Permission for commissioning of the object: registration

Permission to enter the facility into operation - the form, which certifies the construction / reconstruction in full. This document also confirms the compliance of the building with the town planning plan. Permission to commissioning a linear object certifies compliance with the requirements of the planning and boundary projects of the territory.permission to commission the object

Authorized bodies

Registration permission to enter the facility is made at the request of the developer. The subject must contact one of the following structures:

  1. Executive regional, federal, municipal body.
  2. An authorized organization that regulates the use of atomic energy and carries out state administration in the field of activities relating to the manufacture, development, and disposal of nuclear weapons and power installations for defense purposes.
  3. State Corporation "Roscosmos".

The location of the instances referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3, which grant permission to commission the facility, is Moscow. The developer sends a statement to the structure that issued him a building permit. The interested person can contact them personally or through the multifunctional center.get permission to commission the facility

Package of documents

To obtain permission to commission a facility, you must provide the following papers:

  1. Title documents for the site.
  2. Urban plan of the land. If permission is required for a linear object, planning and boundary projects are provided.
  3. The act of acceptance. It is provided during construction / reconstruction on the basis of the contract.
  4. Permission for the construction of facilities.
  5. A document certifying the compliance of the reconstructed / constructed building with the requirements of technical regulations. It must be signed by the developer.
  6. A document certifying the compliance of the facility with the project parameters. This paper, among other things, confirms compliance with the requirements of energy efficiency and equipment with metering devices.The document must be signed by the entity conducting the construction, and (or) the technical customer (if the activities are carried out under the contract), as well as by the person performing the inspection. The exceptions are cases when permission is granted to enter the IZhS object into operation.
  7. Documents certifying compliance of the reconstructed / constructed structure with technical conditions. These papers are signed by representatives of organizations serving the engineering networks (if available).
  8. Scheme showing the location of the object of capital construction. It also indicates the location of engineering networks, illustrates the planning organization of the site. The scheme is signed by the entity performing the construction. This document is not provided when obtaining permission for a linear object.after permission to commission the facility
  9. The conclusion of the state construction authority (if such control is provided for). It confirms the conformity of the reconstructed / erected structure with the requirements of technical regulations and design documents, including on energy efficiency and equipment with used instruments.In cases stipulated by law, the conclusion of state (federal) environmental supervision is also provided.
  10. A document certifying the fact of the conclusion of a contract of insurance of civil liability of the owner of a dangerous object for harm in the event of an accident
  11. The act of acceptance of the measures taken to preserve the object of cultural and historical heritage. It is approved by the relevant authorized body.
  12. Technical plan of the object of capital construction. This document is prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law No. 221.


The document and the conclusion referred to in paragraphs 6 and 9 above should contain information on the normative values ​​of the parameters included in the requirements for energy efficiency, as well as on the actual values ​​of these indicators. The latter are determined in relation to the reconstructed / constructed structure by conducting examinations, measurements, research, testing. In the conclusion and in the document, in addition, there must be other information on the basis of which the compliance of the object with the established requirements of equipment with metering devices and energy efficiency is established.During the reconstruction / construction of an apartment building, additional data should be contained in the act of the body of the State Construction Supervision Authority. In particular, the class of energy efficiency is given, which is determined by the norms of legislation on energy saving.obtaining permission to commission an object

Interagency cooperation

Documentation (copies or information present in them) specified in paragraphs 1-3 and 9, is requested by authorized agencies in state and municipal bodies, as well as organizations under their jurisdiction, if the developer has not submitted it independently. Papers from paragraphs 1-8, 12-13 to obtain permission to enter the facility into operation are transferred by the applicant, if they are not in possession of the above structures. A government decree may provide for other documents necessary for submission to authorized bodies. By interdepartmental requests, the materials are transmitted within three days.

Important point

Permission to enter the property into operation is granted only on the basis of documents, a list of which is established by law.Some types of papers may be presented electronically. The government or the highest executive structure of the region has the right to establish cases when documents are provided exclusively through the information and communication network the Internet.

Permission to commission the facility: time

The body or the competent structure regulating the use of atomic energy and exercising state administration in the implementation of activities related to the disposal, manufacture and development of nuclear weapons and power installations of defense significance for 10 days from the date of receipt of documents provides the verification of information and correctness their reflections. In addition, these structures are required to perform an inspection of the structure. Based on the results of the inspection, a decision is made to issue a permit or to refuse it.object authorization form


Issuance of permits for commissioning is carried out based on the results of a visual inspection of the structure. In the process of inspection of the reconstructed / constructed building, it is confirmed or not confirmed that the requirements established in the project documentation, town planning plan and other documents are not confirmed.Inspection is not performed in relation to individual housing construction. It is also not carried out if during the events the state construction supervision is carried out.

