Pedagogical technologies of teaching: essence and main tasks

The essence of the concept of "pedagogical technologies"

A special direction in pedagogical science -pedagogical technologies of teaching- appeared in the sixties of the last century.It originated in the USA and England, and eventuallyhas spread in other countries. The emergence of this concept and the research direction in pedagogy is not a mere coincidence. Initially, when in Western countries in the educational process began to introduce technology,pedagogical technologiestrainingassociated with technical learning tools. Later, the term "teaching technology" was born from the concept of "teaching technology", the essence of which is the substantive technique of educational and educational processes.

Today the concept of "pedagogical technologies of teaching"Includes a comprehensive knowledge of the means andways of organizing and conducting educational and educational processes. Also, pedagogical technologies can be described as a kind of training that is scientifically grounded and organized in such a way that in the final result it is possible to reach a feasible, concrete goal in the education, development and education of the student. Starting to develop training technologies, it is possible to predict both the activity of the teacher and the student. In this case, TCO can be used, and may not be used.

The term "pedagogical technologies of teaching"Has two meanings:

1) methods, methods of processing, filing, changing information provided for training;

2) a science that studies the ways teachers influence their pupils during the learning process, which is conducted using technical and information means.

Thus, the components of teaching technology -means, content and methods are interrelated and interdependent. Mastery of teacher-teacher and is determined by how accurately he planned the content of the educational material, applied effective methods, used the teaching tools in accordance with the pedagogical tasks.

Pedagogical technologies include three main activities:

-traditional learning technologies;

- developing technologies;

- Personally-oriented technologies.

Features of traditional learning technologies

The traditional type of training exists almosthalf a century. It is presented by the class-lesson system, the obligatory element of which is the lesson. Classes are held simultaneously with the whole class. The role of the teacher at the same time is to explain the content of the teaching material, transfer knowledge, develop skills, and evaluate the results of the reproduction of the learned. thereforetraditional learning technologiesoften reproductive. The teacher in this case is given the main role, and his efforts are mainly aimed at the qualitative presentation of educational information. The responsibility of the student is the reproduction of the acquired material.

Basically, the traditional type of teaching is presented by an explanatory-illustrative method of submitting material.

Traditional teaching technologies have their own positive characteristics, and negative ones, but it is not worth completely abandoning them.

Features of application of technologies of training in the higher school

In the university planning technology trainingprovides for the creation of a project for the content of the discipline under study, the selection of training tools and methods, and the forms by which the educational process will be organized. Consequently,technology of education in higher educationprovide for the structure of educational material,the tasks, exercises and tasks that contribute to the formation of both educational and professional skills, the accumulation of the initial experience of activities related to the future profession.

It should be noted thattechnology of education in higher educationconsist of:

- the goals set for training;

- the content of the training itself;

- the forms by which the training process is organized;

- means of cooperation between teachers and students, their mutual activities;

- the results of activities that determine the degree of professional preparedness.

Therefore, the technology of training provides for the organization of the educational process, management of it, as well as control over it.

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Pedagogical technologies of teaching: essence and main tasks Pedagogical technologies of teaching: essence and main tasks Pedagogical technologies of teaching: essence and main tasks Pedagogical technologies of teaching: essence and main tasks Pedagogical technologies of teaching: essence and main tasks