Paving slabs

I want to lay tile in the courtyard in a cottage near Moscow. Advise where you can buy good paving slabs cheaply.
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Answered on May 24 09:37
Look for offers on Avito, sometimes remnants of past collections are sold there at bargain prices, as this is clearly not enough for large objects. And for the yard it will be the most.
Answered on May 24 09:45
If you need an optimal price, then you need to buy building materials directly, so as not to overpay for the services of wholesalers and retailers. For example, you can look at paving slabs in the online store Stroydek, where the tile is directly represented by the manufacturer. Here is the link, I hope you fit
Answered on May 24 09:49
The author, you can still look for tiles on sales from building supermarkets. Yes, you can even overpay for the sale price, but still it’s one thing to see the material live and the other in the picture.
Answered on September 2, 18:31
In order to select and buy the paving slabs you need, I can recommend contacting C-K LLC (, which represents the products of the oldest factories.

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