits could be seen. This image is consistent with the selected song. According to the singer with a complex construction on her head, it was not easy to perform, she was worried that everything could fall apart right on the stage. Bilan was pleased with the performance of his ward, but Alexander Gradsky left not the most pleasant comment. In his opinion, the level of performance of Eugenia does not match the “Golos” bar. If she were in his team, he would not allow her to perform in “knockouts”.
Evgenia Blagova will marry soonEvgenia Blagova will marry soon
The singer in her interview after the "knockouts" thanked Dmitry Bilan for allowing her to be on stage as she is. Eugene threw off her shoes during the "knockouts" and jumped around the stage in a fit of emotion, performing the song "Goomba Boomba".
In the quarterfinals, the singer sang "Aria Star". She performed in the top three with Ksana Sergienko and Egor Sesarev. According to the results of voting and the distribution of interest by the mentor, “Golos” left at this stage Sesarev and Yevgeny Blagova.

Personal life of Eugene Blagova

Evgenia Blagova estimates her participation in Golos as a big chance, as a start in new opportunities and unusual sensations.
Evgenia Blagova before the live broadcast made an offer to her young man. His name is also Eugene. The singer calls their relationship special. During her live performances, her ring finger sported an engagement ring donated by Eugene. The future husband and wife have not yet appointed a wedding date, since they do not want a “pre-wedding race”. The singer said that they will organize and celebrate the marriage, in accordance with their dreams and ideas. Throughout the competition, Eugene was nearby and supported his bride. Blagova feels happy. She has ambitious creative plans.

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