Passionate kiss: brief instructions for men

Men and women adore kissing. And not childlike, on the cheek, as we often see in cartoons or children's books - and passionately, putting in a kiss all his love, trying, it seems, to reach out to the entrails of a loved one. Of course, a kiss is a whole art, and in order to master it, you need a long, constant practice.

Passionate kiss with tongue is the bestproof of your love. Words can be insincere, and kisses never lie. However, you will need to remember a few tips so that your kisses are permanently imprinted in the hearts of women by the red-hot red trace of your lips.

Men believe that the faster and deeper they areput their tongue in a woman's mouth, the more fun it will deliver. In fact, this is not entirely true: women are more tender and less excitable than men, but at the same time they are hypersensitive. In other words, some of our actions, begun before the woman reaches the desired level of excitation, will be simply unpleasant for her. Therefore, start a passionate kiss with some "foreplay" - gently touch the partner with one's lips, while initially not using the language. Let the movements of your lips be so soft and gentle that the partner can barely feel them, as if a slight breeze blows over her. Gradually increase the intensity of the movement of your lips, trying to make the partner answer you the same. When your lips move, like outrageous ones, enter your tongue into the partner's mouth - and you will be pleasantly surprised at how actively she will answer you exactly the same. But to finish a very passionate kiss can be different - completely immobilize your lips, and only work with tongues, arrange a sweet tender caress of the most delicate muscles of your bodies. At the end, gently lick the partner's tongue and "detach" from her.

Some girls think that a passionate kissmust necessarily end with a bite of the tongue. At this moment, the most important thing is not to hit the girl on the head with anything heavy. If you do not like it - calmly talk about this with a girl. As a rule, couples reach a certain compromise: the girl moderates the strength of her bites, and the guy agrees to take it calmly. Usually after the conclusion of such a "truce" guys also start to actively bite.

Another important point: do not forget about the hands! A passionate kiss for that and passionate, so that it involved not only lips and tongues, but all other parts of the body, especially the hands. Hug the partner, iron her face, in the end, undress her - just do not stand like a soldier at the Mausoleum, with your hands at the seams! Seeing your passivity and stiffness, the girl will think that she is uninteresting to you, and to convince her of the opposite, it will take a lot of time and effort. But still do not dismiss your hands too much - if you and a girl have not crossed certain boundaries in the development of relations, you can easily get a slap in the face for excessive activity.

Be prepared for the fact that a passionate kiss canend up in bed, so if you feel that from your kisses the girl is bursting - quickly scroll in your head a plan for further action to seduce her.

And the most important thing: A passionate kiss should be harmonious and natural. You can give millions of advice, share experiences and tricks, but still everything will depend on you. Most importantly - remain yourself, do not think about the rules - just kiss! We assure you that even if you kiss not ideally, but from the heart, the girl will appreciate it, and she will kiss you again. And after a little practice you yourself will not notice how to learn everything necessary in the art of kissing.

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Passionate kiss: brief instructions for men Passionate kiss: brief instructions for men Passionate kiss: brief instructions for men Passionate kiss: brief instructions for men Passionate kiss: brief instructions for men