Perkal: what is this material?

The choice of bed linen, we pay close attention toattention, because it should be not only beautiful and durable, but also high-quality and pleasant. It depends on him how comfortable it will be to rest on it. We all know that the main materials for sewing sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are calico, satin, poplin. But very few people heard that there is such a fabric as percale, that this is a very high quality and dense material, which can only be compared with cambric.

Material Features

percale what is it

It is noteworthy, but initially it was used inAviation for the cladding of wings and other parts of aircraft. In addition, not everyone knows that for making parachutes and sails, percale was also used, that it is a very reliable material that will not break even in emergency situations. Its distinctive features include:

  • high quality, because the percale is made of cotton;
  • Threads are twisted into flagella, after which they are lubricated by means of dressing - this helps achieve greater strength of the material;
  • percale- a fabric with a velvety matte finish;
  • in view of the high density of tissue from the pillow, for example, feathers and fluffs do not fall out;
  • at high strength the material is soft and pleasant to the touch.

bed linen percale

Any bedding (percale, satin orpoplin) should be qualitatively sewn, especially if the kit is purchased for children. And the main qualities that speak in favor of percale are durability and durability with an attractive appearance. It is important that bed linen is created from a specially processed material, the density of which remains rather high.

percale cloth

It is worth remembering, choosing bed linen from the fabric of percale, what is itrather expensive material in comparison with the breasts. But in comparison with satin it costs less. That is, percale is a rather profitable and successful alternative to more expensive fabrics. So, on average, linen-polutorku of percale can be purchased for 900 rubles, the family kit will cost about 1200-1300 rubles. The main features of care for the material include:

  • ease of washing;
  • Simplicity in ironing;
  • preservation of the original shape and color, even with frequent washing;
  • washing should be carried out at a water temperature of no higher than 60 degrees, ironing clothes from percale can be at a temperature of not more than 150 degrees;
  • The first wash should be in cold water, which will in the future preserve the brightness and color fastness of the fabric.

percale cloth

Observing all these rules, you can more durablyuse linen, made of cloth percale. That this is a rather important indicator, every housewife knows, since changing linens too often because of its considerable cost is too costly. However, whatever fabric you choose, the general rules for caring for it are approximately the same. Therefore, if you want to extend the service life, for example, of bed linen, wash and iron it according to the set temperature conditions. So you can save the products in almost the form in which you purchased it.

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Perkal: what is this material Perkal: what is this material Perkal: what is this material Perkal: what is this material Perkal: what is this material Perkal: what is this material