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The history of the dish

Since ancient times, pasta dishes have been very popular. About the same who first came up with cooking from the dough this original dish - pasta - is still debated. In China or Italy, they have invented this method of preparation, or in another country of the world, it is not precisely defined. Noodles, vermicelli or spaghetti were popular and favorite culinary masterpieces. The main reason for their popularity can be considered as simplicity in preparation, and an unsurpassed taste of dishes made from dough.

Small secrets cooking pasta

The modern name of the dishes, the main ingredient of which will be pasta - pasta. It would seem that it may be easier to prepare this dish? But each dish has its own secret. To make it quite satisfying and tasty, you should consider a few tips.

1. Before you cook pasta dishes, you need to decide in what form they will be served.It should be pre-thought, in conjunction with what products they will cook. Perhaps it will be meat, seafood or vegetables.

2. Depending on the selected additional ingredients, select the basis of the pasta dish - flour products themselves. Fortunately, in our time, the choice of such products is incredibly large, there are many types of them that differ in shape and even color.Pasta Dishes

3. You need to pick up the sauce and spices, the use of which in combination with butter or grated cheese will create a unique composition of food.

How to cook pasta


Selected pasta should be boiled in salted boiling water, after adding a little sunflower or olive oil to boiling water. Thanks to butter, they do not stick together and turn into a huge shapeless clod, which, of course, spoils the impression of your pasta dishes. When cooking flour products must be constantly stirring.

Serving dishes

Boiled pasta must fold in a colander and drain all the water. It should be remembered that most pasta dishes are served while they are still hot, so by the time they are cooked, it is necessary to prepare the remaining ingredients.

how to cook pastaThe benefits of pasta

The main advantage of pasta dishes can be called the speed and ease of preparation, the original taste and, undoubtedly, the fact that they are an endless field for culinary experiments. The taste of the paste can be drastically changed with each ingredient or any aromatic blend. It is worth considering that in these experiments one should not go beyond the framework of common sense, since their result can be both positive and negative.

Pasta Dishes

Salads with flour products, various casseroles, including sweet ones, and many other dishes are quite popular. They differ from each other, but they have one thing in common - amazing taste. In addition, a pasta dish can be originally decorated with greens, olives, olives, balsamic vinegar and many other sauces. Thus, this dish can at the same time be turned into a decoration of a festive or a usual dinner table.Pasta dish

Secret of popularity

Thus, due to the simplicity of preparation, original and unforgettable taste, as well as unsurpassed appearance, pasta dishes have not lost their popularity for quite some time, and everyone can come up with their own masterpiece for themselves.

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