Grounds for refusal

Permission to commission the facility is not granted to the applicant in the following cases:

  1. Lack of documents listed in the list above.
  2. Non-compliance of the facility with the requirements specified in the town-planning plan, or during the reconstruction / construction / overhaul of the linear object to the information of the planning and boundary projects
  3. The discrepancy between the actual parameters and the values ​​determined by the project documentation. This foundation does not apply to IHD structures.
  4. The object does not comply with the requirements specified in the building permit.

In this case, there is one reservation in the law, which excludes a waiver. It will not act as a basis for late receipt or non-receipt of documents requested in the framework of interagency cooperation.permission to put part of the object into operation


In addition to the reasons given above, the reason for the refusal to grant permission to enter the facility into operation may be the failure of the developer to comply with the requirements,established by Article 51, part 18 of the Town Planning Code. In these cases, a special order. In particular, permission to enter the facility into operation is granted upon completion of the procedure of gratuitous transfer to the authorized body, the competent organization regulating the use of atomic energy and managing in the field of disposal, development and use of nuclear weapons and power plants, or Roskosmos information about the construction. Information should include information on:

  1. Squares.
  2. The number of floors and height.
  3. Engineering and technical support.
  4. Project documentation. The applicant must provide one copy of all sections.
  5. Results of engineering surveys (in one copy).

Authorized instances granting permission to commission the facility also have one copy of the site layout scheme. It should indicate the location of the individual housing construction. The applicant has the right to appeal against the refusal to provide permission to put the object into operation in court.

General rules

Permission to commission a facility, a sample of which is presented in the article, is granted to the developer if the regional, municipal, federal executive institution of power is an authorized organization that regulates the use of atomic energy and exercises state administration in the manufacture, disposal, development of nuclear weapons and power plants for military purposes, Roscosmos State Corporation, was sent a free copy of the scheme, which displays the location of the reconstructed construction of the building, networks of engineering and technical communications within the site, as well as the planning organization of the territory. The data is placed in the information base to ensure urban development.permission to commission the object sample

Further procedures

After permission to enter the facility into operation, the developer is obliged to conduct the registration procedure. During it, appropriate changes are made to the state register of the reconstructed structure. As a mandatory application is a technical plan. It is prepared according to the rules established by the Federal Law №221.Permission to enter (part of the facility is granted or the entire building does not matter) should reflect information about the construction in the amount necessary for cadastral registration. The composition of the information must comply with the requirements stipulated by the Federal Law №221 for the text and graphic sections of the technical plan.

Final stages

Upon completion of construction of the facility, the entity that carried it out is obliged to transfer to the developer the results of the conducted engineering surveys, acts of inspection of structures, works, sections of engineering networks, design and other documentation necessary for normal operation of the facility. When carrying out activities aimed at preserving monuments of cultural and historical heritage, the provision of the document in question is provided by the authorized bodies and competent organizations taking into account the specifics provided for in the legislation regarding such complexes. The form of permission for commissioning is approved by the federal executive institution of power.Within 3 days from the date of submission of the document, the authorized body sends its copy to the authority conducting state construction.


It is believed that obtaining permission indicates the end of work with the object and its suitability for operation. The developer, who acts as an investor, draws the construction into ownership, accepts it for accounting as part of the asset. The latter can be carried out both before the registration of the right and after it. Meanwhile, many developers are interested in whether it is necessary to assign the object to the operating system after obtaining permission. The investor independently determines the readiness of the facility for use at the stage when the document is submitted. Officials, however, are against this approach. In their opinion, investors in this way detain the moment of payment of property tax.

In practice, the readiness of the object is determined not by the presence of permission to enter, but by the decision of the head of the enterprise for which it is being reconstructed / built. In case of insufficient readiness, the developer is entitled by law to pay an incomplete tax amount. In such a situation, an enterprise may recognize an object as serviceable at the stage of obtaining a permit.Having made the appropriate decision, the organization can proceed to finishing work on its OS. Company management may also complete all repairs before obtaining a permit. When the document is on hand, you can decide on the readiness of the structure.


The cost of commissioning facilities in the consolidated estimates are not included. They are provided in a separate document. The estimate takes into account the costs of:


Prior to the entry into force of the new legislation, the object of reconstruction / construction was put into operation in accordance with various regulations. The choice of a particular position was made depending on the type of building. In January 1988, SNiPs were introduced. They established the order in accordance with which industrial facilities were commissioned. According to the previously existing legislation, an act of the state commission acted as a document confirming the completion of the main work package and the compliance of the actual results with the requirements of the project and technical regulations. Currently, there is a different order.According to the rules, commissioning is carried out in the presence of a permit issued by an authorized executive body or a competent organization specified in the Urban Planning Code.

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