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Where to go to get a passport, if possible, quickly and without problems? There is no time at all, I cannot take time off from work, so I need to be accepted on Saturday.
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Answered on March 16, 12:57
We are full of all kinds of toll centers, where they take on weekends. Look and have such, the cost is higher by 50 percent than in the state, but they will do it quickly.
Masha Vesnova
Masha Vesnova
Answered on March 16, 13:03
Itself now this question is interested, we want to go in the summer to have a rest abroad, it is necessary to issue on all international passport. I decided to try to get a passport through the website of the State Service. Here is this site. Look, everything is described there in detail, what to do, what documents are needed. In the queues certainly will not stand.
Answered on March 16, 13:08
My design took more than 2 months, I was very dissatisfied, and did not go where I planned. That passport forms are over, then the wrong name was written, tortured simply.So my advice to you, make your passports in advance.

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